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  1. wow!! so many people online! thanks and hope everyone can get what they want~
  2. been eaten+1 it so good find out they are dress up as this time~
  3. Happy Valentine's day~everyone~ waiting for new eggs!
  4. Happy Halloween, everyone!! Look forward to this year's new egg~cause still can't get one~everyone is online~~
  5. thanks everyone!! I like the new eggs, they are like star night and thanks hard work and share!!!
  6. owo new eggs!!!thank~ I got the purple that look very special and lot of green but no blue?! anyone know about it??
  7. thank you very much!!! you'r so nice !!
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and sorry I'm Be late again p.s and can anyone tell me what will new eggs be describe? cause I'm late....orz ~Please don't double post unless you're doing a lot of coding, such as quoting multiple posts~
  9. still can't get one in Volcano... QVQ it's so hard~hope it will be more easy after everybody got it...
  10. Oh, I thought I was late but Volcano still a lot of people there ! waiting for only get one~~ I can see them for a few seconds But when I try them was all been taken ~~ and if lucky enough...maybe each one of all? it's seen that had many ?!
  11. OMG!!!new eggs!!! but I only get the one kind in Coast~ I thought it only one kind,then I find that others are so quickly been taken~ maybe try later~Volcano are so many people thanks!!
  12. has anyone stuck in Acorn Tree?? help~ how I get here?! thank all of you
  13. OHHHH! I'm finished!! It's fun,and need some Guidance~but it's great! hope I can try another way to find the end? and Happy Happy Valentine's Day ~to everyone in here !!!!
  14. hi,me again now I'm in the Forest Cave ? what happen?! can I ask where we should go ?? missing again~ thanks for help,everyone!
  15. hi, can anyone help? I stuck in Mountain Path Fork...can't go on just"There doesn't seem to be anything to do that with." why and how to do? thanks for help.
  16. Thank you! I'll try it~ hope it worked. Happy new year and blessing~
  17. Hi,everyone, I can play all little games ,but why can I find the final chapter? I can't find them,can someone tell me why or what to do ? Thanks a lot ,and wish a Happy new year~~
  18. OH!THANKS! finally I can play on! not stuck in day 1!!! hope I still can catch up with~
  19. Hi,everyone, after yesterday's lag,the new day still don't loading for me. have any of you know why?or what happen?and no any icon show up. Thanks a lot to helping me so many times~
  20. Thanks a lot!! I think it's is my notebook got lag. when I star it again ,it seem to have a begin ,but stuck.so I'll try it later. thanks !!!
  21. thanks,but only Patch staring me ,the green hair don't talk to me. @-@ Is it something wrong?
  22. ok~sorry to bother again, about the dog. I find Mune chasing bugs,so what shall I do to ? It's seem can't take like cats. thanks all of you~
  23. I try to talk to Jade[?]~ and thanks a lot for your helping~I maybe try again later. really thank you!!