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  1. Again? I was hoping we'd have more adults but oh well.


    The secret place I mentioned is in the eastern desert so we can have everyone fly there maybe?

    Edit: Or start at the cave with more of the catacombs opened.

    Not necessarily, I have simply forgotten what they are like, and lost interest in them.

    But I can pick them up if you insist.

    Hell, I think I'll both keep em and create a new one. biggrin.gif

  2. But I've been here all along. :3 I've just been reeeeeeal quiet, because let's be honest, I'm just waiting for the skip so I can re-enter. No, I won't be continuing my old toons. They'd have logically long since wandered off, since that's part of their character. I'll make new ones when the time comes.

  3. Annoyed. I wish I could join one RP in which the OP doesn't have to immediately go on hiatus for some reason immediately after I get into it.


    Also Bro is hogging the bandwidth.

  4. Only with an attitude like that.


    I'm getting around to posting; be patient. I've got tons on my mind right now and I've just needed a few days from posting in several threads. Besides, Aireia isn't that much of a heavy influence/participator in the situation between Zak, Cal, and Grim. People have been free to post without me.

    I guess, but it hasn't happened. xd.png

  5. Heterosexual schmuck here, but I personally prefer tomboyish girls over fragile ones. Prissy sissies that play the "delicate flower" card all the time turn me off so so much.

    Well, not as much as the phone addicts, the ones that are constantly in a staring contests with their damn phone, god forbid they are torn from facebook for 5 seconds. Those are just repulsive.


    But I digress... I have a close friend who is a homosexual male, and things once got really awkward when he got a boycrush on me. Thankfully we sorted things out like civilized individuals, without too much drama involved.