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    I recently got an interest in breeding guppies and have three starter guppies, one male with a white and yellow Spanish dancer tail and a silver snakeskin body pattern and two females. One with a black tail and silver body and one with an orange tail and goldish-silver body.
    Guppies are crazy fish and are VERY fun and amusing to watch, and also relaxing to watch at the same time.
    Did you know with proper care, a guppy can live for 5 years! On average they normally live 2 or 3 years!

    Now back on topic...

    I love to play fantasy adventure games as well as simulation games, e.g. Legend of Zelda as a fantasy example and Nintendogs for a simulation example. I like Nintendo games.
    When I was younger one of my hobbies was trying to capture grasshoppers in tall grass... And I admit, I still love to do that to this day. XD

    I also love to RP, however I can be a bit shy and it often takes me a while to do any posts. That is if I manage to get myself to join an RP and not just lurk... ^^;
    I normally write descriptions of my dragons when they come to mind during my spare time when I am not studying for college work, playing a game, drawing/doodling or chatting with friends.

    I hope to one day become a rare dragon breeder in the DC world, and outside of the online world, I wish to become a veterinary nurse. I have a very soft spot for animals and I would like to help out animals in need the best I can.