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  1. get screenies most important part.
  2. I agree, it was boring. I was hoping they were bred to the messiest, ugliest dragons that would make hot lineages that doesn't fit the lineage counter. This wall has been a beautiful disaster though. I've poked at the wall and most of the pairs look beautiful together as two individual dragons, so I considered that it might be someone who just looked at two dragons, thought they'd look good together, and bred it. Where's the signup? I'd like to participate next year. Clearly there's a place I need to be in to be a part of this beautiful project.
  3. I logged in when I was very sleepy and accidentally abandoned what might've been the most valuable dragon on my scroll instead of the offspring. Ah well.
  4. I had a chinese naming spree when gemshards came out and managed to get Danashiri
  5. @Seahorse - There are 7 reds on my list, none of them looking very fiery. Unless by fiery you meant the R********m There's a fiery one, but it's not red.
  6. Came across this a few times, I still regret my names every 2 or 3 years. Some people like staying with a name they like, and then there's some people like me who don't like sticking with a name for too long. I changed my name just recently, and I already regret it now.
  7. Maybe you can request in breeding threads/trades? It's not too late to breed so I'm sure there's some person out there who hasn't bred their Holidays yet!
  8. Wow, that's a tough question! I'd love to say I'd love a male soulpeace (as a general favorite of mine) or an avatar of change (one of my first loves as a newbie), but I also like the color scheme of female hellhorses too much to pass it by! Definitely a tough choice for me!
  9. Posted an important egg on a chat I trusted, and it got inserted into Silvi's via its code. There was, like, only 7 people on it, 6 of which don't even care about dc anymore the disappointment is real
  10. Bred my magelights early in the morning for me (4th of feb here but I suppose that's afternoon of the 3rd for dc...?) and breeding my other dragons now (noontime 4th of feb, and near to the 4th of feb on dc time)
  11. Breeding my reds to the AP right now! I can't guarantee that they're all perfectly lineaged, but I'm not dropping the ugliest most inbred things, either. Most of them will be 2nd gens since most of my dragons are cb.
  12. Well, it's the week in which the "holiday" is the last, so I assume valentine's breeding starts on the 8th, new valentine egg should drop from 14th to 16th And I said "assume" because, you know, stuff happens. Either way, if you get eggs now, at least you should be able to hatch them on time before val breeding starts, even without incubate :3 Feel free to schedule it that way, just remember that official announcement of the breeding week still depends on TJ --------- also: I abandoned the blue neb and kept the green neb. Should've kept the blue neb and abandoned the green one, not the other way around :V (at least they're easy to replace....)
  13. I'm between wanting this, and hoping the name generator isn't just gonna vomit a mess of incoherent letters and numbers that barely read like a name
  14. Updating hoard to 131 nebula dragons! Also would like to remove the 500 per color and just settle on the neverending goal of dragons to infinity! =D Also would like to remove the spreadsheet link for now, pretty please? :3 Updating hoard to 300 nebula dragons! Wow it's been a slow year for the pinkwizard's hoard =/ (p.s. you listed my name as "PANDELF" in the active list. It's PandAlf. Thank youu~~~~~)
  15. Saw a copper in the cave while I wasn't paying attention. Welp.
  16. Man. I'd grab all those turps and cry for the other if I ever left the other one ALso I laugh whenever I see three mints "This egg is hidden behind the others, as if it is shy." Yeah so why didn't I notice the "other" they're hiding behind?
  17. Happened same. I asked a friend to hold my babies so I can accept a trade aaaaaaaaand I forgot to claim it. Now he has 7 more of muh babies.
  18. Awww. Looks like it's being neglected.
  19. I don't actually hate being the devil's advocate here, but if there's a will, there's a way. Should there be a new mechanism in place that limits the number of eggs a user can drop, I'm pretty sure the massbreeders would just opt to coordinate with OTHER massbreeders if they really want that wall so bad. So instead of everyone enduring that [insertbreedhere] wall for a few hours, the massbreeders are encouraged to coordinate so we can have it anyway at the same amount of time, with the possibility of a wall/semi-wall being created the next day because they wasn't able to breed all their dergs in a day! Yay! Not.
  20. Not very sure. They don't drop as much in the caves, but aren't necessarily caveblockers. So I'm betting on "people the catch them are hanging onto them", or people who get them only need them for lineages. Blue opals shouldn't be too hard to catch in the Alpine and are known to sit for a few refreshes. Same for the gilded bloodscale. They don't drop as often now ~however~ they are known to sit there for the full five minute shuffle. (I'm willing to bet my pinks that the one instantaneously taken at the 5 minute shuffle are those confused by people for coppers, hence why there's a handful of them in the ap dropped as cbs). =) Nonetheless, it shouldn't take too long to lock yourself with both.
  21. Silver misgendered to be a little derpa (hey at least they can misgender together or they can keep being rebellious dorks and refuse, cuz apparently refusals is a fad)
  22. I'm guessing because of looking at which breeds are still ridiculously dominant (but I could be wrong, too) All I know is that my xenoxterrae breeding for the last two batches produced only 5 terraes out of what... around 20 breedings? =/