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  1. Is everything okay? Its been a while since the roleplay was alive.
  2. http://dragcave.net/user/ForNarniaMC I will be placing my storms at the bottom of my scroll (under the 2015 flamingos)
  3. Thank you TJ and the team. This year's holiday event was absolutely awesome!
  4. Some of the puzzles reminds me of Portal
  5. I realized that Odela and Kuno were the dragons in the 2014 Holdiay event. After stopping the blizzaed, there was a bonus story where Kuno brought back some fire mana to warm up an unhatched Bord, then the blizzard stopped and Bord hatched. Nice sequel there
  6. On Janus' quest, after meeting the howlers, I go onto a path leading further into the north. Everythime I go there, the game freezes. Reloading only reload the frozen game and when I tried using the restart button, it loads the loading bar freezes. After reloading the page, I would start back at home and the cycle continues again. It happened 4 times already and I can't figure out what to do.
  7. Thank you and happy holidays to you too!
  8. Um, I have not been PM'ed nor have I received a holly. What should I do?
  9. Happy Holidays DC! Thank you TJ and the DC team for making this holiday extra special!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone!!! (Its the 25th for me already)
  11. Congratz to everyone who participated! It was fun collecting these flamingos
  12. Final Count: 82 Wow, 2015 flew by so quickly. I still remember the day I signed up. I felt like yesterday
  13. Omg. They look more realistic now!
  14. I want to sign up! Forum name: ForNarniaMC Scroll name: ForNarniaMC Wishlist: 1. Neglected 2. Alt Black 3. Undine Alt 4. Silver Lunar Herald 5. 2nd gen from Bleeding Moon x Blacktip 6. Red Breeding abilities: I can breed anything on my scroll. I have CB Xenoworms, an alt vine, all types of lunar heralds (some or CB), some draons with spriter's alt in their lineages and many other dragons available for breeding. dragons at Alpine, Jungle, Coast and Volcano, although I can catch in other biomes. I'm best at catching seasonals, and commons with alts (undine, black etc, but the chances of catching an alt is not that high). I am not really good at catching metals.[/b] Trading abilities: I am not really good at trading, since I do not have many dragons with pretty lineages or very rare dragons. I would rather stick to catching and breeding.
  15. Wait.... did the rp thread moved to a new secrion due to being inactove?
  16. I feel so...so... I don't know. I'm crying now.... So recently I had an big exam. My parents arranged a family trip as a treat for me. But today...they started arguing about hotels, prices and idk... and it got really intense. Then... its like everything points to me. They start yelling about not being fit to be a father/mother, stating that Im there and one of them is like I don't care and yada yada. I dont know what to say anymore. They are like arguing about me instead, although I know that its not my fault, it makes me upset. One of them was like "you see? are you just going to argue and yell in front of the child (me)" and the other one is like "Yes I dont care" I just want a hug and some love. I had enough for today
  17. Thanks! Also, take your time. Remember, irl comes before the internet
  18. Sure! Since Gywern said he loved spying and wanted to be in the information collecting group. That would spice things up a bit and something Gywern can grumble about all day long
  19. Idk lol. Probably 5-6? I posted like 2 days ago
  20. ((Sorry for being inactive! Had exams and now I am on vacation :/ )) Gywern Gywern turned to Feoh, who was answering his question. "Firstly, a cave is our best bet. As Kumii said, hiding right under the Guardian of Natures' noses is what they'd never expect. I know of the perfect cave we can use-- I'll show you all where it is when we meet for the first time. Secondly... yes: by 'snooping around.' Feoh continued talking, but Gywern did not really bother to listen to the rest of it. He already knew what was going on, but he did not want to rudely leave the discussion. Feoh was still blabbering about questions and names and... groups!? "Two groups shall gather information, and two will recruit other dragons to our cause. You may sort this amongst yourselves... But if you need help with something, you may certainly ask Tomii or I." Gywern eyes lit up. He loved fighting, obviously, but he loved spying. He would always fly away from his clan's cave periodically and learn the secrets of his enemies. His head snapped back when Kumii decided to yell at them again. "HEY! "We're sorting into groups now. Luka an' I will lead a recruitment group. Tomii and Feoh will lead the other. The reconnaissance groups will be mostly individuals on their own, as it's easier to find out things on your own or in small groups. Small groups should be.... uh, pretty small. Whatever you want, I suppose. We'll all travel separately to the Wound of Iscaries, and have a meet there tomorrow morning. You should have your group chosen by then, if you can't decide now. Has everyone got that all?" Gywern's eyes narrowed. She really loved to yell. Gywern clawed the ground before murmuring, "One more time of yelling...." He paused and got hold of himself, before turning to the other dragons and continuing, "Anyways, I will meet you guys at the Wound of Iscaries, as planned. But I still feel something suspicious. like someone eavesdropping us, so I am going to scan the area a bit. Is that fine with you guys?"
  21. Khal Drogo.... Pity that Dany had to mercy-kill him Yes, I put spoilers in white for those who haven't even watched GoT season 1
  22. Started watching GoT after seeing a facebook comment My favourite character is Daenerys. Yeah. After watching all 5 seasons, I have to eait until April 2016 for season 6 ;-; For now, I'm rewatching game of thrones for the 5th time and working on the R + L = J theory.
  23. Oh wow. Im very sorry for what had happened. I hope Brotato will have a speedy recovery and get well soon! And tell Brotato that if he is released from the hospital, he can rest for a bit instead of Rping immediately.
  24. Time: 00:15 AM Dragon Cave Time (DC) Date: 6 September 2015 Moon hases: I. Aurax (Gold Moon): Waning Crescent II. Cirion (Blue Moon): Waxing Gibbous Lunar Heralds: A. I caught a Indigo Lunar Herald egg. Lineage Link B. I bred a Gold Silver Bronze Indigo Lunar Herald egg. Lineage Link
  25. Awesome! Can't wait to see the silver ones too