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  1. guys i don't know what im doing here have my brain throw up okay so once upon a time there was a giant flood (or drought? has it been decided yet?) and the king of the land, in a desperate bid to save his kingdom (but mostly himself), made the long journey into the heart of the mountains where there lived an ancient dragon, revered as a wise deity by the people. The king begged the dragon to do something about the environmental disaster in exchange for his firstborn daughter (the king was working under the assumption that dragons still enjoyed to consume princesses for entertainment) and the dragon agreed. timeskip about 18 years and the princess has been sent to the dragon a couple months/about a year ago when suddenly an announcement quickly went around that the king was offering his daughter's hand in marriage to the man who could slay the dragon that held her captive (or maybe the dragon ate her already they don't know but theres still that swwet sweet random money ammiright). rumor was that the crown prince had disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the king was growing uncertain about his descendants being able to inherit the throne. under this context, three young men set out to rescue a beautiful princess from a terrible dragon, each for their own ends. okay heres our little cast (names subject to change) knight no. 1 (or would he just be a soldier or a filthy peasant bc hes poor??) knight no. 1's sister knight no. 2 smol (useless) mage boy princess dragon Name: [with last name unless they're a filthy peasant jk your poor baby can have a last too but it wouldn't be uncommon for him to not have one i don't think?] Age: Gender: Appearance: Likes and Dislikes: [include stuff like hobbies and pet peeves ;O] History: [or alternatively we could leave this empty for everyone so i'll be an edgy & slow backstory reveal?] Personality: Role/Occupation: [aka how poor are you] Notable skills: [and not something like i once ate fifty horses in one sitting for a dare] Other:
  2. its hard not to get emotionally invested in these precious cinnamon rolls. too pure. too good for this world especially elise wow you just sort of cry a lot, like your tears mix in w/ the water and you can't even tell the difference and then you start again and you just keep trying and eventually maybe you'll get good anyways yeah heres a more recent attempt to water color and also a pretty horrid attempt to draw the human eye ;')
  3. oh wow im going to have to look him up now he seems like an edgy little baby i really like the first one you did in black and white though! did you use charcoal???
  4. lu!!! <3 <3 wow im so glad you started this back up!! i love looking at your stuff its great! i know ive already expressed my love for the way you draw eyes but i gotta again b/c its so nice also yes those are some good children please protect them they deserve happiness
  5. oh yeah yeah! sorry i meant drawing since you were a smol child. like a tiny mage with a huge pencil. oh man god bless for all these tips and tutorials that youre suggesting though im so thankful for any direction tbh. oh man that is some improvement is she a character or something?? also please hit me up with those foreshadowing secrets that is a 3.14 qt son, what is his name?
  6. or alternative title: lily is horrible at naming things please let her end it The port city of Charlotte (named after Charlotte the third a queen in the late fifteenth century) used to be the city in which the ambassadors and other high ranking officials of the once great imperial empire of Naskesal would stay. The city was and still is known for its beautiful flower gardens (it is impossible to walk more than fifty week without running into a bush of roses or a spot of peonies. The residents take great pride in growing the most beautiful flowers around and in the spring of every year a huge week long festival is held for the locals to show off their flowers to those who travel far and wide to attend said festival. The country that the city resides in has long since broken (surprisingly quite amiability) from its parent country and had established a country of its own, Fleinia. Charlotte still is known for its beautiful flowers and still holds its annual flower festivals. It is also a bustling city where a major trade center is built and with its rich history and annual festival is a tourist hot spot. This role play will follow two girls who attend a private high school that has a reputation of being for the wealthy. The school shares the same name as the city and has had roots in the cities's near beginning. The school's alumni include some of the countries most prominent businessmen, entertainers, scientists and artists. im sorry for the cheesey title please give me some suggestions fam im crying its so bad wip i don't know im making this up as i go ;-; here are the gay babies Name: (last name too please) Age: Grade: Appearance: Likes and Dislikes: (include stuff like hobbies and pet peeves ;O) History: Other:
  7. is that it? i always thought that when people were more tired they payed less attention to detail so you're less stressed about what you produce and it just comes out faster and smoother? thank you <3 ballerina dresses are so pretty its very fun to look at them heres this camilla i waterpainted yesterday i think its my first full on painting i tried to do and controlling the paint was a struggle but im hoping i can do something similar at the end of the month and be like "haha yes i have definitely improved" also i basically copied this pose so credit where credit is due
  8. tales of symphonia is on pc and is only five dollars ???? :OOO omg mage you starting art at fifteen gives me hope. you've been able to improve so much in five years and i thought you were drawing straight out of the womb
  9. oh no poor girl ;( have you've done any pieces with the boy? what is he from? a series?
  10. hello! i love your stuff! especially the animation, how many frames were in it??
  11. the first book of the Trials of Apollo, i cringe at some moments b/c it was written for a younger audience but it really brings back a lot of nostalgia so i'm really enjoying it!!
  12. ahhh i disappeared. ive been playing skyrim i got sucked up into that again and i can't get out h e l p yeah watercolor is very fun but its hard to control but i really hope to practice with it more in the future? its such a beautiful medium! i did draw this ballerina girl saturday though! it started out as a gesture practice but i got a little carried away haha
  13. wow. your art is so good. its really beautiful like?? i love the way you work with lights and the way you paint!
  14. oh wow i really like the atmosphere of it! is if from a roleplay?
  15. wow mage im skimming through your 2015 spring sketchbook and you were so good even back then?? sorry if you've already answered this but how old were you when you started drawing?
  16. ah hello id like to stop by and say those are some nice clothing folds and also that is a really cute snow leopard it looks like it is having fun <3
  17. ahh mage <3 ive been noticed by my senpai my life is complete now ahh yes i agree i started doing gesture drawings this summer and ive noticed ive been able to draw bodies faster and its great but its not really content i'd show other people haha dating sim boy is adorable he is really insecure about having to appear brave and strong b/c hes a 20something male and should have his life together but no hes scared too and its cute also i think hes blasian or something?? also hey guys heres this tree i water colored at like midnight yesterday because apparently i don't like to do art until the middle of the night??
  18. hello im alive i swear i just haven't really been doing anything but like gesture drawings and stuff but im trying to draw more concrete stuff everyday i swear! thank you so much for the encouragement guys i really appreciate it!! lu <33 omg hands are. so. hard?? i just drew like a square for the metacarpals (i think it what i hand-palm bones are called but i might be lying please don't quote me on this) and then like connect cylinders for the fingers but my hands always look so chubby?? not that theres anything wrong with that but im attempting to draw like long. slender. graceful. fingers and its like hello i belong on a child. but oh yeah i sketched some stuff at like one am last night look at this guys so they're characters from this interactive story game that i got on my phone its called creatures such as we and you play as a space tour guide person and you can romance video game designers so its lit the guy is james and hes a cinnamon roll who gets really excited about moon gravity//space hops and he really cares about npc consent (because if npcs can't say no then it could send the player the wrong message about consent?) and hes just really cute the girl is ghost waifu in the game you play and shes cute but dies a lot.
  19. oops i almost forgot to put art on this art thread so heres this tree outside i drew today i drew this baby yesterday and foreshortening is hard more trees that i drew a couple days ago
  20. hello! im lily and im not really sure what to write here? haha heres a cool story though i was actually motivated to start drawing by someone here on dragon cave and that was a little over three years ago! ive haven't had any training BUT i am hoping to take art classes next year at school, the art teachers are pretty cool so yeah! i draw (horribly unproportioned) anime girls ( i really struggle w/ anatomy. send help.) i sort of a little bit draw guys and i've really wanted to work on drawing backgrounds and landscapes this summer but ive been making little progress so im hoping this thread will motivate me a little bit! also yes any critique is appreciated, especially in anatomy!
  21. ahh hello i saw your post just now aroara and im confused as to why lu is considered inactive? she posted right after me and i believe that mage is waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a grand entrance, she is still very much around
  22. Aerilaya; Noon; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer "The cooks will be arranging a variety of delicacies today because father is having guests over tonight and you know how he is with impressing people." Aerie turned to Nadie and returned her smile with her own wide grin, "I'm sure they won't notice if a pastry or two is missing, besides the new serving boy seems to fancy you, I'm sure it won't be too difficult to recruit him to our cause" She made an attempt to wink and failed rather miserably, not able to close one eye without having the other follow. Laughing, she begun to make her way back to the garden with her friends. She waved over the black haired maid that always seemed to be hoovering around, requesting lunch for the three girls. With a nod the maid departed from the room, leaving the three girls to make their way to the garden alone. Aerie was caught by surprise when Nadie suggested that the girls sneak out. "Perhaps another time my friend, father will be keeping a close eye on me these next few days since the guests I've mentioned are coming over." Her playful answer was followed by a wistful smile. Her father always watched his youngest daughter closely when he was entertaining guests to make sure that their paths didn't accidentally cross. The girls were bathed in warm sunlight as they exited the foyer and made their way to the garden, a warm breeze floated past, playing with loose hair. "Besides, it is such a lovely day today, it makes me a bit sleepy,"
  23. Aerilaya ; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer "He is, my brother has had such an interesting life." Aerie replied eagerly to the other young women. She had not revealed to her friends the full backstory that belonged to her mysterious brother that had suddenly appeared four years ago. She hadn't told them that he was perfectly healthy as a child, that he had lived and thrived with a community of groundlings, that he wasn't actually her full brother, and that his mother wasn't a noble, wasn't even a skyling but an obscure groundling women. It felt wrong, to keep anything from her friends. She had known Elis and Nadia almost straight out of the womb her mother had often told her, remarking that it was a wonder that the girls were still so close, especially at the age they were. One of her first memories in fact was not of her father or her mother, but of Nadia, reading to the two younger girls, showing off her new ability to read and expansive vocabulary, especially for someone of that age. Aerie knew that the gods themselves must have blessed her with those two. Her older sister and mother both had broken up with their childhood friends over one matter or another and through the numerous stories that she had read and had been told to her, she suspected that a collapse of friendship was rather common between the female members of skyling society. Elis and Nadia had stayed though. Even when Aerie's father gradually reduced her exposure to the society, when she became more and more refrained from leaving the parameters of her home, Elis and Nadia had not disappeared from her life as many others had. When she could no longer come to them, they came to her She knew her father would be livid if word got out though, if it were found out that Gae was not a legitimate heir. Aerie feared her father and she would not risk his wrath although she trusted Nadia and Elis explicitly, it would not bode well if the staff, or worse yet- her father overheard any conversation between the three of them regarding the matter of her brother's true origins. She returned her thoughts to the present, hugging the book to her chest and nodding as Nadia explained the contents of the book to her. She couldn't wait to read it. Dear Nadia knew her so well. Once upon a time Aerie had loved purely romantic books, books about innocent maidens that would fall fast and hard for a strong and handsome knight or prince who would carry the beautiful maiden off into the sunset. She would like to think that her tastes have approved since then. Maybe being confined to her home showed her how revolting it all truly was. To be free from one prison and then quickly placed in another, under the control of a different man. Nowadays, she preferred books about strong willed women who had responsibly or adventure thrust upon them! They played no second fiddle to some man but instead stood by their side as their equal. The stories allowed her to escape. In those stories the princesses and noblewomen were intelligent, able to fully exercise command over all the limbs in their body. These women did not have to worry about the stain that their adventures would leave on the reputation of their mothers or older sisters. The sudden arrival of Eron Lionheart commanded everyone's attention. The knight was a great man and one that Aerie had known since she was a young child. She admired the man and enjoyed his numerous stories although it was always a disappointment to her when the knight took away her brother, especially since they had planned on spending the day together. Father would be having guests over for an extended stay and it would be awhile before she would be able to interact with her brother as father expected his son and heir to entertain the guests. "Yes sir, I am honored that you have chosen me for this mission. I will report to the barracks immediately after I inform my father of the news." Gae replied and with a respectful bow to the knight and a nod in acknowledgement of the ladies, he departed. Aerie knew that their father would be delighted to hear that his son has been handpicked for a mission that seemed so important considering the air of urgency that Lionheart was giving off. "Yes a shame, I was hoping the four of us could spend the day together." Aerie replied a tad bit wistfully but quickly able to perk up. "It is almost noon, have the two of you eaten yet? Perhaps the two of you could join me for lunch outside in the gardens?" Aerie suggested, "I am not expecting any visitors and I've completed all my lessons this morning."
  24. Gaeleath ; Sylbalar Residence; Grand Foyer Gae followed Aerie inside, matching her pace (she always insisted on moving herself unless it was an emergency) as she slowly made her way into the hall. He could hear his footsteps echo the movement he stepped into the hall. The hall was very open and spacious. Opulent, could be how most described the hall with its large crystal chandler that hung from the dome ceiling and the bronze colored railing that lined the polished marble staircase in an intricate design of swirls. To the side of the grand stair case that sat a large white piano that Aerie often played on and to the center, a round table with an interior of glass which displayed a large vase that contained flowers from the garden and was probably worth more than what a groundling could acquire in their whole life. The designs of the foyer was typical to everything in the house and it seemed associated with his father who seemed to have a taste for grandiose things. "Yes, it is a fine morning. I was just out in the gardens with my brother," Aerie greeted the librarian with a bright smile. She moved closer to the other girl and accepted the book, "If it is recommended by you I have no doubts that I will enjoy it. What it is about?" She asked curiously, excitement developing. Gae stood to the back, watching his sister interact with her friends who she always talked so fondly about. They were to her, his Ciel and Simon. Gae still remembered the first time he had met his sister, his father had not informed him about her situation, in fact he had not even mentioned her at all. It seemed to Gae sometimes that his father believed that if he could ignore Aerie, believed that she didn't exist then perhaps she would just disappear. Because of that, it was rather surreal when he saw her through a glass window from his room after dinner, just sitting in the gardens napping next to a cloud cat and a small black dragon who seemed to be missing his right front leg. She had not dined with the family and his father had hosted numerous guests that night to celebrate the "return" of his son. He saw her many times after that instance and always it seemed through differently colored glass windows. She always dressed in such pale colors and she herself was so subtlety colored. This allowed the glass to change her color completely whenever he saw her and it seemed like the glass, she matched the limited number of people who she interacted with's expectations of her. For her mother, she was headstrong and hardworking, to her sickly younger brother she was wise and intelligent, to her older sister she was naive and willing to feed the vain girl's ego, and to her father she was dutiful, quiet, invisible. In Gae's four years living in the residence, he had not heard her say anything other than "Yes father," to the man. When he had finally questioned a maid about the girl, she had answered that the girl was his sister not seeming too surprised that he did not know. She had explained that the girl was crippled, as seen by his father a disgrace and she was confined to the home. She didn't get any visitors other then the butterfly winged ladies. For a caged bird, she seemed rather content. She was always out in the gardens, with her animals and friends, always reading. He had not approached her, unsure how and uncertain if he wanted any involvement with her at all. It was her that initiated their first conversation, offering him a blanket after he had stopped to rest in the gardens after training in the courtyard. She noted that since he had spent his life on the ground, his body might not have quite been used to the cool temperatures that came with the high altitude of the sky city. By that evening he had opened up to her far more than he had opened up to anyone else since he had been forced to the city. He learned that she loved stories about adventure and friends who stayed together forever. That she loved a happy ending although could still appreciate a sad ending if it was done purposefully. He told her that he had not actually grew up in an estate on the mountains, taken care of by some skylings but that he had actually grown up with groundlings. She soaked up his stories, not to repeat them to others, to gossip but because she was fascinated by the world of the groundlings, fascinated by his life which had been so different from hers. For him, it was nice to have someone listen, to not have to pretend and over the years she became the only person he could confide in. She had not judged him when he told her that he had hired an informant to follow Ciel and make sure that he was okay. She even suggested skyling products and technology that Gae could send down to his (ex) groundling lover and she had been instrumental to his recovery from Ciel's death. Gae felt as if he himself had died that day and sometimes he still did. Secretly, Gae had still clung onto the hope that one day he would have been reunited with Ciel. Aerie had always told him about Sylvar, their bedridden brother he showed signs of recovering. Gae had hoped that if Sylvar could gain enough strength, perhaps he could become heir, the face their father proudly showed to guests instead of Gae. With that responsibility no longer on his shoulders, Gae could return to the ground. He would even fantasize about taking Aerie with her, he could imagine introducing her to Ciel and Simon although he knew that leaving would not be something that she would seriously consider, her friends were here and she would never willingly leave them. Hopes crushed, hopes that had never even been plausible in the first place, Gae spent most of his time training. He became a knight at what he was told an remarkable amount of time especially considering that he had little experience on the ground. He was taught to read and spent quite a bit of time doing it with Aerie. The future that he had envisioned for Ciel and him never existed and so he resigned himself to the future that was laid out for him. He snapped out of the melancholy as Eron Lionheart, was escorted into the foyer, announcing that he had important orders for Gae. Gae gave his superior a salute in acknowledgement, "You have my attention sir,"
  25. Aerilaya; Sylbalar Residence; Menagerie-Gardens The soft morning sun illuminated the gardens, roses the size of one's hand, delicate baby-pink peonies, tall and proud lavender stretched high, perfuming the area with it's sweet scent, white spots of tiny chamomile and daisy accented the more egotistic flowers, flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors turned to face the sun. In a small patch of dewy grass, underneath the shade of a flowering dogwood, sat a small young girl. On her lap rested, by far, the most ugliest cloud cat most could ever say they've seen. He was large, his coat a brown color, mottled by scars and patches of skin where fur had fallen off and refused to grow, and on the side of his face was a large black tumor that threatened to overtake his right eye. Still the young girl pet him all the same, eliciting a soft purring out of the creature who nuzzled his head into her belly as she absentmindedly rubbed him behind the ears. There was a red book in front of her, opened wide with the edge of the cream color pages gilded gold. Her attention, however was full captured by the tall young man that sat beside her, talking animatedly. "What happened next?" Aerie implored eagerly, arms wrapping around the cloud cat's head. "Simon jumped down from the platform and caught the girl, or that is what I have heard." Her half-brother concluded, twirling a single blue hydrangea between his fingers. "This Simon sounds like quite a character!" Aerie giggled before kissing the head of the cloud cat who had head raised his eyes to meet her's questioningly. "You said you heard this? Where were you and Ciel during the whole affair?" She questioned on second thought, leaning in, a mischievous smile playing on her lips. Gae turned away, fighting a smile and not bothering to respond. Although she could not see, Aerie knew that her brother was blushing. The playful mood created by the two was interrupted by the soft coughing of a black haired maid. "Lady Aerilaya, Lady Nadia and Lady Elisven are calling for you. Shall I escort them in?" She questioned although it was merely out of respect, she already knowing the answer. "Yes, just a second." Aerie replied breathlessly as Gae stood up and offered his hand to the young women. The maid turned to fetch the two young noble women as Aerie slowly pulled herself from the ground. She stood for a moment, regaining some composure before she was slowly walked to her chair by her older brother who patiently helped her the entire distance.