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  1. pppppphb it HAS been a while and i am very terribly sorry, but i have been busy. i will try to post on Wednesday ;-;
  2. dog drug reinforcement more like best game also "you have nice legs" i'm laughing, ayano is a precious baby child no one can convince me otherwise
  3. Oh, yeah, I checked out the Jubey page in the PMMM wiki, and yeah, it's better to keep Kyubey as our Incubator. Also, Pi is right! Telepathy shouldn't work THAT long range. It's probably possible to contact anyone within a building (like, school, mall, etc.) but if they're on the other side of town you can't exactly reach them.
  4. "Hope you enjoy it!" A saleswoman's voice rung out in the air, joining the lively street's crowd of voices, as she handed Siena a neatly folded ice cream crêpe that was beautifully decorated with strawberries, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream. The tall girl licked her lips, walking away and towards the middle of the streets. It was a beautiful morning; even though the air was slightly chilly and a breeze was blowing, this would probably be considered a nice and warm spring day, if she didn't live in Elmbrook; here, it was just a typical winter day. The tall girl was humming along the street, as her crêpe disappeared at an alarming rate; Siena did have a tendency to eat a little too fast. But, it tasted so good! She just had to keep eating. Wiping her chocolate-stained cheek with her jacket's sleeve - one more stain for the collection - the girl was absent-mindedly walking while checking out a store, where a particularly cute printed shirt was on display, when she carelessly bumped into someone. She took a step back, trying to regain her balance. "Whoa." She looked at the other girl; she had pink hair and was wearing a black skirt. She was also significantly shorter than Siena, so the tall girl felt bad for not paying attention where she was going. "Are you OK?" Other than little kids screaming and bumping into each other - an activity that seemed quite painful; Aria had never seen the attraction in engaging in such idiot things - there was nothing happening at the park that day. Aria wasn't complaining; she could read indoors as much as she could read outdoors, and sitting by the trees in the shade was not that bad. Sure, there were probably bugs crawling in the grass; but having as much of a green thumb as she did, she'd seen a fair share of bugs in her time, and wasn't afraid of them. In fact, it was quite fun to play around with them. The skin of Aria's hands and certain spots of her lower legs had turned from pale white to dark, earthy brown, and tiny grass and flowers were sprouting from it. A bee from a hive built on the tree Aria was sitting under had come buzzing to smell the flower on her knee, and a butterfly had sat on the girl's palm. It was nice; and that spot provided enough shade to avoid being seen by anyone. And if she was, they'd probably think she'd just picked off chunks of grass and rubbed them on her knees. Unless they were Magi; and then she'd get to find Magi. So, overall, it was a very win-win situation for Aria.
  5. yeah, i know, there's juubey right? I don't see any reason to give him a different design or name or anything - partly because I think he will not be very relevant. Maybe just to inform about the whole sool jim turn to grif sid business? maybe our kids will even get to find out on their own.
  6. As the labyrinth around her vanished and Siena found herself back in the classroom - she could tell it was very late; the last remnants of sunlight were long gone, the only source of light outside being the bright round moon - she pressed her forehead hard with her thumb and index finger, cursing inaudibly at her own stupidity. "Holy damn, the telepathy. How could I have forgotten that?!" She gruntled. "Okay kids, I'm off. Kathea, you can take the first use - or all uses, anything's fine with me. Although I don't think he" She pointed at their party crasher, the ninja magi. "has any right to it at all, I'm not one to not share. So you kids be nice to each other, aight? See ya!" Returning to her civillian form - after all, cutoffs and her old beaten up sneakers were better for running than her uptight magi clothes - she burst into a sprint. Aria would probably scold her when she got home. Although the two twins didn't speak to each other much since the incident, Siena knew Aria worried, and boy, she'd get the yelling of her life. With any luck, she'd find some old grief seed lying around on one of her shelves or her bags. They did seem to pop up around here and there mysteriously; Siena never figured what the heck was up with that. A bell rang at the Montuori's mansion, and Aria faintly heard the familiar tone of her sister's voice giving some excuse to the maid who opened the door. Typical. The tanned girl climbed the stairs to Aria's - well, it was their shared bedroom - room, and started rummaging through the shelves frantically in search of something. With a deep, very bothered sigh, Aria tossed a closed package of potato chips at Siena's head. The other girl looked as if she'd seen an angel, and quickly buried her face in the bag, giving strange sounds of enjoyment and chewing louder than Aria would have liked. "Skipping dinner is not healthy." Those were the only words of Aria that graced Siena's ears before the girl turned off her bedstand light, making the whole room go dark. Kicking off her sneakers, Siena tucked herself into bed - still dressed and eating, yes; her bed was not the cleanest place, so why start now? - and gave a barely understandable, full mouthed "good night". Tomorrow she'd have to fill up her shelf's food stash. okay guys i am going to timeskip to saturday but you guys can make a final post about your characters going home if you wanna)) Her sister was a tardy mess. Aria looked at the fully dressed girl who lay in her bed, half of her face full of potato chip crumbs that had gotten glued to it over the course of the night. God, what had she done to deserve such a mess of a sister? Aria tied up her lace-patterned boots, preparing to go out. Generally on weekends she would stay home and read, but those Magi she had seen the day before were worrying her. Better get looking for them before they would cause her trouble. She dressed a small beige cardigan over her floral patterned jumper, and adjusted the pink ribbon on her shirt's collar. "I am going out. I will be back before dinner." Those were the few words she spoke before storming out, leaving the maid who had listened with no possibility to reply. The town's streets were no mystery to Aria, but at the same time, she was not sure of where she should head. The park seemed like a good starting point; after all that had been where she ran into those Magi the day before. "Ayyy, no, don't throw that at meeeGRHAH!" A loud thump could be heard in the Montuori house as Siena's dream was cut short and she fell into the ground. "Oww crap... that was nasty." She got up, rubbing her head. It would most likely not leave a mark, but it was never nice to fall like that. Preparing to get yelled at by Aria for disrupting her peace, Siena was visibly surprised when she was met with only silence. Aria wasn't there. Her slippers and pajamas were neatly folded on top of her closet, suggesting she had gone out. Aria? Outside? Something had to have happened. Siena was aware of the other witch of the night before, so maybe something had happened with Aria at that time. What a mystery. Regardless, the girl was planning to go out, herself. What kind of weekend would be spent at home? And she was already dressed, too! Shaking off the crumbs from her face and putting on her sneakers, Siena ran out the front door. "I'M GOING OUT!" She rushed in direction to the town plaza, where the main shopping street was, hoping she'd run into one of the Magi from the day before.
  7. oh man, kyubey i...didn't think about that, to be honest it's been a while since i had a madoka rp where kyubey was actually relevant if everyone makes actual in-character interactions with kyubey (remember he is EMOTIONLESS, and cannot sway to ANYONE'S SIDE, and his best interest is to corrupt magi's soul gems) i dont see why i shouldnt let everyone control him. (i'll be adding this to the rules later)
  8. yeah, i was planning on timeskip, too; just let everyone go home and we'd flash forward to "tomorrow". Also, magi CAN speak telepathically! that completely slipped my mind, I apologize gkodgkpd,, I'll add it to the first post sometime today
  9. The spikes in Siena's knuckles tore through minion after minion. Maybe it was just her imagination, but killing those strange, loud things actually felt like it was making the gigantic cacophony tune down a bit. This motivated her to continue, until she realized the sound was, in fact, not dimming out at all - and then she heard a loud, metallic screech coming from ahead. "ASHLEY? KATHEA?" She yelled at the top of her lungs, knowing it was no good. All she could do was rush forth and hope that no one had done anything rash. She finally arrived at the large room where the witch was dormant. Well - not exactly dormant. In the flash of an eye, it had turned to Kathea, who looked so tiny in comparison, and was about to attack her. "Nope, not on my watch." Not even Siena could hear her own voice, but it was stronger than her to speak pointlessly like that. She threw herself at the witch full blast, jumping and aiming her spiked fist at its ... uh, face? Scissor. Aiming her fist at its scissor. She landed next to the grey-clad magi, waiting for the witch's reaction. "WATCH OUT NEXT TIME!" She yelled again; being pretty close to Kathea, maybe she'd actually be able to listen this time. pfppdfpf,,, sorry for the short post guys, let's get this show back on the road))
  10. No, we aren't dead I'll be making a post today, I haven't posted before because I have been extremely busy with my school tests (these past two weeks have been the busiest) and I was waiting for DragonGirl, although since it does not seem she will be posting, I will SORRY FOR MY INACTIVITY! really, I feel horrible leaving you guys hanging like this. Although my first round of tests is gone, this will most likely happen again in 3-4 weeks, so I apologize in advance @Traveller: I will reply to your PM soon, but feel free to post once without Uta in the roster; I'll add her this afternoon since I can't edit the first post on my phone
  11. jfkdkjd sorry for my inactivity lately, guys! I'll try to make a post today, but no promises.
  12. In a manner that seemed all too fast for Kerry's recovering bumped head, one too many events happened all at once. The girl in the white dress fled, the bird Pokémon rearranged the meeting and left, and then, all of a sudden, there was a much-too-late newcomer. Kerry rubbed her head, sensing a little bump; ow. Exchange contacts, huh...? Kerry looked around, trying hard to keep track of all the people. She returned to her regular civillian form, and picked up her phone. "So, uh... we should all exchange contact info, right?" She looked to the girl she'd bumped into, and then to everyone else. Unsure about who to talk to first, the girl quickly became flustered. She decided to head to the girl with the two-headed Pokémon. Flashing a grin, she decided it was best to just take a step and go with it. "So... let's exchange phone numbers?" (SORry for my short posts guys! school is all too much and it's hard to keep up kfjdd,, ))
  13. Suddenly everything had taken a huge turn for the unexpected. One moment they were all talking with Pidove, and then, suddenly, there was a crash, and this girl in a white dress - who everyone had logically assumed was as spy, and as so, Kerry came to the same conclusion - had appeared and was now trying to run away. Wait... what?! This was all so sudden, Kerry froze for a second. Was the party crasher also a magical girl...? Her question was promptly answered. The girl had tuned out of everyone else's words, but she saw the girl use some magic. So... she was there to spy on them. That meant she was part of the opposition! Pidove had told them to lay low, but this girl had already seen them. Not to mention she knew about Pokémon, right? And the odds of someone finding them in that abandoned lot were pretty low. So Kerry's mind was made up. Clumsily, she grasped her Pokéball - dropping it twice in the process - and hastily transformed. Her feet got tangled in her dress, and she tripped when she tried to walk. "Well, crap." This was not a very good first impression to the other magical girls, but that didn't matter much. She tried to rush headfirst into battle, and needless to say, wasn't very successful. She tried to get across to the white dress girl, but ended up crashing face-first into the girl with the dual-headed Pokémon. Kerry fell backwards, holding her pained nose. Ah, damn. She'd definitely have to try harder than this. ((I'm not very sure that I've got a good grasp on exactly what's happening right now so if I got something wrong please correct me!))
  14. As soon as Siena landed in the labyrinth, her first instinct was to cover her ears. It was, to put it nicely, loud. It sounded as if everyone who lived in the city was speaking all at once, within five inches of her ears. The words were mere gibberish to her - they sounded like broken sentences, as if stolen from someone's sentences with no context at all. A mere few feet in front of Siena, Ashley moved her mouth as if she were speaking; but Siena couldn't hear a thing. She held out a hand to grab the younger magi, but it was too late. She was already gone ahead, having taken out a familiar in her way. Siena didn't pay much attention to Kathea who had also arrived. She felt as if it was her fault that Ashley had gone in so recklessly, as if it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't pointed out the witch's location so bluntly. But now was not the time to regret that, and so the older girl ran after Ashley. Her spiky fists destroyed a familiar or two that got all up in her face. As she sighted Ashley ahead again, Siena screamed with all her strength - "HEY! STOP! IT'S DANGEROUS BY YOURSELF!" but her voice got lost in the cacophony. She could only hope to reach Ashley before something bad happened. God, what a terrible night, Aria thought. She had gotten back home fairly quickly, and was looking through the window in her room. Siena hadn't come back yet. Aria was feeling a tinge of worry mixed with fear, even if she tried her best to push it out. But in the end, all her efforts were futile - they were still twin sisters, and they had a stronger connection than Aria would've liked. Even if she tried, she knew she wouldn't be able to fall asleep until Siena came back safely. That reckless girl. Why'd she have to go and make a stupid wish like that? But every time she ended up having her thoughts drift back to this, she just shrugged it off. She shouldn't care. She wouldn't care. She was suddenly more concerned with those Magi she had met today. She wasn't aware that there was this kind of... growing Magi population in Elmbrook. At least, she had no idea that she could have two Magi crashing her witch all of a sudden. This was worrying. Aria disliked it. The thought of those inexperienced children stealing away her Grief Seeds... it was kind of revolting. She'd have to settle it, one way or another.
  15. Guys, I'm not going to take kindly to this kind of drama you're creating over here. @MrSpyro: I understand you want to RP, but I said you had to wait, so you have to wait. Is it that hard to get? I know I can copy and paste on a phone, but my mobile doesn't have enough RAM to hold firefox open while I edit and format a huge post like my RP's first post, so I simply cannot do it on a phone. So when I say you have to wait, YOU WAIT. And that's it. I don't want to come off as rude or bossy or anything, but I'm this RP's GM, and I expected to be listened to a little more than this. Don't push me around like that. @Mouse: just... stop. I understand you might have not liked the way Pi came off, but your continuous passive aggressive snark is honestly making this situation worse. I expected everyone here to get along and act a little more mature to be honest. If you have a problem with Pi - in fact, if anyone has a problem with someone else in this RP - come to be about it instead of making that kind of ridiculous commentary. This is my one-time warning. Anyone that causes any more unneccessary drama will be banned from this RP (I'm making Pi (and anyone with an illness / condition like hers) an exception from this rule - it isn't favoritism or anything. But if I see her acting out of line, I WILL call her out on it. I just don't think it's fair to ban her if she has that disorder.)
  16. Mouse, can I please ask that you stop acting so petty? Pi was only trying to help, and never meant to offend you. Passive aggressive remarks like that aren't going to help any. That being said, transformations aren't a big necessity - if you want help, you can PM me or google the anime's transformations, but like I said, they aren't required. In the anime they skip the transformations most of the time - to the point where there's only one or two of each girl, and they're still pretty quick.
  17. omg no it's not awful, I've been super busy with school though fsgkf I just need to read it over one more time. I don't think there are any changes that need to be made but to accept it I need to be on my computer (so I can edit the first post and add your character in) and lately that's just been really hard. Again sorry!
  18. I was beat to it by Pi, haha. Was about to give that explanation. Also Mouse, a much simpler way of explaining how Kathea knew she had received a text would be maybe to have the phone buzz in her pocket instead of ringing? Also, like Pi said, a witch whose Grief Seed has taken too much grief will hatch again. I'll let Seth and Zachy both use this one - since Aria wouldn't have used much of it anyway - but if either of them keeps it and uses it again at a later date, the witch will hatch. P.S. sorry for my inactivity lately; i'll try to post in every RP I'm due / reply to any applications this Friday or so. Got school stuff meanwhile fsjfkkf,, sorry.
  19. Ah, yes. As if it wasn't enough to have a fire boy annoying her, now some wind... girl? Was that even a girl? Aria couldn't tell, but the voice didn't seem appropriate for a boy. What was this, the goddamn Elementals party? Aria rolled her eyes, sighing audibly. Seeing as they were taking on the flying paper eyes, the girl took this chance to shoot her long vines through the entire hall, and break into the witch's metallic cage. She got it. The thin plants had no trouble passing through the large openings between the metal bars, and the spikes that dug into the paper witch retrieved it back to Aria. Then, she knew she had to kill it quickly. After all, this witch had been hers to begin with. These other idiots had only gotten in her way from the start. The vine that she'd used to bring the paper doll back regressed, and suddenly multiplied, and dozens of vines emerged from Aria, engulfing the witch. She hit and shredded at it, and in a span of seconds, the witch was already gone. The girl smirked. "What a weakling...", she muttered under her breath. Any witch that could be killed in such a short amount of time was hardly worth fighting; Aria had trouble believing it was a honest-to-goodness witch, and not just a familiar. But when the barrier faded all around them, and the grief seed dropped, there wasn't any doubt, it most certainly had been a witch. Aria picked up the seed, cleared her gem (it wasn't very dark; but she disliked not cleaning it), and tossed it back into the ground, leaving it for the other two Magi. She then proceeded to return to her civillian attire, and began to walk away.
  20. rip Zachy also yep! def best decision since high school has more people and all
  21. good god, Aria is about to get real mad at the 2nd magi bursting into her fight. P.S.; Mouse, are you still around?
  22. Good grief. Everything had suddenly turned out badly. Siena's face turned unexpectedly angry, facing the girl with the green hair. "Sure, those were some bold words for someone who ended up transforming in front of someone who might not even have been a Magi. I can deal with people confused by hearing about 'Magi' and 'witches'; dealing with people confused by seeing a Magi transform is a whole lot harder. For God's sake, this is basic. Did you make a contract yesterday?" She huffed, and transformed within a second; lengthy transformations had never really been her things. Then she muttered, still audibly enough for anyone standing in the hallway to hear, "Damn newbies." People who transformed in front of others annoyed her, but what made her the angriest was to be called out and then have that person make the exact same mistake. But that didn't matter; right now Siena had to go after Ashley. From the looks on the girl's face, she couldn't have been contracted for very long, so Siena couldn't afford letting her just go boldly ahead on a labyrinth. The dark-skinned girl rushed through the empty classroom, leaping into the labyrinth. "ASHLEY? Where are you?!" She yelled as she dropped in. "Oi, you. Before you think about burning it. Look." Aria pointed at the cage the witch was in. It was made of metal; It wasn't going to let him burn the witch without a fight. But on the other hand, with some care and skill, Aria could probably pull the witch out of the cage and shred it to pieces with her long vines. The eyes would surely get in her way, but she could kill them; even if it would take longer. Although... there was an easier way to get through this. The girl inquisitively stared at the boy behind her, her eyes glistening with malice behind the flower crown that covered them. "Kill the flying eyes." She spat, in tone of order, as she ran into the papered hall, preparing to grab the witch inside the cage with her vines.
  23. "Oh, the cinema club meeting ran la-".Siena stopped short midsentence. From down the hall, she saw two girls talking. She recognized one of them; the younger girl was called Ashley. She and Siena had a club in common, and the girl liked to help all clubs, so it wasn't strange for the two to run into each other. Despite this, they had never really talked, besides some polite greetings and such. The other girl, however, was completely strange to Siena. Who was that? But there was no time for her to wonder this. Her tracking skills had always been sharp as a tack, so there was no mistake. There was a witch here. It wasn't the only one; somewhere else in the city, another witch's barrier had also manifested. "Two witches at once...?" The tall girl mumbled under her breath. She knew, however, there was no need to worry about the second witch. Aria would probably take care of it. "Well kid, today's your lucky day; you get to see an expert in first hand!" Siena winked at Kathea, before approaching the other two. She regretted having to do this so little after telling Kathea to be careful who she revealed she was a Magi to, but it was different for Siena. She was a veteran, after all; she was pretty sure Aria and herself were the oldest Magi in the city. Besides, why would a student and a completely unrelated girl be at the school building at this hour? They had to be Magi. "Excuse me!" Siena flashed a smile at the two of them. "Sorry for the bluntness, but I am fairly sure we are all here for the same reason. There's a witch barrier in there -" she pointed at the chalkboard in one of the classrooms, visible through the door that had been left slightly ajar "- and we are all going in to fight it. I figure it's gonna drop only one grief seed, so I hope we can all be nice and share, 'aight?" She emphasized the 'hope', intertwining her fingers as she looked to the two girls expectantly. Damn. he was right. Aria was completely silent for a moment, but decided to huff like it wasn't worth her time and continued to move on. Further down the path, the deep darkness of the labyrinth had gradually begun to fade. The once-open area had narrowed down into corridors, seemingly made of paper walls. Something glistened inside the walls - probably a flame. The small ember followed the Magi as they made their moves, its purpose seemingly being to light their way. Aria looked at it suspiciously as if it were about to attack, and continued on her way further down. Eventually, she was at a large, rectangular hall, walls and ceiling entirely made of intricately folded paper. At the center of the ceiling, a cage was hung. Inside it... "The witch." Aria whispered. Within the metal cage was a doll-looking thing. It seemed to be made of paper as well. It looked like an innocent plush doll, the sort you may find in a little girl's bedroom. It seemed unaware of the presence of the Magi, for now. Around the rest of the hall, there were large flying eyeballs, seemingly patrolling. Aria returned to the paper corridor, to plan her strategy; she wasn't about to burst into a fight unprepared. She just hoped that damn boy wouldn't get in her way.
  24. hey guys! just a couple of things; first off, I'm going to be posting slow for a few days. my shoulder's in a seriously bad shape, and i'm taking a PC break, so I won't be able to type my posts from computer. I'll try to write up some stuff on my phone, but it'll be smaller and slower. Sorry! second, Mouse, could I ask that you don't post the image of Thea on every post? that's what the character sheets are there for. thanks! as for pi's question; it's perfectly fine to GM your own fight, just PM me first so we can work out the details.
  25. "Sorry to burst your bubble kid, but some Magi out there won't give up at that." Siena sighed. She hated this sort of grim talk, but her counsciousness would feel guilty if the girl went out announcing to the seven winds that she was a Magi. "Some of the others see potential Magi as threats. Competition for grief seeds. You can't always play it off like that, so better be careful." Being a Magi was no matter for jokes, but newbies didn't always know this. Siena had already given Kathea some words of warning, so she thought it would be okay not to give her a full "Magical business is dangerous" talk. Instead, she decided some idle chatter would suit the occasion better. "Whatcha doin' at school this late, kid? Even people helping out with clubs don't usually stay out so late." Not that she was one to talk; helping edit the cinema club's movie had swallowed up her whole afternoon. But Siena just knew that when everyone watched it, it'd be worth it. The vines shot up through the flimsy paper lanterns, and, one by one, Aria ripped them all into pieces. The thorns of her vines were filled with scraps of that sickeningly beige thin paper, and covered in tiny burns from piercing the flames. Oh well. They'd fix themselves, eventually. After ripping the last lantern into pieces, and stepping on the flame that remained to put it out, Aria expected to be in complete, overwhelming darkness. But she wasn't. From the corner of her eye, there was a light. A light that soon attracted more of the goddamn paper lantern minions. Damn. It was that annoying boy from earlier. Aria balled her hand into a fist, more than just slightly angry. After all that forged ignorance, he was following her? That took some courage, she had to admit. But maybe it was just stupidity. It was useless to try and push him out; either way, this fight was Aria's. She'd found the barrier first. However, if she let those paper lanterns he'd attracted run free, she'd end up being tracked by them. The flower-clad girl ran up to the boy, her vines one step ahead tearing down all the paper lanterns she saw. "Are you dumb? Put out those lights, the minions are gonna see me!" She couldn't believe she had to tell him this. It was Magi 101. How long had this guy been contracted for, even? It was pitiful.