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nextavengers.pngWilling to breed anything I have on my scroll. Wishlist: My Profile

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    The TARDIS
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    2nd gen Witchlight from female Gold-Horned Tangar - mate for Mz Hyde


    CB Green Coppers
    CB Tan Ridgewings

    Any Green, Hooktalon, Seragamma, Waterhorse, and Stone dragons

    4th gen black checker from pink sweetling
    3rd gen speckle-throated checker from rosebud
    3rd gen ice checker from rosebud
    2nd gen grey from black, female
    2nd gen grey from shadow walker, female
    3rd EG silver from brown copper, male
    4th EG pink from frill + old pink 1st gen, ex http://dragcave.net/lineage/a5Pop , male
    3rd EG PB pink male
    4th EG PB pink female
    2nd gen gold from Almandine Pyralspite, female
    2nd gen gold from Nhiostrife Wyvern, male
    4th gen silver from balloon female perfect checker
    3rd gen black myst pygmy from female seawyrm pygmy
    3rd gen white from Snow Angel checker
    2nd gen golden wyvern from Winter Magi
    4th gen black from gold + silver 1st gen ex. http://dragcave.net/lineage/9H7g1
    3rd gen Avatar of Creation from GoN x blusang ex. http://dragcave.net/lineage/q24IC
    3rd gen silver from lumina
    2nd gen PB moonstone
    3rd gen silver from nocturne
    5th gen bronze shimmer arrowhead from ember
    4th gen sunsong from a lineage like this http://dragcave.net/lineage/LjSah
    3rd gen white from seragamma female
    3rd gen ember from seragamma female
    mate for this? http://dragcave.net/lineage/udiay
    3rd gen blusang from snow angel, gold tips
    Storm Rider lineages
    3rd gen Black Stripe from Green Nebula checker
    2nd gen blusang from aeon wyvern x 2

    3rd gen marrow from pink with old pink as 1st gen, ex. http://dragcave.net/lineage/S0Mvo
    4th gen marrow from pink x marrow with old pink x marrow as 1st gen
    3rd EG PB shadow walker, female
    2nd gen shadow walker from lumina, female
    2nd gen PB pumpkin, female
    2nd gen grave from seragamma
    3rd gen lurker from cassare male
    2nd gen caligene from male caligene x female candelabra
    Black Marrow lineages

    Valentine's Day:
    2nd gen radiant angel from snow angel (gold tips)
    3rd gen radiant angel from white

    2nd gen winter magi from ribbon dancer