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  1. I honestly think this is a great idea though, but there is a problem like the eggs that get moved to the AP just sit there and it gets annoying ( the eggs that aren't on low-time yet). Its just basically transferring the problem to the AP right? Not to be rude but the idea sorta has some holes in it but, all in all, its a great idea.
  2. I know this is a pretty weird question but is the site email like the dragcave forum PMs?
  4. One does not simply piggyback on a dragon into Mordor
  5. elementalmistressluna is lying dont trust she lies in every post!
  6. cause the cold from the blizzard got them! to cure it make a winter magi use its magic to cure it of its winter shell sickness. what are entrys to the raffle and what am i raffling for???
  7. apparently the mana game dosnt work on safari (ipod, ipad, iphone) but I love it !
  8. Path Light is actually a Gucci bag in disguise! dont trust him!
  9. I was thinking and I had this crazy idea if it was possible to have a special BSA for a dragon that could call back a dragon you've released? Not one someone else released im totally opposed to that idea. it would probably have a 25% chance of happening I guess I would show a list of dragons you have released and it would be your _______ dragon uses it's persuasive telepathy to persuade your _________ dragon to come back! the attempt was a success/failure
  10. I think that if the dead dragon didnt have a name before it died then it wouldnt show up if it did then it would if it didnt have one maybe there should be a bsa for maybe like grave dragons were you could like write the name on the tombstone or name it
  11. a traveling carnival is a event where if you participate your dragons all turn into inbred waterwalkers to participate you sneak up on a merchent yell out roar and watch three hours of wwe wrestling how do i get a chicken
  12. im waiting for the next book moon rising i think to come out on December 30th
  13. cause stripe dragons decided they dont like pink how does one obtain a thuwed?
  14. granted but now you are two days early but you have to just wait there... no games... no sleeping... no eating. I wish i had a 2g thuwed
  15. they would produce a severly inbred waterwalker what are spriter alts?
  16. you kill your rarest dragon and theres a 90% chance it will turn into a vampire hoe do i get a leetle tree?
  17. you can only feed them after you give emilylan3151 a chicken or more than 3 dinos why cant i teleport adult dragons?
  18. when your eggs are sick the lagmonster will appear and let your dragons use the lagmonster summon bsa but dont click it!!!! the lagmonster can be seen on your scroll when it is slow and laggy it will kill your favorite dragon unless a cb rare hatchling is given to emilylan3151 how do i get a spriter alt lineaged dragon?