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  1. Zapphire It's just such a good pun-name, I'm surprised nobody else thought of it Phantom Runner One of my first Halloween Dragons Count Jupiter I have named all my Vampire dragons Count <planet>, and there was only one that I wasn't able to get: Count Saturn.
  2. Ooh yes, I love organizing things in to spreadsheets as well. I was trying to make my own, but it was taking far too much time and it didn't look good at all. Thanks for this!
  3. I'm back to Dragon Cave, (don't know how long) If you need my help again I'll try to do some updating here and there, but is the thread still alive? ^^'
  4. I just came back from the dead i think i deserve a last post
  5. yummm potato chips w/ ketchup?
  6. 3 cases of Red Bull? All I've done today is...
  7. I'm going for Striped River since it's my favorite breed out of all of the choices so I"ll have no trouble locking myself with them
  8. ^^^^^ I came onto DC one day late, and since I wouldn't have gotten the badge anyways, I decided not to play, and I now I realize how big of a mistake that was
  9. I might have missed this in the thread earlier, but what is the name of the breed? ^^/