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marshall | 17 | trans male


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    hello! i’m best known as marshall. I’m currently 17 years old.

    i’m white, trans, and gay. I’m also neurodivergent and mentally ill. I’m a gemini and am infp-t.

    i’m converting to Judaism and have been practicing witchcraft almost six years, however i believe that i’ve been working with magick all of my life, in more subtle ways.

    i work with primarily elemental magick, divination, necromancy, spirits / spirit work, gemstones, and chaos magick. i don’t really fit into any solid label like “nature witch” or “sea witch” as i work with almost everything as i see fit.

    that out of the way, i’m also otherkin and am a therian.

    I also have an interest in art, kpop, singing and acting. feel free to message me about any of these! <3