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  1. I'm semi-alive which is more than I can say for a bunch of the people here. I'll hopefully get a post for Evvy done in the next few weeks, but it might take a while as I am switching devices (new phone woo). @Sugar Esko controls Tulvir most of the time. You'll need to poke him. @Zed Heya love! Been a while. It's totally open and actually it'd be great to have someone not dead.
  2. at some point harley will probably be in Esko's control too probably so there's that um yeah
  3. Harley L had been gone for a while. Harley knew he couldn’t really be in too much trouble, being a soul, but still, where could he be? She sat on a smooth, flat boulder in a large cave, which was brightly illuminated by a beautiful (and useful) variety of mana crystals, legs crossed, bored out of her skull. They had gone through most of their candidates for transformation, and now the small, tired girl was waiting for Tulvir to return so they could go explain themselves to the newbie dragons. Harley took out a small sketchbook and began scribbling drabbles to pass the time. The clunking of heavy boots caught her attention. About time, wolf-boy. She looked up from her journal to see her long-time friend headed towards her, scythe dirty with a rusty substance coating the bottom of the blade and thick black hood down. That silly lock of hair, the sky blue one, came from an experiment they had conducted years ago involving a mystery powder and 10-year-old-Tulvir’s stupidity. It was now permanently dyed there, though they weren’t concerned with removing it. She even secretly thought it looked cute, though he wouldn’t hear it from her any time soon. One thing caught her attention. The dirtiness on the scythe was dried blood. Had he killed something again? He sat down and took out a rag to wipe it off, working to remove the tough, sticky dried blood. Harley looked extremely pissed. Even if she was slightly obsessed with her work, she hated, hated, hated any type of killing unless extremely necessary, and even then she didn’t like it, even to the point of becoming a vegetarian. The girl got off the rock and approached her friend. “Hey Harles, have you seen L anywh-” He didn’t have the chance to respond before Harley nailed a punch to his gut. For a twenty-year-old girl at a total height of five feet, she knew how to hit hard. Tulvir was no stranger to her force, and yet he still was taken by surprise. Go figure. The wolf-boy fell backwards, grimacing. Deki watched from the distance, death mana shards in his talons. The loud sound of crunching crystals could be heard. Even though he seemed nonchalant about the incident, a soft chuckle escaped his throat, though not loud enough to be heard by his two human companions. “Well hello to you too.” Tulvir coughed, standing up and brushing himself off. “Compared to what those dragons are gonna do to you when you step out there to explain the situation, that was nothing.” Harley placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. “I’ve told you how many times before, no killing people!” “Unless absolutely necessary.” Tulvir piped up, throwing her past words back at her. “I still don’t like it.” “I only killed one guy, and he was coming at me with a farming tool. Those things are worse to be beaten by than swords.” “Tell that to the man you murdered with a scythe.” Harley didn’t quite believe that he had only killed one, but she decided to argue about it no further. “It’s probably time to go give them their mission. You’re doing it.” “You’re not coming with me?” Tulvir grinned, almost in a charming way. Harley glared back, but kept her composure. Sometimes, he drove her out of her mind. “I would, only to save you from the onslaught of dragons, but that’s your punishment for killing someone. Besides, someone has to look for L.” She reminded him. “Alright then.” Tulvir bent down and picked up the dropped cloth to finish removing the last bits of gunk. “Wish me luck.” He turned to the small tunnel that led to the rest of the underground cave system and walked through, bending down to do so. “And good luck finding L!” He called back before continuing. Harley shook her head slightly. He was a giant ball of ridiculous, really. Tulvir Rubbing the spot where he’d been punched earlier, Tulvir stepped into the large cave where all the dragons were collected. A wave of uncontrollable telepathy hit him, and he clutched his head, swearing softly under his breath. It would be a miracle if he could get their attention with how loud the room was. “OI!” He shouted, whacking the scythe blade against a crystal. A metallic thwang! rang across the cave, the sound bouncing off the walls. That should do the trick. If most of the dragons heard it, they would hopefully all stop what they were doing and listen. Hopefully. ((originally i was going to put in everest and era's perspective but this needed to go out already))
  4. I was at the beach all day *~* post will be up... uh... well, depends on what time zone you're in. Probaby around noon HST (not the tax). which yeah hawaiian child i'm behind all you folks ^^' sorry about the procrastination i'm horrible
  5. What if the different colors of Amber could do different things? like, yours is prolly a Honey Amber, and if i made mine a Cherry Amber, they could do different things? or even have some of the same traits and just have one significant difference? like, maybe ours both have the Sticky Spit, but yours can use electricity and mine can't? and mine can melt but yours can't?
  6. Question- Can there be duplicate gems? Because I noticed you had an Amber and I wanted to do my Amber. If you don't want me to play her, it's okay, i have a bunch more, but Amber is my first choice.
  7. up to boychild over there, but I personally think once everyone can use telepathy they'll come in.
  8. i think i know who those two people are if they're Esko and Mage, i know. we've been talking about this rp a lot. esko and i are extreme su nerds.
  9. There is no visible overground entrance/exit to the cave. if they were in the cave they should not be able to leave. Esko, we should probably bring Deki, Harley, and Tulvir in already (magi, magician, reaper/knocks you down, transforms you behind the scenes, stops you from dying to death).
  10. ((ohaithere i'm back if you don't mind having me))
  11. it's also completely possible i didn't notice who you were talking to, if you were talking to anyone. and it'd be nice for you to post quicky since it's kinda quiet. Wolf-boy and smolchild (Tulvir and Harley) will probably pop in soon and explain everything to everyone but before that we've gotta get everyone moving and communicating properly. Also, if you see me use 'blade' that's referring to Skwerl and if you see me, mage, skwerl, ot eeko (not sure if pyro calls him that) use "floof", it's referring to Dash.
  12. so instead of writing down ev/era/horizon's color tags and actually MAKING A FLIPPIN POST i got distracted not really i just didn't want to write and since SO MANY PEOPLE WERE CONFUSED, i made a list of who needs to reply to who. if you already replied, ignore it. note this might not be 100% correct since i haven't yet got who-plays-who down yet all too well ^^' esko needs to reply to himself (toni & L) pyro & mage raptor & darkness re & silver (silver needs to make the ember) silver needs to respond to themself "((this is going to be lengthened later, just storing what I have for now.))" Sugar's post is open for anyone who knows how to be a winged snake. (i forgot who had nicknames so just remind me of them)
  13. *groans* okay so DO NOT TAKE YAAD 1 AS A POSTING/CHARACTER CREATING GUIDELINE. just don't. it was kinda extreme. in fact i'd be a lot more comfortable with no one reading it at all ^^' @Blade the Ice is fine. The main Guardian is not fine. The baby guardian miiight be fine? I don't remembr much about him tbh. The Tri-Horn I think is fine, but i also don't remember much about them either. @ReEvolve No, and that's been done in the past as well.
  14. If it's who I think it is, yes. If it's who I wish it is, no.
  15. sorry to doublepost no i'm not but whatever but just look at this http://imgur.com/j9x2MJg http://imgur.com/D1shGEc (now imagine it shaking and sometimes blacking out) and yes, it is literally only a matter of stubbornness. if i wanted to, i could have switched my info into my new phone but I'm too attached to this one (i've had it for like two years now). agh why did this have to happen now
  16. yo did he not give you the doc link? if you want i can sent it to you @everyone else- I might not be on much for a while. My phone is having an aneurism and it won't freaking stop, and while I can type semi-okay (and i already have a habit of fixing mistakes) but it's so goddamn annoying. my time on the computer each day is limited and most of it is taken up by homework and when I'm done with that all I want to do is play videogames. so until i get over my stubbornness and just get a new phone, i will be on very little. Sorry! ^^'
  17. god how are you all so good at writing and adam and i are just sitting here wallowing in insecurity
  18. you can edit the doc yourself I think. though we were having problems earlier...
  19. side characters??? i mean, I don't see why not but you gotta ask esko to add in side characters
  20. @esko we need a password to make sure everyone read everything
  21. ah. no, magi dragons are the type of dragon. Yunno, you have a magi dragon the orange one. speaking of which, what type of dragon is minnie? i noticed you put in a sapphire dragon in your post, so you at least know some dragons more than me, i only just found out about them
  22. Since there are only two pages, even though the posts are long, you should read all the posts. The thread OP (Esko) wrote a post that had them in it. It will also give you an idea of what to do. It's probably also in the posting guidelines somewhere, though, if not, i'll go yell at Esko for ya. edit: yeah it's in there. it's the second post in the ooc.