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  1. Ah, yes, Galys. Lovely typo. Found her, thank you!
  2. Just started the game, and I'm looking for my package recipient. Where in the heck is Nalys?
  3. I believe a mixture of sand and sugar is actually heterozygous, not homozygous.
  4. By law, it's illegal for a former employer to say anything, good or bad, about a former employee. All they can tell a potential employer who calls them for a reference is whether you actually worked there or not.
  5. Not in the least. He's not being legally prosecuted (or persecuted) for his beliefs, he's spouting off on someone else's channel, who I believe have the right to discourage certain behaviors. I swear, if I had a penny for every time someone misunderstood the concepts of free speech and freedom of religion...
  6. Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?
  7. Just a heads up on the Sculpey - the Sculpey Original and Sculpey III are extremely brittle after baking. Sculpey Firm and Super Sculpey are both very durable, and can be mixed together to create a nice medium if Firm is too hard and Super is too soft. Those work well for figures and such, due to the durability, though they'll need to be painted since neither comes in colors. Premo has some flexibility after being baked (but not ridiculously so), and won't shatter like III will. Souffle is similar as well. Fimo Soft is a good all-around as well, as far as making small jewelry pieces. I've looked into Fimo Professional, and have found it to be too soft for my tastes. Oddly enough, if you buy Premo and -that's- too soft, you can make it more firm by Fimo Mix Quick Clay softener. There's also strategies for baking that make the clay more durable, involving baking for twice the length at -20 degrees of the recommended bake time, as well as quenching the clay when it comes out of the over. let me know, and I can send you some links to some handy resources
  8. Modelling clay makes your fingers feel extremely greasy when you work with it and is generally pretty soft, whereas polymer tends to be more firm. Modelling clay also doesn't harden, as it's oil-based. Different brands of polymer have different firmness. Do you remember what brand it was? I remember using oil-based clay back in college to make silicone molds - one half of the object I wanted to make a mold of was encased in the clay, and the silicone spread over top of it, followed by a thick layer of plaster on top of the cured silicone to help it hold its shape. Once everything is set, the the mold is flipped over, the clay removed, the surface thoroughly cleaned, a release (like vaseline) is applied to the silicone around the original object (the thing you're casting, left in the silicone), silicone is applied to that, another layer of plaster once that's cured... In other words, it's a rather involved process, and isn't very efficient for jewelry mold-making. you'd be better of getting a kit for pushmold making (which can be a bit pricey for larger castings), or you can look into some tutorials on using silicone in a tube (as in, the kind you buy for sealing things in a house - but it has to be pure silicone) to make affordable molds.
  9. How long will the new eggs be more common int he biomes, do we know?
  10. @Syiren Everyone grieves differently. When my father died when I was 14, I didn't cry much, and I still feel bad that I've probably cried more over pets that have passed since than I have for him. I suspect that I probably internalized a lot of it. In other words, don't worry about how much do or don't cry - it's different for everyone, and there's really nothing weird about that, even though it might feel that way.
  11. Honestly, it's not at all uncommon for friends to fall to the wayside after someone has a baby. People's schedules change, especially with the parents and the new kid. With some of my friends who now have kids, it's simply that I don't want to impose - I'm the interloper in that situation. So I'd say it's less to do with you, and more to do with the situation as a whole.
  12. Honestly, it's way too much program for something that only requires simple tools. I find it rather unwieldy to have dozens of tools and options, when a specialized program makes things so much more simple. Plus, it's more resource-intensive than other programs more suited to the task.
  13. Keyholder at a major videogame retailer. I also do merchandising for a massive perennial nursery in the spring and summer. I also also have just been hired on as a temporary employee for a new major-chain craft supply store that's opening in our city on the 18th, setting up the store. I hope to be kept on afterwards, since they'll pull their permanent staff from the temps. I do have a job foisting samples of stuff on people at a Walmart-type store on the weekends, though that's on hiatus until I find out what's going on with the craft store, and because I'm pretty much working 50-hour work weeks for the next two and a half weeks.
  14. Mine haven't been fixed yet, so I'm thinking not everyone's has been.
  15. Ouch. I can't imagine using PS for spriting.
  16. So apparently my torch and chalk are there, but aren't showing up. I know I got them the first time around, though!
  17. Refresh the page where you pick a kid, click a kid, go back to the kid list, refresh, click another kid. I just had to do this with every last name in the house/gift puzzle that comes right after that. Annoying *
  18. GraphicsGale is pretty awesome, even if you just use the free version (without all the fanciness).
  19. Frankly, you shouldn't be doing anything distracting while driving at all, even if you're stopped at a light. You'd still get hit with a distracted driving ticket if caught. If you're on the road, you're driving, whether you're actually moving or not. I'd be pissed if someone was distracted at a light and rammed into the back of my car because they didn't realize their foot had come off the brake. Seriously, don't do it.
  20. Essentially MRAs lamenting women gaining indepence from men. Honestly, I wouldn't be too concerned. I highly doubt there's enough of these cowards to really do anything. Especially since there's some butthurt idiot at the center of it all, blaming women for everything that's gone wrong in his life, a mindset which apparently came about after the woman he was seeing dumped him. If he was ad unstable then as he is now, then it's not hard to see why she rid herself of him.
  21. Under no circumstances should your friend marry that person. They are being extremely manipulative, and have already proven themselves extremely untrustworthy. If you friend goes through with it, then she will likely be miserable and regret it, while the roommate will get what they want. Ask your friend this - are they willing to risk not being able to marry someone they actually love for so someone they don't seem to really even care for anymore can get their green card? Make sure that your friend realizes that the marriage needs to last 2 years for residency restrictions to be lifted, and at least 3 for the roommate to be able to apply for citizenship. If you stop living together or get divorced before the initial residency restrictions are lifted (so, within the first two years), the roommate could still be deported anyway. So in the end, is your friend able to stand being potentially miserable and put her romantic life on hold for at least two years?
  22. Ali - In regards to therapy, you'd be surprised how easy it can be to talk to them, especially since they're not someone to whom you have a personal connection - since you aren't spilling everything out to someone you feel close to, someone whose feelings and judgments you care more about since you see them day to day, it lends itself to being able to talk frankly. You need to be able to talk to someone. It's not healthy to keep everything inside. If you do decide to give it a try, give it a fair shot - a month or two at the very least. You may find that the first therapist you go to isn't a good fit, and even the one that fits will sometimes tell you things you don't want to hear about yourself, but don't let it discourage you. Much like finding the right medication is for some people, it's very much a case of trial and error. You'll find the right one for you eventually!
  23. Isn't it trans-erasive to deny male and female differences, though? To not acknowledge the general differences of biology without that terminology would pretty much mean that the words 'trans' and 'cis' would essentially serve no purpose, and would cease to have any meaning at all, since they are in themselves referring to disparity or lack thereof between sex and gender. No matter how many times I hear 'sex=gender', it will never make logical sense to me. I understand the idea behind it, but it's just so counterintuitive, IMO.
  24. Damn, add manipulative to his list of 'qualities'. I'd definitely try and have that talk sooner rather than later.
  25. There's a hard and fast rule I have when dealing with people - if there are more bad feelings than good with a person, then it's time to say goodbye. That said, have you considered talking to him about this? From what you're saying, it really doesn't sound like a good relationship - he uses guilt to try a goad you into doing what he wants you to, and it sounds like you've not confronted him on it, or how his words make you feel. I'd do that first, and then go from there. In the end, relationships are supposed to be mutually fulfilling, if not having their rough spots. If it's more stress than good feelings after you try to address the problem, then it'd be best to go your separate ways.