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  1. Default is what I use. It's all I need. Fits DC better than any other skin IMO.
  2. Yes! Thank you so much for this release!! Picked up 2 of each new kind!
  3. Sexy No other words to describe it. Well done.
  4. My Purple CB Nebula settled down with a waterhorse! Not what I had in mind, but it somehow works. Going to find a waterhorse and have them as life long mates Great event, 10/10 would play again! Decorating is fun!! I kept it simple:
  5. I thought it was a rock at first O.o
  6. OMG that would be AMAZING *drools over keyboard*
  7. Go I've got a Golden Wyvern stopping by to chill with my purple Nebula. Is that the only dragon that will stop by to look? Little confused, I thought a variety of dragons would come by, not just the one?
  8. Thanks! I have always wondered about that.
  9. I have a general question about all new releases with egg limits. If you abandon one egg, will you be able to find another? Like if you AP one to go code hunting? Happy Valentine's day as well!
  10. Why would you post that if you didn't mean it then?
  11. Most of us didn't win. Big deal. Suck it up buttercup. Try again next year, like all of us will be doing.
  12. We can always try this Christmas!
  13. Meh, I got nothing Congratulations to all the raffle winners, I sincerely applaud you all I will proceed to adding a 2nd gen Silver Shimmer to my pipe dream list.
  14. Good luck to everyone! I'm hoping to get an Eastern, but I'm not gonna count my eggs before they hatch. lol
  15. I second and still fully support this Hooked on it, way to fun to let it vanish forever. Ahh, where are my manners. Thank you TJ, Piemaster, Tiki and the other wonderful masterminds behind this event. Twas very fun and I'm looking forward to this Christmas's event and the Valentine event coming up!
  16. I'd like to know too, but I'll bet TJ will announce that shortly. Also, I haven't been following this thread lately, was there any response to keeping Mana Alchemy after the event is over?
  17. Nice codes TJ. Snowball fight Merry Christmas guys!
  18. I guess I owe you a thanks for a hand in making this game! Thanks! Thanks for the link to the original version as well!
  19. Yeah it's really fun, never played a mini-game like it before That's why I'd like it to stay - I'm not sure if a similar game exists to feed the urge to play it!
  20. Any word if Mana Alchemy will be playable after the holiday season ends? Man I really hope so!
  21. Is there any way we can have the mana alchemy game going all year long? It's a fun game to play along side collecting dragons and I for one, would love to be able to play it casually out of season Any chance TJ? Nice job on the event too, I'm loving it
  22. I take back all I have said. I did not know I could download my PM's as an Excel worksheet. That I like, so props to TJ for that, and apologies if I caused any offense. I can live with 200 PM's since I now know I can download them.
  23. Interesting read. So it seems that since TJ only has to clean out his inbox once per week, he's content with the size limit. I don't want to offend, but it seems as if he brushed off the idea and users who really need the added space with: "If I have to clear it once a week, most peoples' boxes should fill up much slower. If you have to clear it once a day, then you're getting too many PMs." I would assume because he knows that a server/storage upgrade would be inevitable if the limits was increased. With 64,814 members and growing, space will become a concern at some point.....
  24. Yo what's with the super small PM inbox?? 200 PM's.... I'd much rather leave PM's there to read later then delete them and forget important info :/ I have 3000 allowed on another forum, and I'm no mod there. Maybe I'm just spoiled? That's really my only gripe about this forum. It's all good everywhere else. (Seriously, TJ, can we get a bigger inbox plz?)