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  1. I got into metal through Linkin Park,but now their songs sound so...dry.Hybrid Theory and Meteora are still mildly enjoyable,but Minutes To Midnight is blargh.

  2. Disturbed aren't Christian.They're Jews.Get yer censorkip.gif straight.


    Edit:Since someone mentioned they thought Disturbed was a game,I would like to mention that a game where you play as their mascot would be epic.

  3. Good idea.

    And I still want to know how Bieber's life is an 'epic fail' I think becoming the youngest solo male act to top the charts since Stevie Wonder is a great thing, how about you guys?

    Being the laughing stock of a large amount of the worlds population is never success.

  4. Why do we not have a Disturbed thread yet?

    I just got their new album "Asylum" and now I'm very excited and need to create a Disturbed thread.


    Anyway,my favorite songs are:


    From The Sickness:


    - Down With The Sickness (A legend.Worth mentioning even if only for the metal scream at the beginning.)


    - Voices (Sounds deeper and more refined than the rest of The Sickness.)


    From Believe:


    - Prayer (I think Believe was quite meh honestly,but Prayer is beautiful.It's my "sad song".)


    From Ten Thousand Fists:


    - Just stop (Kinda sounds like a more metal Prayer.Is also a beast live.)


    - Deify (Sounds very inspiring and is a great crowd participation song.)


    - Land Of Confusion (It got me into Disturbed.What's not to like?)


    From Indestructible:


    - Inside The Fire (I wish I could laugh like that.Good solo.)


    - The Night (Beast guitars,very epic sounding.)


    - Criminal (Epic sounding.)


    - Facade (Very epic sounding and my favorite Disturbed solo.)


    From Asylum:


    - Asylum (Good guitars.Sounds like a much better Indestructible to me and the parts close to the ending remind me of a metal opera or something.)


    - Another Way To Die (The first song I heard from Asylum.All-round epic.)


    - Crucified (My favorite song from Asylum.Very atmospheric and I love the guitars in the beginning and after the repeating verse.)


    - ISHFWILF (It's a U2 cover.But it's metal.Nuff' said.)


    Umm...This post is longer than I expected.And I will feel stupid if no one posts.So encourage me by posting.




    Did I mention I think they have the best cover art?


    user posted image


  5. I don't think anything was mentioned about the survival instinct was there? I thought the plants were releasing toxins that made you commit suicide.

    There was.Plus toxins can't make someone commit suicide.Theres no part of the brain that could be damaged in a way that would force you to perform suicide.


    I hate the movie due to lack of research,lack of logic,"power of love" and the infamous "running from the wind" scene.


    Edit:Check the TVtropes link.It provides many examples of lack of logic in the movie.

  6. It honestly took me until the flashback with her father to figure out whether Integra was a boy or girl. ._. They called her Sir and Madam so I was like *flail* WTF IS IT.

    Actually "sir" means someone who has been knighted.

  7. If he dies, I will tear up. *Hugs MiniZack Tighter* Not fair for Fair.



    Well if you're talking about Crisis Core I have some news...


    Edit:Me and my friend cried at the scene btw.

  8. Zack is luverly wub.gif


    I haven't played Crisis Core yet, but I'm sure he is a main character in that.

    Yes he is.I played it.


    Also I think KH is a disgrace to FF.






    Watch this.



    It's awesome.Best scene in the game.