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  1. i was a little late to the party, but wow. everyone who worked on the event has really outdone themselves! messing about with my halloween dragons and playing the choose-your-own-adventure has really put me in the spooky spirit. thank you so much, dragcave, for making my holidays better!
  2. oh gosh, the adult sprites made me fall in love with the pipios! seriously digging the aethers too. thank you spriters!
  3. i definitely don't claim to know much about how dragcave's coding and click sites work, but... i'm assuming the viewbomber is using click sites, or at least a script to reload the page/s repeatedly? if it's something simple like a page refreshing script, it shouldn't be too hard to see which IP is causing all the traffic and blocking them from accessing the site. in the case of clicksites... i can't remember which, but one of them used to require a dragcave login to add eggs/hatchlings. i'm not sure why that isn't standard, since it seems that would prevent anyone but the scroll owner from entering their dragons! though a VPN would complicate things... personally, i can't imagine that a person who's childish enough to viewbomb some pixel dragons on an adoptables site would also have the technical knowledge/foresight to use one!
  4. awesome, new eggs! i'm really liking those spiky hatchlings so far - not surprising after i saw it was a birdz release though, haha. excited to see what they grow into! also - what's all this about viewbombers? it seems odd that someone would be doing that long-term (and not have been banned yet).
  5. ... so i did a dumb and completely forgot i had an extra pair of greens from a breeding project. ... not that it mattered, apparently, since they didn't give us any results either. whoops!
  6. tell your greens to fly over and use their earthquakes on mine! i wish i'd collected more than the two adults, but i almost never use the bsa, haha.
  7. well! apparently my green dragons forgot how earthquake works???? so much for that experiment - guess we'll have to see what happens to successfully earthquake-hatched siyats another day. ETA; all were 6d, so they would've been even earlier than incubates.
  8. natural hatch as in not incubated! or if you did incubate, wait until the timer's at 3 days for blues.
  9. if it's incubated, i'm pretty sure you want to hatch when the timer is between 3 days and 2 days for a blue! so no, you'd be waiting another 17 hours on that one.
  10. so for science, i've got a round of siyats that i'll be attempting to earthquake in around 14 hours. they'll be just over a day old, so... we'll see what happens!
  11. just checking in, have we seen any purples hatch yet? if it's time based... wonder what color you'd get from a really premature hatch (ie earthquake)?
  12. easy with the drama, y'all! this is a game, and if you're not enjoying it, you can always take a break - i certainly have! but color me intrigued, the chirpy hatchlings don't get their color based on biome? mine hatch in six hours - eager to see whether they're all green or not.
  13. awesome, wasn't expecting a release but i'd just cleared out my egg slots! it's good to see that this place is still lively and actively putting out new dragons - i'm coming back from a hiatus.
  14. Oh, these are great! I've almost grabbed all of mine now. I haven't looked at the adult sprites yet since I like it to be a surprise when my own hatchlings grow up, but the "ancient" dragons are definitely my favorite so far. And the drakes - always good to see more of those in the cave! Honestly I like the blue scaled ones too... they're all good! Thank you spriters ^^
  15. Aah, don't get too confident, we'll be back Happy Halloween all!
  16. Thanks for the clarification!
  17. Psst, I've only got one but here you go! S2 Aegis Hatchling
  18. More ethereal hatchlings if they're still needed! Ungendered S1 Female S2 Male S2
  19. Aah I never would've guessed; I figured you meant something else entirely with "joke". Anyway, if I'm going to do a different breed, I do want to rework everything because it doesn't fit very well if I slap a story made for a Paper onto, say, a Spitfire. I'll think about it and post a revised form later if I come up with something decent. I don't want to make y'all bend your rules unless you really don't mind.
  20. To be honest I'd be hyped for anything, regardless of what type of critter it might be. I'm nearly caught up with the latest releases since my absence so I just want more stuff to hunt!
  21. Hmm, I guess we're not on the same page here. Can you please point me towards the list of banned breeds? The one I'm looking at is in the first post of the actual hatchlings roleplay thread, and it prohibits these breeds: holiday, tinsel, drake, discontinued, joke, guardian of nature, avatar, neglected, and zombie. If this isn't the correct list then I wouldn't know where to find the correct one... Although I'm not 100% unwilling to budge on playing a Paper, to be honest it almost sounds like more of a hassle than it's worth to completely revise my character concept. Sorry. I'm not trying to be trouble here, I'd just rather drop out than waste everyone's time with all this. Once you link me the actual list, I'll let you know whether I'm resubmitting my form or not. I have fixed Flynn's age for whatever that's worth.
  22. Yep! The page headers now look like this... https://i.imgur.com/XP23Cop.png As compared to before, when it didn't say "logged in as (username)" and the clock was also missing. The button to logout used to be right next to the forum button. So I guess TJ was just getting it to reflect the changes that were added to the default skin a while ago!
  23. Usually three, but sometimes five or more when necessary. Eggs Around The World, Allure Of Neglected Dragons, and TheEvina's DragHatch are my regulars. I use Silvi's Lair and Valley Sherwood as backups, plus Egg Drop Soup and others. Sometimes it's a tad excessive but I can't remember the last time I've gotten my dragons sick.
  24. Might've been site updates causing the downtime? I don't know if this is across all the skins, but I use Portal 2 Light and there's now an info bar in the top right of each page!
  25. Hang on, what about tomorrow? It doesn't look like anything's happening today but it's only Saturday. Haven't there been Sunday releases before?