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  1. Reposting this cheese hatchie. Drop a dummy on the link, if you offer it must be for your giftee. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Originally got a cheese from this thread but my giftee went inactive so I'm putting back here. Drop a dummy on the link, if you offer it must be for your giftee. https://dragcave.net/teleport/3f4623549dee08c28ce2fc65cc493b63
  3. I Want to Sign Up! Forum Name: Silvynx Scroll Name: DarkRift Group Name: Silvynx's Secret Santa 2018 Wishlist: 1. 2G Nebula prizekin from M silver Tinsel x F red Nebula, 2G from spriter's alt, CB Gold, CB Silver 2. CB green Copper, 3G prize checker, 2G green Copper from Mutamore 3. 3G Silver from M Silver x F Royal Blue checker, CB Blusang, CB Gaia Xeno 4. CB Zyu, CB Red Dorsal 5. 2G from Arcana, 2G Gold Floret from Caligene (either gender) 6. 5G Silver from M Black Marrow (unrelated to (dLJUo)), 4G Spiritward from M Shadow Walker (unrelated to (5SrlQ)) 7. CB Sunset, Any Soulpeace or Royal Blue hatchie Breeding abilities: 3G SS from spriter's alt, higher gen EGs with spriter's alts, most 2Gs, some checkers Catching abilities: Most things up to about trio rarity, maybe the occasional unbreedable Trading abilities: Might be able to trade for CB metals Teleport abilities: I have enough Magi
  4. It would be hard to make but I love Arcana x Bronze Tinsel Those pairs with Leodon and Pyrope Pyralspite are also very pretty.
  5. I think purplehaze has a good point, though I believe it would still be easy to find BSA uses among abandons because the text line is much longer for those than it is for abandoning. You could simply scan the log for the BSA text, then would be able to see which egg it was used on. While it's true this wouldn't differentiate between eggs of the same breed, It's still more information than just the code. A compromise could be nice like pinkgothic mentioned, but I'm worried showing both would be overcrowded for mobile users
  6. Right now when you use a BSA the action log shows an image of the dragon that used the BSA. I'd like to make a small request to have that image show the egg/hatchling it was used on. Since I have many breeding projects and scroll goals I'm working toward most of my eggs need to be influenced, and if I want to check which eggs I've already used which BSAs on I have to click each code to see which egg it was. It would be much more efficient to be able to immediately see what's been influenced/precog'd, and it's not much use to see that a red used incubate anyway. Basically I want things like this: To look like this: Apologies if this has been posted before, I did a search but didn't see anything similar.
  7. Perhaps someone could keep a spreadsheet with the price for each breed, and every week/month/insert length of time the new prices could be added. Then we'd have a record and could create a graph of the changes if desired. The only issue is that would be a lot of work. We may not need to monitor every breed though; I anticipate many of the breeds, particularly the 100 priced ones, to change very rarely if at all.
  8. Pic with current dino prices: It'll be interesting to see how much things fluctuate.
  9. Forum name: Silvynx Lineages you made: Exile Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Gladly
  10. I tried looking through settings and clearing my cache and it didn't change anything, but if the image is looking normal to others I'm not all too concerned about fixing it on my end. Thanks for the input @Fuzzbucket and @HeatherMarie
  11. I've checked on chrome and firefox and it looks squished like that on both for me.
  12. Not sure if this is the right place, but when I accidentally clicked the sign up instead of log in button, I noticed the Gilded Bloodscale image used for the how to play seems very squished. I'm not certain if this is a bug or intentional, but regardless I think the image should be fixed to its normal proportions, especially considering this is among the first art a new player will see.
  13. Have: CB green Fire Gem Want: colorswap for blue Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  14. Saw this in draghatch: Got your nose!
  15. Golden Wyverns always seem to get me thinking they're Golds. Even though I *know* Golds don't have the word gold in their description I end up clicking them anyway.
  16. I've wanted to change my scroll name for quite a while so I'd definitely like to see any form of this implemented. I think a temporary history would be best to lessen any confusion immediately after the change (and would prevent the trade scamming others were concerned about), but since people may have strong reasons for wanting to change their names and not want to be reminded of it, I don't think a history should be permanent. As far as reserving old names, I think they should be saved while the history is temporarily visible, again to mitigate potential confusion, then become available after the history is gone to not permanently lock out names.
  17. I have a dragon with this code- https://dragcave.net/lineage/KkK94, and was thinking of making some reference to the code in her name, but I understand how that could be problematic so I was wondering where the line is on that. Should I avoid a direct reference to the group?
  18. Forum name: Silvynx Song or work: Exile by Enya Current generation/progress: 2/3G
  19. I've got a couple songs I'd like to make lyric lineages for but they're 24 lines and 32-34 lines so I can't easily fit them into EGs, does anyone have any ideas for how to make it work with these amounts of lines? I'd prefer not to change the number as it would disrupt the flow of the song.
  20. I'll have to say influence because lineage building would be a nightmare without it, though summon is tempting just because I really like GoNs and avatars.
  21. Valentines I can breed: CB Heartstealing CB Mutamore 3G from Arsani and Black Tea (sibling) 3G from Heartstealing and Spirit Ward (sibling) Your choice of mate with the CBs, though I have no available metals and my Xenowyrm/Zyumorph choices are limited. Swaps are appreciated but I'm still open to requests. Valentines I need: 2G Heartseeker from Script 3G Arsani from White (mate for him) 3G Radient Angel from Silver (unrelated to these two) 3G Radient Angel from Royal Crimson (mate for her) 4G Radient Angel from Dark Green (mate for her) 4G Rosebud from Shadow Walker (mate for him) 2G Mutamore from Green Copper (will also take Copper) 2G Soulstone from Snow Any nice spriter's alt checker Valentine mates I need: 3G Royal Blue from Arsani (mate for her) 3G Spirit Ward from Heartstealing 2G Chrono Xenowyrm from Heartstealing (will also take Heartstealing)
  22. Does anyone have/know someone who owns a CB male silver Tinsel that'd be willing to help me get a 2G Royal Blue prizekin for my giftee? If so please pm me! Also, if any one needs a CB Golden Wyvern or Two-headed Lindwyrm let me know.
  23. I'm going to go for Snow x Soulstone. Even though it's double holiday I think they look just gorgeous together, especially since both have gold highlights. On that note, considering the 2 CB limit, if anyone else is interested and would like to do a bloodswap feel free to send me a pm.
  24. Definitely hoping for CB rereleases. I love the Winter Magis especially and would really like to be able to make my own lineages with them. For the new release I think it'd be really cool to get a drake but I'm sure whatever it is it'll be wonderful. As far as what I'm doing to get ready... frantically trying to collect enough reds to get an extra set of holidays
  25. Ah, I see. In that case I do agree it would be useful, as long as the codes are displayed along with the name.