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Need mates for these loveliesMy Scroll

Always willing to provide a home for a stray Soulpeace and Royal Blue


I have a CB m Silver Shimmer, see my profile for trading info. List status: OPEN

Currently trading G2s for other G2s and kins for Soulpeace hatchies.

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    You tell me and we'll both know
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    I am the owner of a CB male Silver Shimmer, Light of Freyja, and am open to trades as detailed below. If you have any questions feel free to DM me here or through discord (I'm also Silvynx on both DC servers)

    -While I have active trades breedings will alternate between IOUs and personal projects.
    -I will hold eggs for up to 3 days. If an egg is not picked up within this time it will be considered mine and my end of the trade fulfilled.
    -IOUs will be fulfilled in the order they were requested. I will inform you when you I have begun breeding for your IOU. The list will be kept private, but you may ask your position in the queue at any time.

    2G prizes: List is OPEN (0/3)
    I am ONLY trading for 2G SAlts and the following specific 2G prizes and CB codes. All other offers will be ignored. I won't accept requests for prizes from recent releases and may reject other very common mates.

    2G Prizes
    -F Bronze Shimmer from Royal Blue
    -F Bronze Shimmer from Thunder
    -F Bronze Shimmer from Tsunami
    -M Bronze Shimmer from Royal Blue
    -F Bronze Tinsel from Aeon
    -F Bronze Tinsel from Chrono Xenowyrm
    -F Bronze Tinsel from Royal Blue
    -M Bronze Tinsel from Almerald
    -M Bronze Tinsel from Royal Blue
    -F Silver Shimmer from Guardian
    -F Silver Shimmer from Green Copper
    -F Silver Shimmer from Royal Blue
    -F Silver Tinsel from Green Copper
    -F Silver Tinsel from Nocturne
    -M Silver Tinsel from Spotted Greenwing
    -F Gold Shimmer from Imperial Fleshcrowne
    -F Gold Shimmer from Royal Blue
    -M Gold Shimmer from Royal Blue
    -F Gold Tinsel from Royal Blue
    -M Gold Tinsel from Royal Blue

    Codes (may be rejected based on quality, I'm more picky on four letter words)
    -Starcraft references (especially Zerg, Narud, Amon)
    -Hollow Knight references (especially Grimm)
    -reptile codes

    I only accept IOUs for 2G prizes if you also have a CB, otherwise your offer must be given up front. I will ask you to provide a link to your prize if offering a 2G.

    2G prizeKIN: List is OPEN (0/5)
    I offer any kin with a mate your choice (excluding Holidays) in exchange for an IOU of 1-5 Soulpeace hatchlings of any lineage, with the exact number determined by the rarity of your requested mate. Rarity is based on my personal experience and not up for negotiation. See the list below.

    Regarding breeds with alts:
    -alts that reveal as eggs (florets, ridgewings etc.): I will breed for the requested color, this has been factored into the cost.
    -alts that reveal as hatchies (gemshard, nebula, black etc.): I will NOT breed for a specific alt. If your egg miscolors, you may ask for a new trade. Trades requested because of a miscolor will receive priority on my breeding list and may be requested even if my list is full.

    5 hatchies
    Sinomorph (specific Zyu)

    4 hatchies

    3 hatchies
    Ridgewing (tan)
    Xenowyrm (all colors)

    2 hatchies
    Avatar of Creation
    Dorsal (red)
    Fire Gem
    Floret (all colors)
    Golden Wyvern
    Lunar Herald
    Sinomorph (random Zyu)
    Zyumorph (all colors)

    1 hatchie
    Everything else, including new releases unless otherwise listed