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  1. Very cold and windy. We're expecting snow tonight.
  2. Today is my 3-month anniversary here, as well as my 26th birthday!
  3. When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to be a scientist and a wedding gown designer.
  4. For my first holiday here, Halloween, I was able to catch foru holiday eggs! And I was wondering if I'd be able to catch just one! Now I'm eagerly awaiting the Thanksgiving eggs!
  5. After countless tries at the cavern, I finally got my first holiday egg! I am so excited to see what the hatchling and adult will look like! Hope everyone else is able to get at least one egg as well!
  6. Okay, I have a dumb question. For the holiday eggs, do you pick them up on the front page or in one of the six areas? I've noticed that none of the areas have eggs in them, and I wanted to be sure I was in the right place to catch an egg.
  7. Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm looking forward to catching my first holiday egg!
  8. Fried chicken and French fries from Grandy's
  9. English, because it's the only language I know. But I would love to learn Latin someday.
  10. Clear and rather chilly. It's beginning to finally feel like autumn.
  11. I'm going to dress up as Minnie Mouse for work, where we have a costume contest. And later I'll pass out goodies to the trick-or-treaters.
  12. Is there a higher chance of successfully breeding a zombie during this event?
  13. I haven't been here for a little bit, so I have a couple of (noob) questions. First, is it too late for me to start this event? And second, how do I access it? Thanks!
  14. Thank you, TJ! This is my first holiday at DC and I am so excited!
  15. I'm happy right now... I have a fun trip coming up that I've been waiting for a while.