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  1. Oh my! Very big THANKS to the person that nominated me, I feel extremely honoured to be amongst such kind and awesome people.
  2. Yay Thank you so much Terces for my amazing Prize! And hooray for the Secret Santa heads up! It will be awesome ^^
  3. I was able to make some donations this time ^^ Good luck everyone!
  4. I also made some donations! See you guys there ^^
  5. I kinda feel that we need a 'leftover treats' Raffle after the Halloween Madness so many new fun lineages to try out!
  6. I can't find anything cool this year. Sad.
  7. bump. No luck this Halloween it seems...
  8. HAVE: a 3rd gen Grave/Heartstealing Dragon checker with two alts WANT: a swap for another alt lineage Please PM me if you have/can have something interesting! I am a bit desperate to find something pretty this Halloween, I am sure we can make a deal ^^
  9. You’ve successfully entered the raffle. Make sure to check your e-mail or visit this page once the drawing happens (approximately 3am EST on the date listed above). E-mails will only be sent once. That's what I have under 3/3 dragons raised info
  10. I am totally not prepared, but I CAN'T WAIT. I love the AP and all the pretty pretty things people have been working on for years. I just need a couple more egg spaces... There are some lineages that I am so happy to share this year. My real life is extremely chaotic right now, I don't have time for anything, I won't have much time for AP hunting, so my wish is to find/trade for something special as quickly as possible ^^ Hoping to see you guys in the Cave and wishing you all the best DC experience ever
  11. Yay! Thank you ladyinpink fr my Pink prize, I love it ^^ I've missed the donation window, so here are some babies, feel free to take them Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  12. Thank you Saph for all of these amazing raffles and fun times you've given us Take your time, be kind to yourself and good luck in this school year! We are all very grateful for your work and your time. Take care
  13. aww them babies! Hoping to win something ^^ Good luck guys!
  14. I also made some donations can't wait for the raffle!
  15. I Want to be Added Once Again! Forum Name: ewi
  16. Thanks to Ruby Eyes and luckyburdock for your donations! Two amazing Sunrise eggs, they are so beautiful
  17. Also donated I love this 'end of Summer' vibe ^^ My favourite time of the year.
  18. I squealed when I saw this beauty Thank you SO MUCH LadyAmlaruil2 ^^
  19. Ha, I wasn't able to win anything this time, the competition was strong Congratulations to all the winners and to ladyinpink for the very successful raffle! see you in the next one, maybe I will be more lucky then ^^
  20. I've sent my Gift! forum name:ewi gift: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dfE2f giftee: ava89 have you messaged them? Yes gift pending Were there any issues with the Gifting? no I've sent my Gift! forum name: ewi gift: https://dragcave.net/lineage/pxR24 giftee: LunarMoonlite have you messaged them? Yes, gift pending Were there any issues with the Gifting? No
  21. it is a custom made masterpiece, masterpieces have no age. Ruby Eyes... 26?