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  1. It depends on the languages. If they are not related then I'd say yes, you can. If they are related then it might be better to learn one first. This is purely to not get the 2 similar languages mixed up. I have trouble with my German as I tend to mix it with Swedish. 😕 I was learning them at the same time in middle and high school. The mixing could be also a result of me not using German anymore at all I speak 5 different languages, and as it's been said, you do loose the ability to produce languages if you aren't using them. Reading and listening (understanding) is not a problem, the problem is speaking (writing is easier as one can take time to "mull" things over). So in order to learn and maintaining a language skill, one must speak. I remember when I was an exchange student in Italy, after 2 months my host brother said he won't be translating things for me anymore as he can't speak English... He could speak just fine, he just didn't want! I did learn Italian in 4 or so months. I guess my brother was smart after all. You can also watch tv shows in your preferred language. Most broadcasting companies have their tv shows online (some with subtitles). For Italian I watch programs from Rai and Mediaset. German broadcasting company ARD has some programs online, I didn't really look too deep into their website. When I was in Italy I found game shows easy to watch and understand. As those type of programs have written questions, simple questions, not news jargon etc.
  2. If you are having trouble with lag, try to disable your browser from loading pictures. That way you don't load the background and the mystery egg sprites, and the biome pages load much faster. I have noticed this helps a lot. Then after hunting you just enable the loading of pictures and you have your sprites and background back.Works on most browsers (no idea about mobile) Happy Halloween to all!
  3. Wiki says that fertility significantly lowers the changes of refusal if done before the first mating. With that wording I would say there's a slight change of refusal even with Fertility.
  4. Depending on the browser I get this message as well if I open the action page to a new tab. Usually it just means that the site can't follow you(ie. it doesn't know from which page you're trying to get to the action page). As I know that the browser I use prevents tracking and such it's no wonder the cave doesn't know as it can't follow me. If you know that your browser prevents tracking you can just click the "continue anyway" button to get to the action page. If you are not sure, try other browser. Here's a picture of what I see when I try to open the action page on a new tab on Brave.
  5. Treats appear all over the cave every 5ish mins. You were able to collect stuff in the game in to the game inventory (I don't know how many items were in the game), but once you've collected all totems and shown them, you won't be able to go back and collect items in the game.
  6. Got 13 items out of the creepy forest. It was fine for 5 min of playing. I'm not really fond of these reading games. I don't have the patience to read a wall of text. So I'm sure I missed some items. I wonder if the badge will be different for people taking different routes through the creepy forest. That would be cool. ^^ Now all I need to do is collect some treats and wait for the new release. Thanks for the event to everyone involved!
  7. I'm one of the "pokemon players", I have to collect 'em all(!!). I don't like all the breeds, as a fact I don't like most breeds. However liking is not the issue. If I were collecting paintings, I wouldn't want my curator coming and chancing aspects on my older pieces. I like to look at my collected sprites and marvel at the advance in pixel art, look at the times and styles passing (oh man I'm getting old :P). Sure the oldest sprites don't have the HD-effect, but that doesn't mean they need it. And I get if artist wants to retouch their sprites they can. However.. an artist wouldn't be able to retouch a piece in a museum. Honestly though, I've never understood how people want these pixel dragons to be "life-like/anatomically correct" or "more realistic". These are pixel art of DRAGONS. There's nothing real or life-like in a dragon.. it's all in everyone's imagination. You must know about the thing with imagination.. there's no 2 a like! ps. I'm not saying it's bad or good to have an sprite update. I just miss the old sprites I once had. They were pretty even though they weren't "anatomically" etc. correct. They told a story. And that's the important thing of a sprite. To tell a story you as an individual can have and cherish. But do the updates/retouches/remasters/replacements/what evers, I'm still just going to collect the sprites, did I like them or not.
  8. Chrome on phone. Chrome and Brave on laptop (and I do have IE in the laptop as well, however I only used it to download chrome and brave :D)
  9. If I think of my high school years my favourite subject was maths. It came easy to me. I do like maths also in uni, even though the level is maybe too much. I loved my German teacher, so his lectures were always enjoyable. However, I find grammar boring. I'd rather go visiting a country and try cope with my bad language that sit in class room going through syllabus. I also liked geography, as I find the globe interesting. And as I do have pretty good memory, memorizing different countries in a continent is easy. Hmm.... It seems I like subjects that came easy to me.
  10. I found my love (or ambition to do well) in maths and natural sciences by doing long division during 3rd grade (age 9). Out of the natural sciences, chemistry is the dearest to me, although just plain maths are also challenging and the learning gives so much to me (dopamine wazzup!). I've got a bachelor's degree in pharmacy and I'm now doing my masters in chemical engineering. So my uni carrier has been loaded with chemistry. In my opinion maths are the most important aspect in sciences, as almost every different branch needs maths in some form or other. That's why the teaching of maths (and also other natural sciences) should be much more enjoyable/not seen as a scary subject. The problem with maths is that if you don't get one fundamental thing, you won't get the next things that build on top of the first "rule". And once a student has lost the "maths train" it is really hard to get back on. But it's nice to read that so many of dragcavers are into sciences. ^^
  11. sroo

    Invalid Referrer?

    I get those when I open links in to a new tab on brave. Brave has more strict blocking shields so it does this with other sites also. So it can happen because of adblock or other shield you've up.
  12. I just noticed. I haven't had luck in summoning GoN since May 2010. That'll be soon 8 years... >.< Oh well.
  13. Unique.. hmm.. I have 4 digit leetle tree 4 digit GoNs and I got them in March and May in 2010, haven't had luck to get the third one... My "main collection" consists of cbs and unrelated 2nd gen hybrids I'm missing 13 dragons to complete my collection No inbreds I used to check inbreeding even before lineage view A white dorkface and a gold thuwed (both long gen) Virus badge from Hal '16 I don't want to have the carrot badge, so I'm always off line during Easter One frozen hatchling: a chicken.
  14. ^^' Oops! Thanks for the fast reply. + Well it's fine. At least I have some badge. ^^ Do you know where I can find the naughty coal badge?
  15. I just noticed I have different badge for the Xmas '15. And as far as I remember I was online most of the Xmas event.... So my badge is a stocking and others seem to have a present . What did I miss during that event?
  16. Try copy-pasting your message (ie write it first somewhere else then copy it and past it to the message slot). I can sent messages that way
  17. I can but ' (apostrophe) allright.. Hmm.. Try copy-pasting your text.
  18. I really like this flower event! I like how I can sent one flower multiple times, I like how all dragons have different dialog different times, I love sending the cards. However... Does the sent to random -thing really work? As I've received 3 cards from the same person.. It's nice, don't get me wrong, but has anyone else received multiple cards from random user? (I know this can be hard to know, as some are asking cards and some are sending those to them) I shall be sending cards with the same quote I've sent the previous years we have been able to sent messages. ^^ If you catch one and don't know:
  19. Then let it continue behaving like the snow angels! One variant for one scroll please.
  20. One alt scroller could have 1 cb pink sweet and 1 cb alt sweet. And that to me as mainly cb collector is totally not fair () I don't mind the snow angles as I know others won't have all the 3 variants (if that changes then I do mind...). The alt sweetling wasn't a "problem" to me before as I knew others were bind to alts and others were to pinks. And as the owners of cb alt sweets are dwindling (creating more problems for lineage makers) why not allow bot sprites for all? Sure make that player can only have 1 type cb but the offspring can be alt or pink in all scrolls. Why cant non alt owners hope that? As for the "ungratefulness"... When one is voicing an opinion, negative in this case, it does not rule out the possibility that they are also enjoying the rest of the game or event and having other positive opinions. And of course they are going to voice their opinion more loudly if others are condescending to that opinion. This is a problem on BOTH sides. Calling it fair vs. unfair, elite vs. whiners or entitled, life vs. game... I don't think there's a /fair/ solution for this. out of the frying pan, into the fire.
  21. @FeathersOld alt sweetlings will remain alts and will breed alt sweets in alt scrolls. Bred alt sweetling eggs will be pink i non-alt scrolls. Alt sweet owners are also allowed to get pink sweets as cbs or from bred eggs from pink sweets.
  22. I understood it that it wouldn't have to be the sweetling that refuses but a dragon on the scroll. As with Aegis it can be any dead egg on scroll. btw. I'm liking the sweetling behaving like an Aegis a lot
  23. I like the returning holiday biome. Helps me get my missing cbs. ^^ However the every event drama is getting out of hands. And this time it's by the admin himself! Just because there is some whining about not being able to collect every sprite on site doesn't mean most of the player base does mind. I feel the upset this retirement of alt sweetling is going to stir up is far more severe than that of few cries for all the spites being collectible. In best case it would have been best never allow the alts breed true on any scroll but it's too late for that. I think the easiest and fairest would have been to make alt/non-lt sweetlings breed true on every scroll. Sure not all would have had cb alts/non-alts but they would have been able to collect at least 2nd gens. Lets just hope there will be no new drama for this event. Or on the other hand why not, I just better stock up on popcorn.
  24. I'd like an in-game trading place. I have wondered why DC doesn't have a trading place now that teleport is a thing. (I understand why it wasn't in the old "get code"-days). In-game trading place would enable trading to people that don't use the forum for what ever reason, let it be language or the pain of posting in a thread itself. I use the forum mainly for trades. I try to lurk also the old posts in the trading threads but it is really taxing. The long wish lists, (sometimes) unreasonable requests and "prize frenzy". I also wish people here would edit their posts to show if their trade is finished... With an in-game trading place these would not be such a problem (for me). And I'm sure I would use forum for specific lines I need or want.
  25. Forum name: sroo PM link List of Valentines I can breed: (valentines and kins) Valentine '09 3-4th gen checker with silver Sweetling 3-4th gen checker with silver 3rd gen checker with black, at base 1 alt sweetling (sibling to this) Rosebud 2nd gen from non-metal x2 Arsani 2nd gen from non-metal 3rd gen mint checker Radiant Angel 2nd gen from non-metal 3-4th gen checker with fever Heartstealing 2nd gen from non-metal x2 Mutamore 2nd gen from non-metal x2 Soulstone 2nd gen from non-metal x2 List of Valentines I need: (valentine and kin) any gen / checker from mint x arsani * any gen / checker from RA x fever * *The higher the better