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  1. Name: 9.5/10 (so cool) Avatar: 10/10 (it's awesome ) Siggy: 6/10
  2. Name: 8/10 Avatar: 10/10 (Adorable! And I <3 cats ) Siggy: 8/10
  3. Carrotsquad I was Going to do that but.... Just Stop Imitating Yoshi Okay ^that was a winner 😆
  4. Dont worry I'll be your balloon Lol I also really liked "This Twerking Queen" (You have hilarious names I would list more but yeah. )
  5. I am closing down the RP, everyone. I give permssion to mia to recreate the roleplay. Thanks for your patience. And thank you mia for remaking it~
  6. (I think it's fine for you to remake it. I'll have this deleted now. Hope everyone is fine with that~ )
  7. I noticed this was becoming dead ... Already? That is sad. D: Anyway. I have a very important announcement. Sadly, I will helot be able to continue this role-play. My school has restricted this website (and all of my other ones... Too) So I want be able to ever get on. I apologize to everyone.. I honestly didn't't expect this to happen. If it comes to this~I will have to stop the rp. (Hopefully it starts up again. If anyone wants to restart it, which wood be a good idea; I can copy and paste the role-play. You can also chanteys it up. This will go to the first pwrspn who messages me. (I will have to say yes though.) ) Otherwise, please try to revive it and cntinilue without me. P.s- I just don't have the time to role-play anymore. I am so sorry, everyone. I hate this just as much as you. If not a ton more '-' (also, what happened to the warrior cats rp?) ~Farewell, Enchanting