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  1. I've bred 35 pairs (some of them with just one Xeno, some with two) and got the great amount of 2 new Xenos (on their way to the AP since Saturday), 0 flow eggs, and various other results.
  2. Yeah, I didn't see a single one during the hour drop either.
  3. Has anyone seen the 7th egg dropping recently? I got the original six hours ago so I abandoned one of them to hunt for the mystic one, but now I can't see it drop anywhere.
  4. HAH! I just knew there'd be a release. Good thing I saved space for eight new lil xenos. <3
  5. Yeah, this seems to have been how they hatched Day 1! Unfortunately now, Day 2, they've still been hatching both red and blue from Midnight 'til now, so the mechanism ain't that simple. :( I've been checking the hatching sites the last hour or so, to see if maybe it's could ALSO be depending on stolen time/biome (+ the hatching time), but it doesn't seems to be that way. Like, there were two eggs that both were from Jungle, both with 3d21h left, and one hatched red, one blue... Soooo, how does this work?! Maybe it's 8 h one colour, 8 h other colour, 16 h random, then it starts again? Or every other day you can be sure of what colour you'll be getting the first 16 h, every day it's random all day long? Well, we just have to wait to find out.. at least we'll soon see the adults. Can't wait :D
  6. Yeah, so did I now so it can't depend on the time it was stolen. So your theory that it depends on hatching before/after 8 am seems to make the most sense!
  7. So, then it probably depends on when the eggs were stolen. My egg was stolen before 6 am so that's why it hatched blue despite hatching after 6 am. Those eggs that hatch red now probably were stolen after 6 am, while the eggs that hatched earlier hatched blue because they were stolen before 6 am. Hatching time doesn't matter though.
  8. Nope! Still hatched blue.
  9. So, for the sake of science I just hid my blue brilliant egg that was about to hatch. Will let it hatch right after 6 AM Cave time and see if that makes it red instead of blue. ETA my pygmy from the Desert just hatched and it's green, so following the already established pattern.
  10. Thank you for the answer! (even though it took long time before I saw it) I really appreciate it and I will try doing it that way with the May babies
  11. So, another five adults killed, and I got exactly the same result. Four disintegrations, but one who turned and I got another body type first. My first Pygmy Lindwurm. https://dragcave.net/lineage/5hQ4o
  12. 4/5 adults disintegrated 10/12 hatchies disintegrated 1/12 hatchies revived But I did get another S2 Wingless (is it just me or is it impossible to get them to stay at S1??), this lil cutie: https://dragcave.net/lineage/gUqZY 😍🥰 And I also got my first Two-Headed Sea Serpent https://dragcave.net/lineage/Dv2aj Will try another five adults later today!
  13. I got another four hatchlings and finally one adult. So in total 6/24 hatchlings and 1/11 adults. Which means I had 20% success if put together. Well, it's better than at any other time of the year!
  14. So sad the game is over and I also couldn't check to see how far my dragons got. Hope the game comes back another year!!
  15. All my five adults failed as well. For the hatchlings I got two and one was revived, but six disintegrated. At least I got these lovelies : https://dragcave.net/lineage/4MPFB ❤️ https://dragcave.net/lineage/s96gK ❤️ But since I don't I feel like I'm very lucky at the moment, I'll save the rest of the hatchlings for tomorrow and then I'll also kill five more adults and hopefully I'm more lucky then!!
  16. Well, I decided that surviving until Halloween means I won, so after their long and faithful service my Magmas, Whites and Purples got an honorable discharge. I wanted to start over with something more colorful and with no dragon feeling unappreciated or unwanted, so I ended up with this: We'll see how it goes
  17. Those mystic eggs make me so excited, can't wait to see the dragon that will come out of them! And the codes are awesome too
  18. Scroll locked for another 4 hours I know the eggs will still drop tomorrow morning but I want to grab them now!!!
  19. Wow, that's amazing! Congratulations
  20. I've bred all my Arcanas, 19 2G eggs sent to the AP
  21. I figure if our games are still running when the event ends - that means we won Since there's no other way of winning at least we can have that
  22. I basically made this, except I moved the flanks back. Hopefully that will mean the flanks are better protected (since they can't be attacked as soon as the zombies rise which often happen to those on the front line. But of course it's at the same time risky since it means that only one of my front liners have three whites to heal them. Anyway I'm at 610 and it has worked so far, but we'll see how long it lasts...
  23. My Soulpeace attacked in round 124, it did wait for the other towers to kill two zombies first though, and then it expunged the 11 remaining.
  24. I noticed a glitch. It says in the text three zombies rise at the start of the round, but it seems like only two zombies actually rise. First picture here, three zombies rise, only two are defeated, yet there is no zombie on the board though there should be one. Second picture, three zombies appear, only one is defeated, so there should be two remaining zombies, but there is only one. But of course I'm happy for this glitch because less zombies means I'll survive longer.
  25. Yeah, it's definitely a great game, so much fun Can add that now GoN was summoned for first time at round 14, but only one GoN appeared, not two. Not sure what triggered it, it may have been first time there were 5 zombies on the board (3 left from round 13 + 2 that just appeared at start of the round before the summoning) but I'm not sure.