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  1. Woohooo! Finally got some of the new eggs only the big ones though, so now I'm going pygmy hunting :D
  2. Wow, those hards are *really* hard to get. Not even at the full hour drop now I managed to get a single egg, despite clicking like crazy. They're really pretty too so I look forward to see what the dragons are gonna look like.
  3. *sigh* Five more adults killed, five more disintegrated. So today's total is 2 out of 31.
  4. So I tried to revive 5 adults and 21 hatchlings, and had the great number of 7.7% successfully turn. Two hatchlings, that is. Got my first S2 Western so that's nice, and gonna try five more adults later today. My new little zombies ❤️ ❤️ https://dragcave.net/lineage/Z2EK2 https://dragcave.net/lineage/LhSyh
  5. 0/7 zombified, 2 were revived.
  6. 1/10 here. At least I got my first Eastern! https://dragcave.net/lineage/bGN6F
  7. So sad to have missed the release and all the excitement that goes along with new eggs. I really wasn't expecting one happening last weekend. Still I've managed to get two Aqualis eggs and one Blancblacks so they don't seem to be super rare, really hope I'll get more of those pretties soon!
  8. I've sent 8ish Brute eggs to the AP. Hope to catch some of yours in a few days.
  9. So I did some killing today so I'll get my kill slots back before the 17th. Didn't think I'd have any luck but I actually got one out of five. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Drpeg
  10. 2 new Zombies, 17 disintegrates, which at least gives me a success rate of ~10% today. Got my first Wingless and Sea Serpent adults. :D https://dragcave.net/lineage/Blz04 https://dragcave.net/lineage/R4nNO
  11. I tried with 10 adults and 2 hatchies. Both hatchlings and nine adults disintegrated, but at last, at the twelvth try, I got one turned! Had about fifteen dodges while killing the second batch of adults...
  12. This event has been so much fun! I think this might be the final version of my fort :D
  13. I'm fairly happy. Got 3/10 adults to turn, 7 disintegrated. Out of 32 hatchlings, 8 turned, 2 were revived, and 22 disintegrated. So in total 25 % success, not exactly good, but could've been worse. Pygmy Wyrm! Two-Headed Amphiptere S2 Pygmy Wyvern S2 Wingless S2 Two-Headed Lindwurm S2 Wyvern S2 Lindwurm S2 Sea Serpent S1 Wyvern S1 Drake
  14. These eggs and hatchies look stunning! Can't wait to see them all grown up :D
  15. I've tried getting zombies pretty much every 31st this year, but haven't had any luck since last December. So I'm really hoping that on Halloween my unlucky trend will change… will try ten adults of different types (though I lack more than 10 so I won't be able to get all varieties yet) and have about thirty hatchlings I'll try to revive… feeling so sad when I look at the graveyard my scroll currently is, but at least it does feel very Halloween-y...
  16. Got nothing at the hourly drop despite clicking and clicking and clicking. But at the :5 drop I got me some cute little pygmies ❤️ Now just to Catch the gusty one...
  17. WOOOOHOOOO I *knew* we'd have a release today. Was kinda sad this morning when there wasn't one hahah. But now all is grand, or it'll be when I've got my hands on them new eggs
  18. Maybe it depends om what Day the egg gets it's first crack? Like, the Green hatchies had à crack already before Midnight, whereas the blue ones got their first after Midnight?
  19. I've hade four eggs (two from Coast, two from Forest) hatch green. Not too bummed about it not being biome biased varieties, this way I'll get two green adults, and freeze one s1 and one s2 hatchling. Had time to fog my two eggs from Alpine, waiting to see if eggs will hatch blue/purple after 8 AM or tomorrow… Thanks for the new eggs, spriters and TJ! I really love the hatchlings. :D Especially the pygmies, I've got a Vile Chicken and a Mean Chicken. <3
  20. Yes, now the box appears for me! Thanks! ❤️
  21. Hi, I'm having exactly the same problem, so I'll be following this thread! But one added thing - I noticed after having created the trade (I thought maybe a comment field would open up afterwards) that for my egg it now says "Wants: Caileh" As if I had put in my user name as what I want. Is it like that for you too?
  22. Omg love the new features, they're gonna be so useful. <3 Also the new eggs look super pretty, can't wait to see them all grown up! Happy birthday, DC! :D 😁
  23. Yay a new release!!! Always so exciting - thank you spriters and TJ! <3 I'm betting on a Taurus drake. There's something with that egg that makes me think of a Taurus' stubbornness (and with us just entering in the time of the Taurus sign it seems quite fitting.
  24. My Brutes didn't want to cooperate either. I take it as a good sign though - y'all must already have got so many Brutes today that the Cave's had enough! Happy Ides of March everybody!