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My ScrollAm the proud owner of a z' code leetle tree: Z'bitty TreeMy wishlist is in my profile and is up to date as of 3/8/2016

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    Any mints and purple dorsal eggs and hatchlings I have on my scroll are spoken for. Otherwise, if it is not a z code, it is up for trade and you can pm me about getting it. Interested in all z' codes, but bred ones without z' lineages and/or messy lineages will be frozen as species place holder. I am willing to breed my cbs for 2nd gens on request (2nd gen z's may take time, though).

    Wishlist: (M=CB Male, F=CB Female, G= Female Hatchling, B= Male Hatchling, C= Ungendered Hatchling, T= Genderless Hatchling. Hatchlings can be any lineage.)
    Albino (1m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Anagallis (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g)
    Balloon (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Black (1f, 1b, 1g)
    Black Capped (2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Black Tea (2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Black Tip (1m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Bleeding Moon (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g)
    Blue Banded (2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Blusang (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Bright breasted (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Brimstone (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Brute (2m, 1g)
    Canopy (1m, 2f, 1g, 1c)
    Carmine Wyvern (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Cassare (1f, 1b, 1g)
    Cheese (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Coastal Waverunner (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g)
    Copper Brown (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Copper Red (2m, 2f, 1b, 1c)
    Copper Green (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Crimson Flare (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Vine(2f, 1g)
    Dark Myst (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Daydream (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Deep Sea (1f, 1b, 1g)
    Dorsal Red (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Duotone (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Electric (2m, 1b, 1g)
    Ember (2m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Faconiform Wyvern (1b)
    Fever (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Flamingo (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Frostbite (2m, 1b, 1g)
    Gemshard Blue (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Gemshard Green (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Gemshard Red (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g)
    Gilded Bloodscale (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Glaucus (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Glory Day (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Glory Night (2m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Gold (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Golden Wyvern (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Gold-horned Tangar (2f, 1b, 1g)
    Gray (1b, 1g)
    Greater Spotted Drake (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Green (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Guardian (1b, 1g)
    Harvest (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Hellfire (1m)
    Hooktalon (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Horse (1f, 1b, 1g)
    Howler (2f, 1b, 1c)
    Ice (2m, 2f, 1g, 1c)
    Imperial Fleshcrown (2m)
    Lumina (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g)
    Lunar Herold Bronze (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Lunar Herold Gold (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g)
    Lunar Herold Navy (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g)
    Lunar Herold Silver (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Magelight Pygmy (1m, 1g, 1c)
    Magi (1m, 1g)
    Magma (2m, 2f, 1b, 1c)
    Misfit (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Moonstone (2m, 2f, 1b, 1f, 1c)
    Nebula (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Nebula Alt (2m, 2f, 1g)
    Neglected (2m, 2f, 2u, 1b, 1g, 1t, 1c)
    Neotropical (1m, 1g, 1c)
    Nhiostrife (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Nilia (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Nocturne (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Ochredrake (2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Olive (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Paper (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Pink (2m, 1b)
    Pillow (1f, 1b, 1c)
    Plated Colosses (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Purple (1b, 1g)
    Pygmy (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Pyralspite Orange (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Pyralspite Red (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Pyralspite Purple (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Red (1m, 1b, 1c)
    Red-finned Tidal (1b, 1g)
    Ridgewing (1m, 1b)
    Ridgewing alt (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Royal Blue (1m, 2f, 1g)
    Royal Red (1g, 1c)
    Seasonal Spring (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Seasonal Summer (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Seasonal Fall (2m, 1f, 1b, 1g)
    Seasonal Winter (2m, 1f, 1g)
    Seawurm (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Seragamma (2m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Silver (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Skywing (1m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Speckle-throat (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Spirit Ward (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Spitfire (2m)
    Spotted greenwing (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Stone (1m, 1f, 1g, 1c)
    Stripe Black (1b, 1g)
    Stripe Blue (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Stripe Green (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Stripe Red (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Stripe White(2m, 1f, 1g, 1c)
    Striped River (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Sunrise (2m, 1f, 1b, 1f, 1c)
    Sunset (2m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Sunsong (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Sunstone (1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Swallowtail (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Terrae (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Thunder (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Tri-horn (1m, 1b, 1g)
    Tsunami (1m, 1f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Turpentine (1g)
    Two-headed (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Lindwurm Blue (1m, 2f, 1b, 1c)
    Lindwurm Green (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Undine (1m, 1g, 1c)
    Vampire (1b, 1g)
    Water (2m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Water Walker (1m, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Water Horse (2f, 1g, 1c)
    Whiptail (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    White (1m, 1f, 1g)
    Xeno Astrapi (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Xeno Chrono (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Xeno Gaia (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Xeno Mageia (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g)
    Xeno Pyro (1m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Xeno Thalassa (2m, 2f, 1b, 1g, 1c)
    Yellow-crowned (1b, 1g, 1c)

    Alt Black Curled (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Alt Black Sitting (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Alt Vine (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Alt Undine (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Avatar of Change (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Avatar of Creation (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Avatar of Destruction (1b, 1c)
    Geode (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Hellhorse (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Shallow Water (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Soulpeace (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Bluna (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Ultraviolet (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Tinsel Bronze (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Tinsel Gold (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Tinsel Silver (1b, 1g)
    Shimmer Bronze (1b, 1g)
    Shimmer Gold (1b, 1g)
    Shimmer Silver (1b, 1g, 1c)

    09' (1g, 1c)
    Rosebud (1c)
    Heartseeker (1b, 1c)
    Arsani (1g, 1c)
    Radiant Angel (1c)
    Heart Stealing (1g, 1c)
    Mutamore (1b, 1c)
    Pumpkin (1g)
    Marrow (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Shadow Walker (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Cave Lurker (1b)
    Grave (1b, 1g)
    Desipis (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Caligene (1b, 1g, 1c)
    Holly (1g)
    Yulebuck (1c)
    Ribbon Dancer (1c)
    Wrapping Wing (1c)
    Solstice (1g, 1c)
    Mistletoe (1g, 1c)
    Aegis (1b, 1c)

    Chicken (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Dino, Blue (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Dino, Green (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Dino, Purple (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Dino, Red (2u, 1t, 1c)
    Dino, Yellow (2u, 1t, 1c)

    Am The Proud Owner Of a Z'Leetle Tree.

    CB 'z' Holidays: I am listing what I HAVE here:
    Desipis (2m)
    Caligene (2m, 2f)
    Mistletoe (2f)
    Aegis (2m (1 calm, 1 enraged)
    Heartstealer (2f)

    I am interested in all 2nd gens with cb z code parents (2 different breeds).

    Naming theme: There are a few exceptions to these rules, but they are rare.
    Z'ombie/Z'ombies at beginning: CB (Names will usually seem random or seem to describe species)
    Z' at beginning: Not CB (Names will try to follow naming pattern of one or more parent)