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  1. That would be an honor :] Let's see what will Sharly say.
  2. Um, I do want a colored one though. Well, I understand the situation and I can wait until you get enough time to finish it, just take you time then. Thanks for doing all this :]
  3. HAHA Like this! Gaia must wanna kill Grave for 1000 times.
  4. I bet a normal size Xeno must be like 4 times of a blusang... It's pretty cool
  5. Thank you! I wonder do you know Nightwing? Well, it is like the bird version of Nightwing.
  6. Wow, it's fantastic! I wonder if I can also ask for a blue robin (have the color blue and black) holding two steel sticks in its claws, fighting?
  7. Oh, my, your work is fascinating! May I ask for a full color Xerneas?
  8. I want one! Username: Selina616earth What you want me to draw: Blusang and Chrono full colour Position: doing physics Emotion: get a little anxious as they're solving a quite difficult problem Extra: a little TARDIS maybe? Ref: nope
  9. woo, they are awesome:] Could you do a sprite that a blusang and a chrono staring at each other?
  10. Did any of you get errors when breeding? Check this out, guys. https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=169476
  11. I use the names of the Cthulhu mith.
  12. I guess they can use magic to fly. Will they be gods and godneses of the 6 areas
  13. They're amazingXD I wanna see what will going on with XENOWYRMS when they meet each other:]
  14. I prefer the second one, sorry I didn't inform you earlier... It's perfectXD
  15. Great, do you mind add some Blue flowers? Looking forward to see the finished work!
  16. Like grassland and sky with little details?
  17. Oh, I forgot to ask, can you do simple background?
  18. It actually come from this dragon http://flightrising.com/main.php?dragon=11039857 There's a bigger image in her profile, I'd like light purple which is closer to blue. You don't have to stick to the image though, just do what you like and what is easier for you to do :]
  19. Hey Sammy, Can you do my OC? She is like my avatar with purple eyes and Prussian blue suit. Cheers and have a nice day! P.S. Can you post it on Tumblr when finished, I have some trouble opening dA.....Thanks!
  20. Yes, that's good enough. Maybe her tail could be longer and there's also a pair of wings on her tails. Further payment will be sent once I'm unlocked:]
  21. I highly recommended prepaid unless that guy is someone you know though..... Some guys....well, are tough.
  22. Great! I would like a dragon Sketch for Erm, I would like a more snake style, like Blusangs. I can send you a tan ATM, but I really want a colored one, but I am locked due to the new eggs.....Is that okay that I breed you more rares you want when I'm unlocked?
  23. CB means Cave Born, which have no lineages.
  24. Hmm, it looks awesome, I now own a tan hachie and I can breed PB Blusangs if you want, I wonder do you draw dragons which are not from DC?