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Always willing to trade anything for Blusangs!My wish list is in my profile.Always happy to meet some Star Trek/HP/Doctor Who/Marvel/SCP Foundation/Night Vale fans :]Greetings to all the translators of the foundation!也向中国的伙伴致敬!tumblr_o5qfi454aI1tsmbvoo1_400.jpg3499s75.jpg Ewiglina_24.png 25k56cl.gif

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    Hi, there! I'm Selina.
    You can chat with me in both English and Chinese:]

    ~My wish list~
    Always in need of Blusangs and nebulas.(CB, or PB non-inbreed checker)
    Never say no to something looks great to eat( chess) and paper.
    Chickens and Dino
    CB sunsong to make my lineage
    Shallow walkers are beautiful
    Golds, silver and copper
    Prize dragons with nice lineage or low gen
    Alt vine and alt black
    Holly with nice lineage or children of the one coded " DrWho"
    Low gen thuwed
    Beautiful holiday dragons
    BSAs indeed

    For now:]