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  1. My family has always been big on plants, though I never got the chance to grow my own by myself until recently. I got three tiny little pots by my kitchen window that I'm super proud of! I have strawberry, chili, and tomato. I need to switch them out very soon though, they might be getting too big.

  2. I have quite a few subs I like to frequent, though lately I find myself hanging out at r/all and reading news and such. I do post occasionally, but very rarely. I like how there's so many little groups or clubs, reddit is good at making little cult followings I think.

  3. Does anybody have any idea why I'm a level 28 dragonborn with just two dragons spawned in all the time I've played


    Skyrim plz give me dragons



    I barely even fast travel, I like to explore and find places. I mostly fast travel to turn in quests and ditch stuff in whiterun.

  4. Sooo, apparently we can do this? I'll explain the eggs I made.


    user posted image

    The first one, as many guessed, is a Rose Quartz egg from the hit cartoon Steven Universe. When I first saw/heard Rose in the episode Lion 3: Straight to video, I fell in love with her character. And of course when I was asked to make an egg, I had to make a reference to Rose. Originally I had made the egg switch between all of the gems (Rose, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst), though unfortunately my computer died (aka bluescreened) just as I was finishing it up, and I was too tired to make it again. Glad you guys like it and got the reference, though!


    user posted image

    The second one was actually just an experiment on playing with spriting textures, though it turned out better than expected. Added some bubbles, and huzzah, a deepsea egg!

    Ah dude it's a gorgeous design.


    Steven universe gets to me so much, I cry so much.



  5. I solemnly swear that I, K4121X, will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission.


    I randomly started getting tons of views, not sure how blink.gif


    Thankfully, there hasn't been any harm to them at all. But it's still a surprise!

  6. what do you guys recon were the TES VI gonna be set, it is either gonna be Elsweyr, Summerset Isle, Black Marsh or Valenwood, cause we have had a game focused around Highrock & Hammerfell (TES II), Cyrodiil (TES IV), Skyrim (TES V), Morrowind (TES III), what do you guys think?

    I am lvl 9 (nearly lvl 10) in ESO, i might try out PvP when i can.

    I have absolutely no idea, I just want it NOW. Heck, I might just end up buying a new console for it. The only recent console I have is my 3DS, and even then they took out the NEW 3DS some time ago dry.gif


    Elsweyr would be nice. I like Khajit, though I'm an Elder Scrolls noob and don't know much other than Skyrim...which I still play at least once a week to this day...