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  1. Just hatched a few eggs the other day! Trying to sell them as I am running out of lair space lol Prices range from 5k to 10k~ Fem/Orange/Green/Brown - 5K Fem/Platinum/Ice/Coal - 5k Fem/Coal/Black/Rose - 10k
  3. Lol inorite? *Peels his abs off and glues them on you* Heck'a yeah XDDD It's true! I have found much inspiration from Slater's hoomanz so there will be similarities somewhere in the mix~ especially their shoes/outfits/everything my god- *le faint* DSFALSDOJKFSDFJ Thank you all for your lovely comments! o/////////o *Dives into a ball pit and hides* I live here now... Also LOOL Spatio plz, what straight lines? He's anything but- //smacked into Mt. Doom// I think Amaze better describes your art anyways <3 3 <3 hummana hummana~
  4. Link to hatchie here Link to hatchie here Couple of Imperial hatchies for sale. I'm selling them for 10K each~
  5. Thought I'd post a humanz before heading to bed. Just my OC sitting on a box of TNT moments before it explodes and blows him into fun sized chunks of flesh~ (There are so many proportional things wrong here but I can only fix them on the pc now T 3 T *sigh* )
  6. SURETAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! LOL hi bby <333 Also plz, everything I post is sad that is why it makes you cry //ming// I really need to do some new stuff. These pics I'm going to post are all over a month old at least ;;;;;;;;;; HALP- Ohshi---- *Seals every well in the world* You stay in there and think about what you've done creepy ghost child! D:< Amg, I wasn't watching you either. I must have been on high on paint fumes or somthin. *Quickly corrects this* So much pretty art for me to enjoy in the future now. Also, I love the way you draw wings! They're le fabulous~
  7. Ooooo pretty drag! They almost look like they're in tribal style! Which makes it even more awesome!!
  8. Whoaaaaaa!! Nice drawing!! The eyes and mouth are done exceptionally well, but the rest of the body doesn't seem to be as consistent in terms of detail. Perhaps if you lengthened one arm off the page and brought his pant line up to the bottom of his chest that might help. Also- Hi 8D <33
  9. Looool well I suppose I should put IRL animals as a weakness too, I don't really draw them that often ^3^;;; But yes, I completely agree. Landscapes and foreshortening can just GTFO-- (I do want to work on them though especially if I'm going to be comic-ing anything OTL;; akjfaksjdkfljsdkf Mage plz, you it is you are perf! *Throws you into a pile of skittles* Slater? Who is this Slater you are talking about....*COUGHCOUGH* <3<;; >3>;;
  10. I doodled this about two months ago at work and was considering making it a DC concept. //Strokes chin//....Lol I kidding I'm too lazy--
  11. -To-Do List- So many things and nothing all at once //cry
  12. Gluten tag!! (edited to protect those with a certain allergy) I am here on a quest to find motivation to draw/sketch/fingerpaintwithblood/etc as I have been in a slump for the past few months. Hopefully this thread will put me back on track with my desire to draw and reteach me how to use a pencil again...cuz I dun forgot :B derp! -Abilities- Specialty: Dragons/Creatures/Humans Weakness: Everything~ (buildings and foreshortening especially *tableflip---*) -Status- Requests: Not at the moment. Perhaps I'll open a few later o u ob Commissions: Same situation as requests.....*Ju
  13. "We take our 'Service with a Smile' quite literally here. Enjoy!" "Waiter, there is a piece of chicken in my fly soup!"
  14. Slater died from shock when they saw an episode of Supernatural where Dean refused to eat a pie.
  15. To Path Light I giveth ye a fruit bat.
  16. Path Light died when they saw their own reflection in a lake and drowned trying to save themselves.
  17. In Soviet Russia cheese grates you!
  18. "Of course there is. Your soup was on 'Sail' after all. //drumrollplz" "Waiter, there is a human head in my soup!"
  19. Post a link to your favorite song.
  20. In the toes of Pota of course. When I stick my fingers in my ears I can't hear anything, but when I stick my fingers in my eyes I can hear just fine. Why is that?