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  1. I'm sorry but I will have to sign out of this RP. Sorry for not getting here sooner but Life has kept me from it. I hope you all have a wonderful time and sorry again.
  2. Damia coldly accepted the room. It would be good to sleep somewhere dry tonight. The next morning she rose and came back down into the tavern. She would need to be on her way soon ==================== Sargoth thought for a moment. "There's a secluded island North of here. There's a cassare village there. They don't like visitors but if they see a problem is dangerous they will send some of their people. Like I said they don't like visitors. I accidentally teleported there once and had to go through three hours of questioning before they deemed me safe."
  3. Damia watched the man slowly open the bag, spill it's contents, and stare unimpressed at them. "The pay," she echoed, "is none of your concern. This gold ring will do for now," she said snatching it off the table. "I was supposed to meet my employer on that road but he has tricked me as you can see. I wouldn't suppose you want any nasty business done?" ============= "Only that he is a dragon lord named Dracul, he had tricked you to go after someone Axle so that he can get rid of him and take over Shadow Wind. He even had a human try to kill my your friend and her family." Sargoth recited carefully.
  4. ((Sorry for the long time no see will try to do better.)) ======================== The man grabbed the bag before Damia could reach it. His threat made her more anxious and eager to get out of the inn. But then she noticed the people had drained from the inn and even the innkeeper wasn't in sight. Oh well if he opened the bag at least she could get away or stab him. "Go ahead," she said in a mocking voice fingering a hidden knife. ======== Last night had been a success. Sargoth's revenge and belly was full to the brim. Now he was awake and chewing on some grass to settle his stomach from the overdose of human. He hoped that he had pleased his leader.
  5. *Bounds out of pool* ME ME!! *spots flaming pillows of death* Aaaaaaahhhhhh!! Changed my mind* *Flees*
  6. Damia cursed, she had been tricked. The smug look on the man's face made her want to plunge a knife into him but she was too far away from the door and there were too many people. "I guess your not my client," she said. She edged towards the bag, if he opened it it would reveal her true identity. ((Hey Rider it might make things interesting if you did open it, just suggesting)) ====================== Sargoth focused on the camp. Slowly a circle of stone began rising from the ground around. With the Magi's help the wall grew higher and higher preventing any escape. Rising into the air Sargoth created a hedge of thorny bushes inside the wall. Just as he came close he blew a fire ball into the bushes. The bushes crackled and burst into flame as Sargoth flew past and started on the massacre.
  7. Sargoth sent a message to the hoard leader, "Just give me the word sir and those walls will be up in no time." =========================== Damia wrinkled her nose as she stepped into the tavern. It stunk of sweat and ale. Without diverting her gaze from the counter she found the man sitting at a table in the back. Slowly she edged over to his table and flung the small black bag with the finger and ring in it. "I want my pay you scum," she hissed.
  8. Sargoth smiled, "Aye sir, with a magi I could bring a wall up as tall as their buildings in five minutes or less. " ======================= Damia cursed, she had been tricked. She decided to follow the young man instead of the girl. A smile spread across her face as he exited a shop with a large, jingling bag. Creeping behind him she followed him to a smelly tavern of sorts.
  9. Sargoth sighed, he didn't like revealing weaknesses but the Vultures were like a pack sooo.... "I tend to get battle fury and I'm susceptible to other dragon's magic such as mind controlling and such. If it is basic I can block it with stone walls. I can breath fire but that's all. He paused, "So where are we going?" ((All Damia knows is that she is standing in shadows trying to find her "employer"
  10. *Standing by pool* *throws a dozen pillows* *A pillow from the cannon hits me* Oof! *Falls in pool*
  11. Sargoth cocked his head smiling slightly. "My powers aren't unique or extraordinary but I can survive." Without breaking his glance away from the blue dragon he imagined the tree standing beside him. Vines curled quickly around the tree. It creaked and groaned for a second then the vines uprooted it, then grew taller, then threw the tree deep into the forest. ============================== Damia looked surprised when she saw her "employer". Two people stood in the street, one a woman with a mint dragon at her feet. She looked at the landmarks. This was the place. "A gold ring, a ghost flying, I wish to see the money," she said from the shadows.
  12. *Grabs several pillows* *Throws them at everyone* Hey you guys! There's food and drinks over there *points at table* If you need any! *ducks as a million pillows fly my way*
  13. Damia smiled, the crowds had vanished making it easier to find her man. Dawson was easy to find, just go to a local tavern, buy a beer for a drunk, and ask questions. She stood waiting outside his door a mere shadowy ghost against the building. Dawson was a busy body that had seen too much. He would be coming this way so he could haunt his favorite bar. Finally, footsteps. She leaned back poised like a great black cat fingering her knife with her gloved hands. With a flash she had stepped out and buried her knife into the man. Shock was written all over his face as he crumpled dead to the ground. She wiped her blade on the man's tunic but retrieved her "sign." A large golden ring inlaid with rubies. Now all she needed to do was meet her employer. She melted into the shadows again leaving no sign of her being there. ============================================ Sargoth looked curiously at Bam, he wasn't telling him everything. "Alright where do I meet your leader?" he asked preparing to teleport.
  14. *Grabs pillow sword* *Charges into group* Watch out for the pillow warrior!!! *Gets knocked out by pillow from cannon* Who did that! *looks suspicious*
  15. I'm not sure if this topic belongs here or not so please correct me if I'm wrong. *Sets up table and places drinks and snacks* *Drags in a bunch of pillows and PLM (pillow life makers (you make pillow animals and such) ) *Makes sure Magic Pillow Pool is clean and running.* Okay now I just need someone to smack! *Sits down in pillow chair sipping lemonade.*
  16. Damia shrugged and continued to Windfall. No one seemed to know where that slippery Dawson was. Silently she cursed. But maybe someone in Windfall would know him. She needed to finish her business before the festival was over so she could meet her employer and receive payment. ============================ Sargoth looked amused, "Oh you mean my promise. Yes it was loud...I'm looking for a dragon named Aeolus and his hoard. I've heard they have vowed to kill all humans which is what I plan to do till I die."
  17. Sargoth continued through the woods. Maybe I should send out a message, might be easier than tromping through the forest. Just then he saw two bright lights, then he heard a voice calling out. Stealthy, the red dragon crept forward. He climbed up a tree hanging on a branch whilst he watched the group come nearer and nearer. A royal blue shouted into the darkness, two dragons lit the path, and some other dragons were sniffing the air. They would find him soon. Suddenly he dropped down into the group of dragons. "Hello there," he rumbled. "Looking for somebody?"
  18. "No, well maybe," Damia answered. "I'm looking for a human in Windfall, tall, dark-headed, goes by the name of Dawson. I need to give him a message." She stared straight into the girl's eyes, you always look someone in the eyes when your lying. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sargoth shook himself. He had teleported into a wood. Stretching his wings he slowly walked gazing at the trees. Solomos, home of the Vulture Hoard, the very dragons he was looking for. He gave a loud roar that echoed deep into the forest.
  19. One of the dragons moved away while another stood talking to a human. Good, these dragons were friendly. But they should be, after all Windfall was very close and humans and dragons lived together. Quite worrying Damia thought your safe here. Sighing she lifted her pack onto her back and grabbed the map laying on the ground. Carefully she moved into view putting on a careless expression. Windfall was close already she could see a tower rising high into the sky. Shifting her pack, Damia trudged forward. Already she had wasted time hiding when she didn't need to. She watched the dragon out of the corner of her eye as she walked towards it. Not all dragons were to be trusted, she had learned that the hard way.
  20. I believe that I am supposed to open a new thread for my works please tell me if that isn't correct. I am looking for constructive reviews, corrections, and advise. I will start off with a poem. Country Lad I am but a country lad, Left the plow in place of my dad. To fight in the war, leaving all things dear, Let war not leave a heart full of sears. Drills and sleepless nights The emotional shipping out at first light. Every soldier doubts that he will ever again, See his homeport, or his kin. At France, lands the fleet. Every man glad to have solid ground under his feet, But, gladness disappears, and sickness replaces, As doctors run through the cases. The enemy sighted at the worst time ever, To carry us away is their endeavor. We will fight them where the valley bends, God so help us to the end. The machine guns scream, and the sabers clash. Thousands of soldiers, at each other dash. Whether brave or fearful, tall or small, The enemy’s guns kill us all. After the battle, dying soldiers far and near, Leaving messages for those who are dear. Then remembering home, They breathe their last on enemy loam. Battle after battle, Not daring to leave the saddle, Neither winning nor losing this terrible war, Yet day-by-day men enter death’s door. Trenches dug, encouraged by, The enemy’s hail of bullets--you dig or die. Brother soldiers dying on all sides, Now, in peace, you hope they’ll abide. A stray bullet into my chest fate sends. Life from my body death doth rend. In my dying words I say, “God end this bloody war I pray.”
  21. ((I'm not sure I was kinda taking off of Psyduck post))
  22. ((Here goes nothing)) Cursing as she pushed branches away from her face, Damia trudged through the woods. She was supposed to be in Windfall already had it not been for that stupid accident detaining her back at the village. ==================Beforehand============================ "You're a thief! That much money for that little loaf!" The baker stood up suddenly cracking his knuckles, evidently he was the sort of man that enjoyed throwing out customers, even if it was a woman defying him. Plus her temper wasn't helping. "I'd rather starve! I bet your bread is just full of maggots!" she ranted on. The baker moved towards her to throw her out but in one swift move Damia brought her fist down on his arm. He stumbled back clutching his arm. She followed up with a backhand and a blow to the baker's ribs. An hour later she walked out of the bakery carrying a sack of bread as well as a black eye and two bruises. ===================================================== "Oh no you just couldn't stop just had to open your big fat mouth and now I'm late," she chided herself angrily pushing a branch. That's when her sixth sense kicked in telling her to hide...and quickly. She darted behind a tree just as a large group of dragons appeared less than thirty yards away. They would surely smell her from that distance. But for now they seemed occupied.