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  1. Granted, but said unicorn becomes very overprotective of you and attempts to skewer anybody who comes near you with its horn. I wish I could become invisible at will.
  2. Granted, but the result is rather boring: everything divided by zero equals zero. I wish that √(-1) was a real number.
  3. Granted. The godmodder is dead, but you become the next godmodder. I wish I won the lottery.
  4. Granted. You get so many Legend of Zelda games that they block the doors in/out of your house. The piles are too large and heavy to move, so you get stuck inside, unable to get out even for food. I wish I could play a musical instrument.
  5. You get a copper dragon figurine. It is rather pointy and sharp. You end up stepping on it. I wish I could paint well.
  6. "Maria" - West Side Story, Stephen Sondheim
  7. You get a pet, but it's rather dull and listless. Definitely no shimmer about this one. I wish... I had some cheese puffs right now.
  8. You've got one, but it mistakes you for a fish and attempts to eat you. I wish... I could shape-shift at will.
  9. "You Can't Lose a Broken Heart" - Louis Armstrong
  10. (The) Day the Earth Stood Still