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  1. Oooh - so many good TV suggestions. Rockchick - I'm totally with you. I love the Star Trek franchise, and Doctor Who.
  2. "Libella Swing" by Parov Stellar
  3. "Not While I'm Around" - from Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd
  4. (Ummmm... Sunflowers... are animals? o.O) Snake (If we're going with sunflower, then I dunno... rattlesnake)
  5. Ohmygod, yes. This. Slightly off-topic, but this is exactly what drives me nuts about the Chronicles of Narnia books, too. Like, I know Aslan is supposed to be God or whatever and he needs his soldiers to be pure and innocent (or something...), but if he's this great, powerful being, why the frak is he sending 10-year-olds into these insanely dangerous situations? With the Harry Potter books, at least, Dumbledore is supposed to be extremely human and as such extremely flawed. (Still, if it's between him and Gandalf, I'd pick Gandalf every time.)