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  1. Thank you @Jazeki Out of curiosity are CB Holly's only male? I honestly don't know since I know bred ones can be influenced.
  2. Is the holiday biome only available until 11:59 pm on Christmas?
  3. I am fine with whatever hermit crab possibilities there are Honestly I was thinking digital art instead of a sprite this time, since I have the adorable one already ^^
  4. Why don't eggs that died when bitten by vampires have the "bitten by" link? I know it is a bit silly but I'm honestly curious.
  5. I know this has been brought up before but the Halloween wall is sitting at 3d11h, how big do you think the wall is? So far I have only bred two dragons myself this year and know others mentioned holding off on breeding. Honestly I am just curious how thick the wall is, I can't really remember eggs being insta hatchable in the AP during the event week.
  6. Click on the hatchling/egg and go to its page. Find the "Show HTML/BBCode Links" link click it then copy the link appropriate for the formatting of the site you wish to post it on. I just realized you may have meant the one we dress up. I am not sure how to post them besides taking a screen shot and saving it. My apologies.
  7. I was able to get 2 of 5 zombie tries...though I made my partner watch for luck so maybe that is what did it
  8. I have seen a glitch mentioned but how do we fix it on mobile? My hatchling only kept the ghost wings and lost the pirate/HP items on it. edit: It seems the pirates are Slytherin now?
  9. *facepalm* I literally switched the two in my head.
  10. I just realized I was mistaking the witchlight description " This downy egg is hidden in brambles" for the marrow dragon egg...uhh what is the marrow description oops.
  11. I love the new costumes, I just wish we could see them all to begin with I want to go crazy dressing up my hatchling!
  12. Is anyone else compulsively refreshing their DC pages even though they are also egglocked, just found a ToT treat (or have them all), and still on cooldown to find candy for the hatchling?
  13. No vampires are not dropping in the Halloween biome. It is assumed that since you can get a CB bitten vampire that they did not get added.
  14. Is there a completed list of the ToT treats for this year?
  15. Just like how we visit other dragons and it gives us a candy, the dragon we visit gets a a candy to. So some hatchlings visited you!
  16. Trick-or-treat! Because I'm quirky. Really enjoying this event and hunting for the old Halloween as CB's ^^ honestly I never got all the mates I needed to breed my Halloweens from last year due to college ^^;
  17. I see all four of the wizard costumes?? Three were in the store and one popped up in my inventory.
  18. WIZARD hatchlings!! *squee*
  19. Grave and Marrow dragons seem to be very popular for this advent, at least out of the other hatchlings I have seen trick-or-treating.
  20. Ħαʌɛ CB Caligene: Teleport Link ˩σσκιиɢ Ғσя CB Halloween before 2014, or any Halloween offer.
  21. Skwerl! I love seeing seeing all of your art! I didn't realize you had a site before this and was looking at it, glad to know you x3 Would it be too much to potentially ask about another hermit crab piece?
  22. I like the net 20, I miss DnD now.
  23. Does the Halloween Biome not refresh on the hour marker? I swear it did not refresh at 1pm or 2pm (EDT).
  24. Those moments when you grabbed 2 CB's for two of the three Halloweens you were on DC on accident I should be better at remembering descriptions for them.
  25. Return of Halloween past!?! Well I know what I am doing while also working for the next week. *readies Halloween hunting outfit with a sweater*