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  1. I managed to grab everything but a Frill, but I managed to nab two Arias so I'm happy. Now to use what few Reds I have to incubate my new babies :3 So, I know we haven't seen the adults yet but I wonder what the names are gonna be for the new ones.
  2. Ah ok so I haven't gotten them yet. Explains why the Jungle has been so busy Thanks guys.
  3. So I think I got one of each new dragon, but I am not sure. what are the egg descriptions for the Arias and Frills? Maybe I grabbed one and didn't know it
  4. So happy to see all the new improvements to the site, but I'm most excited about the return of the retired breeds. I loved the Frills and was so sad to hear I couldn't get them. Ok enough talk, I gotta go get some! Thank you TJ, artists and spriters!
  5. All requests are caught up on. Let me know if any edits are needed.
  6. I got a Shiba Inu vibe from the little we saw of it. Probably this games Lillipup/Zigzagoon. Also decided I'm gonna pick Popplio. The design has grown on me :3
  7. I think you mean Falconform and accepted edit: requests have been delayed due to real life, but they will be done soon I promise.
  8. *grabby hands* Gimme gimme! Made my day that you included my avatar baby in there :3
  9. XY got me into the competitive mindset so that's my only reason for hating the type combo For a regular playthrough having a flying type right off the bat will certainly help if it can learn FLY later on. Honestly, I'm hoping they keep the Soaring bit that was brought in in ORAS. Obviously not just using Latio or Latias, but at least some flying pokemon. I enjoyed it.
  10. I'm going to make a solid bet on Water/Fairy for Popplio and Fire/Dark for Litten. I sincerely hope Rowlets type changes as it evolves cause that typing of grass/flying is.....bad Maybe Grass/Psychic?
  11. To each their own I guess I admit I didn't really take to any of them either but I always judge what pokemon I pick based on their evolutions. It always seems to be that the pokemon everyone dislikes gets the cool looking final evolution (looking at Froakie, Treecko, etc...) As far as the legends, I think the lion looks pretty cool, not totally sold on the bat. But I am really happy to see that the Hawaii theory panned out, the region looks really nice from what we've seen.
  12. I'm keeping away from YouTube vids with reported leaks just cause I don't wanna like a fake design and be disappointed later However, very anxious to see what news we are getting come the 10th, hopefully our first look at the starters and the legends, I'll take either or.
  13. Ok I'm hoping I'm all caught up now. If I missed a request or if you need edits let me know!
  14. YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS! I was really hoping we would get them. Now I have more pokemon to SR for
  15. All requests to this point are accepted. So I can catch up on requests I won't be taking any more. I will update this thread with completed requests and say when I will take requests again.
  16. Ok, 2 requests are done! The rest are soon to follow. If anything needs changing please let me know!
  17. Theres a new registration window May 4th to the 8th. Mark your calendars!
  18. bumping my babies. All are still available.
  19. All requests are accepted. Haven't been around too much but will have spare time later this week to catch up on them, promise :3
  20. I rather like the purple additions. New babies for sale, pay what you like, and if you exalt them please name them first. Thats all I ask. I have a few new babies to sell, pay what you like.
  21. Accepted! Should be done by tomorrow :3
  22. Ok, all requests have been caught up on and my laptop is back, so I'll be taking requests again!