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  1. Well I bred what few babies I could, hopefully they get loving homes :3 Also got a lot of refusals but we won't go there >_>
  2. I saw the video and while it took a bit to get going I found it pretty interesting (theory videos are always something I enjoy watching just to see if it has any significance) and while it certainly does fit together, it does seem a bit too deep. Its a super neat theory and if it comes true then yay (and boohoo cause I don't want it to end) and if not then its still a cool theory. But I guess we'll all find out in a few months right?
  3. Accepted. I'm out of town today so it may not be done for a few days.
  4. I......I want them...... Also I bought Contour but forgot I already used a Contour on the dragon I bought it for Anyone want to buy it? I'll do a discount of 145000. And finally the Light flight blessed me with a pretty baby. Shes gonna undergo some major modifications (my poor wallet T_T)
  5. Though certainly situational, I found that I really like it on Spirals with the circuit gene. I intend to buy it for this guy. I'd show what it looks like but I dunno how to do the preview.
  6. Your request is done! If its too big let me know. Ended up using a boxed version cause it looked a bit better but I can do another without it if you like.
  7. Accepted! Will have it done by tomorrow :3
  8. I'm one of the players who really doesn't care about getting items so this sort of thing doesn't bother me. I just like breeding my dragons to make pretty babies Speaking of pretty babies....Got some for sale! Pay what you like.
  9. Request completed. Let me know if theres anything you want changed.
  10. We have some new news! Link is here--->2 new pokemon
  11. Sold! Happy you like him, I really like how his colors came out. I may do that pairing again to see what I get, both babies turned out really pretty.
  12. One sold, one left! Offer what you like and if exalted please name him first.
  13. I don't mind the abundance of Psychics to be honest. Its a good type for a pokemon to have. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what new legends we get besides the title pokemon. Obviously Magearna is gonna be one. I want to see a Dolphin still, maybe we'll get a dolphin legendary?
  14. The typings are certainly interesting, but having 2 psychics as legendaries is still pretty neat. I do agree that the Sun legend being weak to fire is a little weird but from the tech-y vibe I feel like the two legends emit, maybe its a plot point for the game.
  15. I have 2 Nocturne babies for sale. I think they are really pretty but I would like to see if anyone is interested in them. Offer what you like, and if you do exalt them please name them first.
  16. Be happy to help. I'm online here almost constantly so I'll likely be here, just shoot me a pm when you do come on. And I don't need anything in return, I'm happy to help (besides I have all the legends already anyway )
  17. I couldn't resist, every now and then I get a naming scheme that gives me a chuckle and this was one of em :3 One of my own Undine babies new owners kept the naming scheme too, that made me happy. http://dragcave.net/lineage/iyYMc
  18. I dunno what horse that is....but I want it.....NOW. Just started on the Blue horse and shes doing very well. Got a few foals waiting in the wings to try but couldn't resist trying the blue filly.
  19. I didn't until yesterday. Hes mature now but he is....not very good for me. I'm gonna try and get him a good filly to breed with and get a decent one. I'm working on The Witch horse right now, shes doing pretty good. ps love the name Lythiaren, made me chuckle
  20. Wholeheartedly agree, this game is so addicting and yet so frustrating all at the same time I find that I do better with Middle or Closer horses. Though of all the fancy horses I like the Fire one, the one that the Money guy has. Hope to be able to get a decently bred one that looks like that.
  21. I would think that the Water dragons would count as a Leviathan, but I dunno. So I've seen all the new adults, and though none of them scream "OMG they are so pretty!" I like them all. I am, however, loving the fact that Drakes are getting some love because of the new dragons. The back stories that you guys provided was really nice too. Makes me hope one day I can do the same for one of my concepts Overall I loved the event and can't wait to see what is in store for us in the future.
  22. For Probopass I believe you need to level it up in the Electric cave in XY, the place where you find Klink. In ORAS, you have to level it up in New Mauville. For the Hitmon pokemon you have to evolve Tyrogue. But, if you have any sort of internet connection I do own all 3 so I can trade them to you. Same applies for the Kanto birds.
  23. I don't have a living dex but I'd be happy to assist you! I have almost all legends so if you need any of them I have em, and maybe some of the other pokemon you need. Let me know ok?
  24. Request is done. Let me know if anything needs fixing!
  25. It may just be my eyes but did Two Headed Lindwurms get darker in color? I don't remember the Forest variant being that dark. Again I may just be crazy, its entirely possible.