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  1. I guess it wouldn't really be a Hawai'i based pokemon game without a living Lei At least it looks cute
  2. New pokemon! Gotta say I am LOVING the new horse. Having it be the type it is makes a lot of sense too.
  3. Sorry for the wait. If anything needs changing let me know.
  4. Took me forever but I made a full Maccao getup. The Shiny beetles were a pain in the neck to find.....But I look fabulous c Decided to main the Bow this time, working out pretty well.
  5. Just a reminder that a new registration window opened today! If you haven't signed up yet now is your chance!
  6. That's really quite creative. Asked for a ping on that Cotton Candy baby Also, wanted to ask an oddball question here. I managed to find a regular Manticore during digging today. I went to the AH to see what they were going for and holy crap they are expensive, like 700000! Are they really that hard to get a hold of?
  7. Accepted, I'll get to it in the next few days. Got a few requests done. Per the norm if anything needs changing just let me know.
  8. oooh yes I'd love to see what the new fossil pokemon look like. I think I'd like to see a raptor perhaps? I know technically Archeops can be seen as a raptor but I always saw it as an Archeopteryx, i mean the name is right there
  9. Accepted. I'm rather busy the next few days so it may not be until the weekend for this request and the previous to be finished.
  10. I mained Dual Blades and the Light Bowgun when I played 4, so I'm considering trying a different weapon this time. I'd like to try a Bow and maybe the Insect Glaive. Also the new monsters are preeeeeetty, makes me guilty to kill them....for like a second
  11. Neither of the new pokemon really.....look good to me. Of course I've changed my mind in the past but unless they get good evo's or are available early ingame I don't think I'm gonna use them. Something that I'm interested about is the new "amie" I mean its clearly not the Amie we see in XY so I wonder what sort of changes we can expect to see.
  12. I need to make room for some new blood in my lair so I'm selling dragons who I no longer need but don't really want to exalt. I'll list a few of them here. They have familiars so pm me if you want them, its pay what you want. Taifu Kogo
  13. Request is done. If anything needs changing let me know.
  14. That should totally be a ToO creature. I'll even make a thread for it.
  15. A new registration window has been announced! It starts July 18th and ends July 22nd. edited list below
  16. I think I fixed it, please let me know if you still can't see it.
  17. So back in 2012, I was in my last semester of college. I decided to take a creative writing course, and we were tasked with writing a short story based upon a still picture of our choosing. I decided to pick a still picture of the game Journey. I knew nothing about the game at that point but decided that I would buy it. To this day Journey is one of my top 3 favorite games out there. So, I decided that I would try to challenge myself a bit, and try to take a game that used no spoken language whatsoever and write the story out. Obviously Journey is not owned by me and I have no intentions of publishing this anywhere, this was just for fun. I only have the first chapter written out now, but I'd like to do the whole game. Please feel free to read this, or not, its up to you. If you don't know the game this might not make too much sense, but if you have played it please give it a look. Journey (Chapter 1: The Beginning)
  18. Really? Cause I thought that it did. To be honest I think an ability like this should have been brought in a bit sooner. I kinda like it as it is but hopefully if it does evolve it will look as neat.
  19. On the topic of the completed list, I saw a few dragons were missing so maybe they will be released this month? Problem is I can't remember what they were, but I know one of them was a 2 headed. Regardless after the birthday release I wasn't upset by the lack of a June release, but am super excited to see what else is in store for the year
  20. Accepted. Will get to it tonight or tomorrow.
  21. Request is done, if anything needs editing let me know.
  22. Oh I got that too. I wanted to try a new breeding linage with a few of my CB holidays and it bit me in the rear. Oh well