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  1. I'll take part, I can breed what few things I have :3
  2. Eh looking at it I think I agree Vixen, stick to the straight. The way the wing is positioned it would probably look straight anyway.
  3. One thing I'm noticing is that the top of the wing membrane at the top of the sprite has a long straight line that could maybe be segmented a bit? I didn't notice it at first but now that I see it I can't unsee it Other than that I think its good to go.
  4. So I'm gonna pop in again and say a little bit. Just because there are artists who are working on doing updates for the vampires doesn't mean that they will be implemented, that decision lies solely with TJ. If I remember right the silver update thread sat around for a long time before it was used for updating them. If Tj really thinks that the Vampires are ok as they are, then they won't be touched. And to me, having slightly updated anatomy is not going to be the end of the world. But, everyone is entitled to their own opinions so I won't say someone is right or wrong, its just how I feel. Ok I'm done. But, if I had to chose, I would pick either Vixendra or Shokomon's version just because it keeps the essence of the original. Spatio your stuff is amazing as always but I think I prefer sticking to the original pose of the incave version.
  5. If you have treasure to gene it, then YOLO. Otherwise, sell it edit: Pretty. The secondary makes her wings stand out
  6. I dunno, something about them makes me think they are gonna be.....out there, especially the leader. Can't put my finger on what it is but he just looks a little nuts. So, we are supposed to be getting new news today if I remember right, or do you think the news we got yesterday was it?
  7. I suppose the question is whether or not pokemon who's evolutions have type changes will have pre evolutions with the same type. For Vulpix and Sandshrew we were shown them at the same time as their evolutions, but for Raichu and Marowak we didn't. That begs the question of whether or not Cubone and Pikachu will get the type change too. I think it would be silly not to, but its a little odd that they didn't show Cubone or Pikachu alongside their evos.
  8. So did anyone notice that the sea cucumber who pukes out his insides literally has puke in its name >_> All hail Game Freak puns Loving the look of the new pokemon we were shown, new and Alolan. I always liked Meowth so this just gives me a new excuse to use it, I'm sure Persian is gonna look awesome! As far as Pikachu goes, I wonder if they are gonna give it an Alolan form. I mean, its the series mascot, do we think that GF would be brave enough to risk changing it?
  9. I'm just waiting for GF to throw a curveball at us. Watch Litten be 4 legged and we'll all STILL hate it I think no matter what they end up looking like I'm sticking to Popplio, unless its final evo is, like, god awful
  10. I'm really hoping that we get to see the finals soon, this waiting is murder on the nerves.
  11. I'm hesitant to believe it, and in regards to the fossil pokemon, what they are doesn't typically have anything to do with the region its based off of. I mean there weren't t rexes in france >_>
  12. So I may as well hop on the bandwagon. I think that an update on the Vampires is a nice idea, but if it ultimately doesn't happen its not gonna crush me. I think that a complete overhaul may not be needed, but maybe getting improved anatomy on what is here is a good idea.
  13. I wish that Ninetales ability was different, even if it does suit the type. Wonder what the hidden ability will be. I am happy they made it part fairy though, a new type combination is always a nice thing. And OMG that faaaaace on Exeggutors tail.....you are right that can't be topped
  14. So Exeggutor looks kinda weird but I supposed it fits with the Hawai'i theme. I'm not ashamed to say I cried a little at Vulpix and Ninetails, I wanted a mega for it but I will gladly take what they gave us. Kinda got mixed feelings on the new "moves". But, the apparent new challenge in regards to the gyms seems interesting.
  15. Haven't been paying much attention to the prowler quests. I've been doing them but they aren't my cup of tea. I'm only just starting lvl 4 quests. I think I'm gonna farm the Malefestio (the bird thing, dunno if I spelled it right) Love the look of the armor it gives you.
  16. I figured out I wasn't far enough along to mine them, I haven't reached the Volcano yet I did at least get some better armor, made from monkeys......eeeeevil monkeys.
  17. I even named them similar. He's Ichigo and shes Kiichigo Once shes fully gened I can't wait to see what babies they create.
  18. Fluffy I bought your pretty red boy. As it turns out I hatched a lovely mate for him a month ago. They'll make lovely red babies :3
  19. Anyone know when you start getting armor sphere +? The stinking Nibelsnarf and Khezu keep kicking my butt and I want to upgrade my armor but I haven't been able to get the spheres or the materials to make them.
  20. Loving the number of locations in the game, and that they brought back monsters I haven't seen in a long time.
  21. I can remember all the fuss over when the gen 6 finals were leaked/released, whoooo boy did people not like Delphox Was kinda funny to see since I was one of the oddballs who liked it. But I do hope we get something different for the evos.
  22. To be honest I don't trust anything that is "leaked" unless Serebii thinks the leak is credible, they are usually pretty good about that. That being said, the thought about the gym system would certainly be interesting.