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  1. Apparently you are able to. A website I frequent says you can encounter pokemon in the sky, but I dont' know if they mean actual battles or if they are just there. I know there are some pokemon you can run into in the sky, but battles I'm unsure of.
  2. Seems like its the Lati twins only, but we haven't seen anything to say otherwise. And seeing as how we are flying on them in their mega form, I think it will be exclusive to them
  3. I dunno, it seemed to me you could go high or low, but I might be imagining it. Its funny, it reminds me of flying on a staraptor or the Lati twins in the last Ranger game.
  4. I can kinda understand not having trainer customization in the new games since they are remakes, and the characters (Brendan/May) already had preestablished fashion styles. With X and Y they were completely new characters so they could change if we wanted them to. This probably isn't making any sense but it does in my mind, I just can't write it