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  1. Hey Fluffypillow! I thought I'd show you the first babies of the dragon I bought from you! If anyone is interested in the send a CR, they are 10k each Male: Female: Female:
  2. Please click my babies and I'll click yours!
  3. So this is semi related, but I saw the trailer for the new anime. Does Ash seem....younger? He definitely looks different. Also what do you guys think about the starters getting split evolutions? Beyond what I said prior it seems to be a recurring rumor I've heard because of Rockruff's split evolution.
  4. Something I wonder about is the starter evos. A while back it was said that Rockruff and the starters had some common secret, so I wonder if the starters will have different evos for each time of day? That would be interesting to see.
  5. I'm in Water myself. I don't really know why I picked it, but I know I like the look of our lord and master the Tidelord
  6. I don't think family trees exist in FR. I know I don't when I buy dragons, but there are some who look at the length of a lineage (only if it involves purebreds or gen ones and gen 2s.)
  7. Little love boop. Still happy to make little banners for anyone interested!
  8. Figured its been a little bit since I went though the list and I'm happy to see some of my favorites are missing (at least I hope to be happy, if they are released ) Aine, Blueflame Galaxy, Dracanthrope, Grace, Lotus, Silver Wyvern, Utopia.
  9. this is just from my own experiences but others may have something else to say. --long lineages don't seem to matter unless they are purebred, as in they are descended from 2 gen ones of the same breed up until themselves. Otherwise, short lineages are favored by some, so gen ones and gen 2's are popular. --common searches I see are for dragons with 2 of the same colors as either their primary, secondary, or tertiary color, or having the same color for all 3. Dragons like this tend to cost more, especially newer colors. --rare genes are the gem genes typically, or genes from Baldwins brew like Skink and Toxin. Right now Petals, Butterfly, and Glimmer are in high demand, especially if a dragon has all 3. As for breeds, Wildclaws are hardest to get, with Coatls, Nocturnes and Imperials being one tier down. --I currently have a hatchery so getting dragons to breed for that is typically what I do. Other than that, I work on raising dragons for exalting to get more treasure. also thanks for the link Meg that's perfect!
  10. Huh....I wonder why? Maybe they had a fallout with Microsoft. I mean I was gonna get it on the ps4 anyway but still...>_> And honestly at the rate we are getting info I'm thinking we're pushing into 2018. Unless we get a massive amount of info soon I highly doubt we are gonna get anything next year.
  11. I bred what little I have, and assembled a looooong list of what I need to look for Maybe I can knock a few things off that list this time .
  12. Does anyone know where I can find a reliable probability calculator? I opened a hatchery and I want to be able to put up accurate gene probabilities. I basically winged what I have up right now
  13. Personally I don't think the evolutions have any sort of link to each other specifically because of the Fennekin line, but everyone has their own thoughts. Does anyone remember how long it took Nintendo to reveal the evos for gen 6? I know they were leaked early but when was it official? It seems like they are taking their time with this one.
  14. I kinda meant that Drampa, Tortunator, and the supposed other 2 pokemon of my theory would become a new "family" like the Nidos, Electabuzz and Magmar, that kinda thing. But it is just a personal theory, would love to see an electric tiger, and maybe a water phoenix? I dunno.
  15. Personally I think the egg is fine as is, but that's just my 2 cents.
  16. Happy to see that the Dark Lumina have different poses than their light cousins. Really loving all of the new guys, a very nice assortment!
  17. Here you go :3 http://www.serebii.net/ And no Dolphin yet. edit: ninja'd
  18. So I have a neat little theory that is totally not gonna happen. We've seen that Drampa is a dragon with a pretty Easternesque appearance, and the new dragon is a turtle. What if we got 2 more pokemon that represented the cardinal directons in Chinese folklore? We have the "dragon", we have a "turtle" all that is missing is the phoenix and the tiger. I think that would be a pretty neat little thing if it were to happen.
  19. Soooooo new pokemon! It looks....interesting The type combo is interesting.
  20. I think Looker coming back is a real possibility considering how he was left in ORAS. He was obviously included for something that hasn't yet been determined.
  21. I prefer 4 myself. Yes a straight line is there but its not as obvious as it was before.
  22. If its gameplay I kinda doubt anything new will be shown but you never know.
  23. Did I miss a new rumor? I haven't heard anything new edit: nvm, didn't see the white text
  24. I think you are thinking of Skywolf Fiona, I don't think I said I was gonna fix the lines. I wouldn't know how to fix them honestly >_>
  25. I feel like the curve is better but the lines are so...obvious, I guess is the word. Maybe its the color of them? To me they look thicker than the other lines, but I really just think its because of their current color.