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  1. So it looks like Water is going for a dom push next week, so I wanna buy some fodder! If anyone has any dragons they don't mind selling to me for fodder (i'll buy them at 8000), poke me here or on FR, my name is the same. I have space for 6.
  2. Request done! Let me know if you want anything changed.
  3. I'm brewing it now actually, if you want I'm willing to sell it to you at 25k.
  4. So I find myself liking Incinaroar a little more than I thought I would, mainly cause its got an attitude I mean come on in Amie its totally got that "you wanna piece of me?" vibe. I'm still picking Primarina though.
  5. The skins you can get from the festivals are typically not expensive. The next one starts next week, so with luck there will be some skins you can buy!
  6. These babies are for sale, 15k each!
  7. Ok, I found the contact us page. Use this to send them a message, maybe this way they can help you http://www1.flightrising.com/site/contact-us
  8. You could email the admins, maybe its a glitch.
  9. I want an non standard dragon, a two headed, pygmy, etc. The pumpkin needs some friends!
  10. I feel like its a bit of a stretch for a woodpecker to turn into a toucan, but again this is Pokémon so lord only knows. I still want to see version exclusive starter evolutions, maybe they'll finally show us on the 18th. Seeing the middle stage pacified me for a little bit but I still wanna know the last stages!
  11. And so we are slowly getting answers on some big questions. Big one out of the way, we FINALLY see the evolved form of the starters, or at least the middle evo. Gotta say I'm really liking all 3. I don't know what it is but I really like Popplios (which I think won't be liked by many but hey I'm weird). And if we download the demo we can get Ash Greninja! Didn't think I'd be excited about that but hey I'll take it. The video link is below for all to see
  12. You know what pokemon we haven't seen yet besides the evolved starter? Pikipecks evolved form. Now THATS something I wanna see, especially if it gives Talonflame a run for its money
  13. I have a few dragons I haven't managed to sell, so I'm showing them here. You can use them as Exalt fodder if you want, but I'd ask them to be named first. They are in the AH but pm me and I'll sell them cheaper in a CR. 8k for any of them. edit: all gone.
  14. I'm late to the party but holy hell those fossil sketches are amazing, Can't wait to see what other things you do this month
  15. I bred what few things I could so hopefully they get picked up. I did leave my 2 male and 2 female Desipis unbred so if you need a second gen from one, ask me! I may be able to do it If anyone has a 2nd gen Magma from a female Grave or a 2nd Gen Brute from a female Desipis poke me please, I need mates x_X edit: thanks Lesh! My Desipis are still available!
  16. Happy Starfall celebration all! I'm loving the skins this year, and they managed to get some Bogsneak skins in there too! At least now I have something I can brew for Baldwin so I can get my scroll
  17. He's a beut Clya. I would like to get a scroll, but the trouble is I don't know who to change. None of my current hatchery pairs look good as a Bog so I need to change either one of my Progens or one of my 2 gen one Nocs.
  18. I got one Vista, the Scorched Forest one. I sold it As for the eliminate as much as I wish I could sell it I needed it for one of my dragons in training. Trying to get a team of 2 lvl 25s so I can farm more efficiently. I am looooving the amount of food I'm getting from trying to get the vista though, won't have to scavenge for a while.
  19. So I've had no luck getting a Vista from the falls, but I did get an Eliminate! Lucky for me But I am soooo unprepared for the upcoming festival, I have almost no treasure to buy skins with
  20. I don't have a spare but I'd be willing to help you get one. I need to farm for food anyway so I may as well do it at Bamboo falls
  21. Considering that the two evo's were "officially" revealed in a video detailing version exclusives I'm going to bet that they will operate in that manner.
  22. I preordered Sun for the sake of Solageo, and I'm pretty happy with the version exclusives. I do like the Rockruff Moon evo but I just slightly like the Sun one more. And come on Nintendo stop teasing us and just show us the final evos already!
  23. My hatchery deals in MLP dragons if you wanna take a look and get some ideas. I took creative liberties with the genes but I like what I've got. And wow it didn't even occur to me to have my Princess Luna pair have a Pearlcatcher because of the pearl....I may have to do that now And I'm one level off of the level you need to get the new breed T_T I waaaaaant it. If I do get it I'll probably give it to one of my gen one Nocturnes. Well I'll just brew a ton of clothing to get to 16.