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  1. I love that the Fire Gems have different poses for the colors, makes them that much collectable! I can't really say which set I prefer. I will say I'm happy to get the ones I've got, but I can't wait to get some green ones down the road, I really like their poses for some reason. And the Tetras are so freakin cute!
  2. Well I've given up on getting a Volcano baby for a bit, with 130+ people in there my odds are tiny. Can't wait to see what these grow up to look like though! edit: people are so kind, I started to tear up, thank you! You know who you are!
  3. You could do......Legend of Zelda? The new game came out.
  4. Took down my first Thunderjaw today. Granted it was in a Cauldron, not moving, and letting me put traps galore on every square inch of floor, but I still did it God bless the Tear arrows.
  5. Yeah even at lvl 20 they are still quite difficult to deal with. Part of my issue is I don't have the best bows, still learning to use the stuff that's not bows. I know one thing I have issue with is all the sneaking, I don't play games that involve sneaking
  6. I was hesitant to get it but I bought it at the last second, and hooooo boy I don't regret it at all! I'm not incredibly far, I think I'm level 20 and just got to Meridian, but the story is very intriguing. Can't tell you how many times I've gotten kicked around by the machines though
  7. My babies have hatched and have been given names that I think are pretty fitting. As they are "twins" they are Purple Heart of Honor and Purple Heart of Valor. They shall make beautiful adults with names to be proud of OuO
  8. I admit I kinda liked the old babies more but my god the adult is lovely, such a lovely shade of purple and its not the typical red/pink dragon we get for valentines. Imma hug mine when they grow and give them names befitting their prettiness.
  9. I don't think cloning is possible unless you can powersave. I've been hoping that someone would figure it out but so far no dice. I have a silvally I wanna clone
  10. Don't feel bad, cause I did cry It was his reaction to it all that made me start bawling. I'm not ashamed in the slightest that I cried to a game, not at all >_> I beat the game again, didn't finish all the quests but I think I'll save that for a new game +. Giving it a slight break while I finally move on to other games I got for Christmas
  11. I have a few dragons I need gone. The Nocturne is 2nd gen if anyone cares They are all pay what you like.
  12. Then don't go to Costemark until yer 100 cause that place was worse All the Red Giants......so.....many......Giants.
  13. They are a pain in the butt I wandered around that place for 3 freakin hours and theres no royal arm at the end. At least not in the main dungeon, I dunno about the other one.
  14. Wait a minute....the Regalia can fly? When does that happen and where do I get it Beat the game once to get the story, started it again and focused on the quests. I'm in the chapter right before you leave for Altissa and I'm at lvl 50. Kinda proud of myself :3 Still haven't figured out how to get into those weird dungeons with the locked doors though.
  15. Ok people I'm doing an egglocke in sun and I am in need of some eggs! I only have 4 but I'd like to have at least 10 to start so if anyone has some random eggs sitting around that you are willing to part with pm me! ps don't tell me whats in the egg, that makes it fun :3
  16. So I got FF15 for Christmas, my first FF ever, and holy cow am I in love. I'm only on.....chapter 5 I think, but I am sooooo in love. I have heard that the second half of the game kinda gets weird but maybe I'll embrace the weirdness.
  17. I know several people just kept Torracat. Primarina is an awesome evo though, dominates the Battle Royale when I use it
  18. I'm far from experienced with shading but the first thing that hits me with the fish is that its not defined. I just see an orange blob with white stripes, the fins aren't defined and the outline of the fish blends into the background.
  19. What the heck are you all doing to get so much stuff I only got one Ghost Cloak, but Shade looks glorious OuO
  20. Dex hunting is going slow on my end, its mainly getting the stuff you gotta breed for. Also the Abras are probably failed Synchronize attempts, I know the ones I've gotten via WT have either been horrible natures or with Inner Focus.
  21. *excited squeal* I know what the blue eggs are! Super stoked to finally see them! Totally gonna hoard them
  22. I believe they are, but I'm not 100% sure. Got through the game and I have to say I very much enjoyed it. I am finding that not having my good Dittos to breed is a pain
  23. I'm doing Sun first. I'm going to the midnight release so I can play it before going to work the next day :3
  24. I hatched some gen 2 Boggies today! Selling them for 25k each so send me a CR if you are interested :3 My name there is the same as it is there. Male, Cornflower Giraffe, Orchid Hypnotic, Charcoal Contour Female, Robin Giraffe, Indigo Hypnotic, Dust Contour Female, Peacock Giraffe, Violet Toxin, Gloom Contour
  25. Picked up some last minute babies from the AP and picked up some absolute gold! This 2nd gen Desipis from hydrargyrum http://dragcave.net/lineage/lkC9i This 2nd gen Grave x Orange Pyralspite from buckskinmist http://dragcave.net/lineage/DrY46 This second gen Marrow x Ember from someone http://dragcave.net/lineage/nTCFd Another Marrow x Almerald from someone http://dragcave.net/lineage/hHNUZ A 3rd gen PB Marrow from someone http://dragcave.net/lineage/KZjbe a 3rd gen Marrow x BleedingMoon from Skythestral http://dragcave.net/lineage/j5eS7 And finally....this lovely 6th gen PB Marrow from n.c.s.m. I admire your dedication! http://dragcave.net/lineage/21WMF