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  1. Yes they live primarily in colder areas, think tundra with lots of snow. As far as colors, they are primarily white, but their feet, face and underbelly are black to absorb what little heat they can get from the sun. The black marks vary with each individual, but most of the time I envision them with the edges of the black mixing into the white, if that makes any sense? The black isn't clearcut. I never had very defined color schemes for this since I never fully developed it, it was always a loose idea, so please feel free to get creative with colors if you get the urge :3

  2. I have a request! I'd like it to be big enough to use as a desktop background if possible. Its of an oc that I've had a long time but never really did anything with XD


    So, its a 4 legged dragon, furred from head to tail, but with belly scales. It has a fairly stocky body (like a polar bear but not quite as much), and a long neck and tail. Its head is doggish in shape, but the fur on its head drapes over the mouth, its hard to explain. The best comparison is like the face of a sheepdog. It has a pair of ears like a German Shepard, and 6 horns. One pair is right behind the ears, another smaller pair right behind those going towards the back, and two small horns on the jawline. it has big paws (again, think polar bear). It has wings, the wing arms are furry like the body but the membrane of the wings is like a bat.


    That's basically it. Feel free to take creative liberties with it too, no need for a colored one, black and white is fine. If there is anything wrong with it let me know!

  3. To see that old CB dragons have come back is certainly a welcome sight, and the event is definitely adorable! I'm totally not gonna camp in the Halloween Biome to catch new eggs...nope not me >_> *grabby hands* GIMME THAT SHADOW WALKER ITS MINE

  4. I have to say, knowing ahead of time what these guys are going to look like, I cannot wait for people to see what the adult hybrids look like. I remember all the hard work (and slight drama) that went into making them, so the fact that they have been made real is amazing. Props to Pie and the others who made them possible...on that note what can we expect from the smooth ones? *curious*

  5. Out of curiosity has anyone played Planet Coaster? I was a big fan of Roller Coaster Tycoon and this game looks to be awesome, but I'm hesitant to spend that much money on it.

  6. 56 minutes ago, water_angel said:

    Hi there, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me with making a new picture as a link to my scroll? The image below is what I had originally but now that I'm moving out of photobucket after over a decade of using it, I'd like something new and fresh for my signature.


    I'd still like it to be a scroll with dragons on it, for some ideas my favorite dragons are nebulas, seasonals and dark myst pygmies.  having my scroll name on it somewhere would be awesome too.


    Thank you!




    I could attempt it, I'm in an arty mood.


  7. FINALLY SOMETHING IS BEING IMPLEMENTED!!!! I feel much less frustrated with this game for this, (though I'd rather ALL my badges show up and not see the share link highlighted like this:P and won't probably bother with the new BSA, 6h is not worth the time wasted to me xd.png)


    Aaaa I'm a Platiunum trophy already ;A; When I looked at the news I didn't assume I'd have one^^ Pleasant surprise:P


    Just... I'm kind a bitter on the lack of some courtesy from TJ or the staff to warn the people working their back-sides out in the Vampire revamp thread that these are already being worked on in the in-cave asrtists only section and that the non-'artists' attempts won't be considered for not being in the hidden section (quality aside)...

    Well, on the bright side, I personally like the new Vamps sprites, maybe in the case of S1 I preffered 2 from the thread more but what actually counts are the adults and these are a win.


    Just isnt' the Vamp. progeny supposed to be in chronological order liek the breeding progeny? https://dragcave.net/vampire-progeny/5v0tg It's mixed up:P

    I think a part of the problem is that because the Vampire was being updated the artists working on it weren't allowed to talk about it. If they told the people who were working on their own, they'd be breaking their contract. I certainly understand the frustration but that's probably the reason why.


    Love the fact that the Prize dragons are back, I know that is something people have been wishing for, and all the new features are really neat. Now off dragon hunting I go!!!!

  8. Just joined and wondering how do you get more dragons

    You can breed your first 2 dragons together or buy more from the Auction house. Also, if you go to the forum section of your Flight, often times people will have free dragons for newbies. On that note, what flight? biggrin.gif

  9. DT: The portrait turned out nicely... until I tried to shrink it. xd.png

    user posted image

    The original in case you want to try shrinking it yourself.

    user posted image

    Then the failed shrunken version.


    @Rainbowlight: Yeah, I'll draw things other than dragons. I'm looking at your avatar, and does she also have a ring on her left back foot and several red marks on her chest? Or is that part of the remaining 5% accuracy? The torn ears and the eye I can do.

    Are you kidding? It looks awesome! Thank you so much!

  10. I would like to make a request if possible. I've had my current avatar for a while and would like to switch it up. If possible, could you do a headshot of one of my completed dragon requests? I'd like a headshot of this dragon if possible. It wouldn't need to be super detailed either, since its going to be avatar sized. Thank you!