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I'm Willow, she/her. I accept IOUs on a case by case basis. Crows below link to my scroll!


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    My name is Willow. I use she/her!

    I am a double major, majoring in ASL Interpreting and Computer Software. I adore writing as one of my dearest passions, and birds are my favorite animals! To expand upon this, my favorite types of birds are the Peregrine Falcon, Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, and the Galah!

    I joined DC in July 2014, though I started my activity on the forums in 2015. I became an RP approver in September of 2015!
    With the addition of the holiday biomes, my long-term scroll goal is a CB of each dragon. An even longer term goal would be a CB of each gender!
    A long term project I have been working on is my hoard of PB Chronos, viewable at the group code 10610.

    I normally only accept IOUS of bred dragons that one can breed or common/uncommon hatchlings, though I will make exceptions at my discretion. I keep my IOUs on a private spreadsheet, but I will also keep an inaccurate list here.
    Currently nothing is owed to me, and I owe nothing to anyone.