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  1. I got 3 myself( 1 of each ) has any one used earthquake on them ?
  2. Hmm i like this one i gave it a funny name and the grandparents also have a funny code
  3. Ehh then i am VERY unlucky ( i saw it!! lol ) thanks for your help
  4. Hi guys, a question how do i know if i got on the list ? i saw the list and picked a egg but i don't know if i got on the list or anything does it give a diffrent msg from " Breeding lists are currently full. Please try again later; slots will free up as eggs are bred." thanks for answer
  5. Just picked up this badboy from the AP pretty awesome if you ask me Egg
  6. Just picked up this badboy from the AP pretty awesome if you ask me Egg
  7. I just found this nice egg in the AP here great find right?
  8. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: HandOfTheKing Scroll name: HandOfTheKing Scroll: Here (link to it) Birthday: September 21st Month/Day {ex. April 9th} List: Gorillas 1. Neglected Dragon ( anything line or CB ) 2. Any 2nd gen prize dragoon 3. BSA CB hatchies
  9. I have 2 Z code eggs First 2nd let me know if you are interested in these thank you
  10. Trading My EGG from discountinued Pink i do not know if it is worth anything, plz PM on forums : HandOfTheKing
  11. nooey Is now mentoring me! i PMed him thank you very much
  12. Hi guys i am new the forums and to dragon cave as well I joined dragon cave around last week and i do have a dead dragon on my scroll because i did not know how to remove a egg i did not want at the time i guess it will always be there to remind me hehe any way I don't really understand much about trading i just know you need a magi i have a baby magi but i don't think that will work :/ is there a way around it ? Because i have 2 new gender-ed hatchlings but i got both Male :/ so i was wondering if anyone would be welling to trade me 1 Female for 1 Male? thank you