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  1. (( Oh dang, i'm up to continue this if you all are. When i saw everyone else bailed on the old one i forgot about DCforums lol. Lmk if yall are up for me to join.))
  2. "Yes, the name of a game, but also the name of a type of bludgeon. All good guesses, but the reality of my name stems both from my ink and my effectiveness as a silent combatant.' He said quietly, his gaze focused outside of the train. A sly smile remained on his face, though he didnt seem particularly happy. "Keep the reward for yourself and your brother. Whatever job that guy has lined up next for me will more than cover my expenses." Jacques listened patiently as Miyuki explained her woes. "I'm sure you've heard the tale of the little boy on the beach." He replied quietly. "The beach was covered in starfish, brought in by high tide. They lined the beach miles along. A small child could be seen tossing the starfish back into the ocean. As the child progressed down the beach, an old man met him. 'Why do you make such fruitless attempts to save these starfish? You can't make a difference with such a monumental task.' The child tossed another starfish back into the ocean and said, ' I made a difference to that one.' " Jacques finished his story. "When I was younger I always used to identify with the old man. I thought trying to make such a small difference was worthless, and one was better off taking the time to do something more productive. Nowadays, however, I'm starting to see the child's perspective a little bit clearer. One person might not be able to make a difference in everybody's life, but with hard work and determination , one ripple can cause a tidal wave."
  3. "Serious. I like that kind of attitude about a job. Alright then, we'll do it your way. Catch and release, no casualties." He smiled and gave her a thumbs up. "So what is your little brother off doing?" He asked quietly. Outside the window of the train the landscape flashed, as footsteps slowly approached the two wizard's seats. A young man, face masked by a hood. "Sir, may I have a moment?" The young man muttered. "Go away. I don't have the time." Jacques responded. "Being that you are waiting to reach your destination on a train, Blackjack, I find that unlikely." He retorted with a sly smile. Jacques' eyes darted to the young man and narrowed. "I'm busy at the moment. If you have a contract that needs immediate attention, write it down and I'll get to it as soon as possible." He waved off the young man. "As you wish, sir. I will be back, Azerjaan wills it." The young man stepped off towards the back end of the train. Jacques turned to Miyuki. "Apologies, Miyuki. I'm good at what I do and they seek me out." He gazed thoughtfully out the window.
  4. (( Sorry bout that! Work's been exhausting. Havent had the inspiration to write. Also, if you are interested in taking a look at Jacuqe's mess after hes out of town, we could progress the two-face arc.)) Jacques turned and smiled to Miyuki. "We'd better hurry or we'll miss the early train." He said, picking up speed slightly. As they arrived at the train station, Jacques noticed the employee he tipped yesterday. He had bandages around his head, which lead Jacques to the surprising realization that it was this man and his girlfriend/wife that he had saved in the alley. As he passed, the employee tipped his hat and smiled, recognizing the man that had paid for his outing. Pretty cheery for nearly dying. What a positive attitude. Jacques smiled and waved as he stepped onto the train. He sat down at the window seat and gestured for Miyuki to come sit as he read the mission in detail. "Looks like It's more than just average bandits. Apparently a few of them are wielding some powerful magic. Probably shouldnt try to take them on in town in that case." As the train began to move, Jacques glimpsed a hooded figure on the platform, the same figure that picked up the package from the mission in the desert town. Damn. Already.
  5. Cassius glanced up as a young woman walked in, rather attractive and doe-eyed. From across the room even he could see Jack zone out staring at her. As stood up from his chair and tossed the cardboard cup in the trash, he stepped past the golden-eyed individual. He wiped his face and stepped towards Jack, subtly tipping the struggling teen back into balance as he went. He proceeded to sit down across from him at the small table. "Waiting on someone, or just ogling the pretty girls?" Cassius said with a chuckle. Not waiting for an answer, he continued, albeit in a quieter tone; "Shes pretty cute. I saw your smitten gaze, shoot your shot buddy." "You coming to the late class tonight? Should be fun, maybe we could work on your ground game. Or do you still think you can solve everything with striking?" He teased. When fighting, Jack's technique very much embodied "Fight like a butterfly, sting like a bee". However, in his interactions with others, he more reflected a "stumble like a newborn deer" philosophy, especially with females. "But seriously, whats up? I don't get the chance to talk with pupils outside of class much. Lets chat." He smiled mischievously.
  6. Cassius replaced his $10 note with a $5, and put it on the counter. "Thank you, keep the change." He said with a bright smile. As he turned around with his coffee and pastry, he nearly spilled both all over himself as he almost bumped into a stranger. "My bad!" he said, quickly redirecting to a seat by a window. As he tucked into the pastry and took a sip of the very hot coffee, burning his tongue, He noticed a flash of movement outside the window. He turned to look but there was nothing, so he decided to turn his attention back to nursing his toasted tongue. The pastry was delicious and flaky, clearly fresh baked and handmade. The ones you could buy at the supermarket were always some kind of greasy and chewy. This little coffee shop was pretty nice. He figured enough time had passed for a glance at the person who's day he had almost ruined. As he looked, He realized immediately that he was locking eyes with the individual. He looked away, as if he had been simply observing the entirety of the shop. The person's eyes had been a beautiful shade of gold, which had distracted him from noticing any other distinguishing features. He looked back over at the young boxer at another table. Very tall, and a little odd looking. Fashion had never been Cassius' strong suit. Ever since he was a child he simply opted for what was comfortable, long sleeves and joggers. No fancy jackets, just a nice fluffy winter jacket for when it got chilly. This guy, however, clearly knew something Cassius didn't in that regard. He returned to his lunch and breathed out with the pleasure of having coffee in his system.
  7. The cheery smile on the young woman's face brightened his day a bit. She seemed to really enjoy her job. A young man had emerged from the back and started pouring Cassius' cup of coffee. Cassius stroked his chin faux-thoughtfully, suddenly deciding. "I'll have the blueberry and cream cheese. Sounds delicious!" he exclaimed. He pulled out his wallet and retrieved a ten dollar bill. (I.. um.. don't know how to make this any longer without infringing on your character.)
  8. (( Sounds good to me. Das a nice hat.)) Jacques paused in front of the ice dog, his expression withstanding. Miyuki was somewhat unpredictable, but would be a nice companion to have should things go sour. "Feisty, aren't we?" He added as she brushed past him. Jacques descended the stairs next to Miyuki as the morning sun rose higher in the sky. As they traversed the small cityscape, Jacques glanced sideways at the crime scene and investigators in the alleyway across from the Inn he stayed at the night before. Pretending to give it no heed, he carried on walking. (( Sorry for the short post, wanted to give you time to react.))
  9. Jacques listened quietly. "A dragonslayer on a moving vehicle never goes particularly well." He chimed in. He looked at the Job board quietly. There was very little that explicitly suggested there would be violence involved. It almost seemed as if the guild was more of a hired set of hands to complete everyday tasks with rather than the righteous defenders of good that he was expecting. He grabbed a request that involved bandits charging a nearby town for "protection". This seemed like his style. In and out quickly, he'd be. Probably wouldn't even have to shed blood. And the pay wasn't bad. Pocket change in comparison to the dangerous contracts he was generally hired for, but money nonetheless. He began walking towards the door, but stopped and glanced back at Miyuki. That dress she was wearing must have been what she used his body art for. It was quite beatiful, as was she, but in Jacques' business getting attached to people always ended in tragedy. When there's someone to take hostage, someone to protect, the game changes immensely. Actions had consequences for someone besides him. He continued out the door.
  10. Cassius slipped to the side as one of his pupils threw a jab, catching the arm and throwing the young man over his shoulder and onto the ground. A burst of air escaped the young man's mouth as he bounced off of the mat. "Urgh.... Come one Cash, you don't have to go this hard every time.." he said, rolling over and slowly returning to his feet. "Let me know when you get in a fight and the other guy only goes half speed, then we'll talk about going easier. Besides, you've been coming here for two years, and you haven't learned not to complain. That's enough for today, you're making progress on your strike speed, but you're sacrificing stance and stability, getting taken down basically every time. Go on home and watch some videos of featherweight or lower fights. That should help." The young man groaned, bowed to Cassius, and left with a bag thrown over his shoulder. "How many times do I have to tell him I don't subscribe to that traditional respect garbage. All I ask for is a handshake." Cassius said, exasperated. He walked off to the back of the empty studio and stripped down to shower, enjoying the warmth despite the cold weather outside. He soon emerged and dried himself off, putting on a new pair of his trademarked long sleeves and joggers. As he walked towards the entrance of the studio he looked around with a smile. He didn't own the place, but he essentially ran it. It was his favorite place, a mixed martial arts studio where he could teach people kickboxing, boxing, jiu jitsu, wrestling, and any other martial art one could think of. And every once in a while a girl might call him master. That was a plus, he thought, smirking to himself. He opened the glass door and felt the temperature change from a toasty 85 to a chilly 40. It took his breath away for a moment. His work day was over until the late session at 9 that night, so he would go get some coffee and a pastry at the Cafe de whatever. He chuckled to himself at his own joke, embarrassingly enough, and headed about a block down the road to the cafe. As he opened the door he immedietaly noticed the tall kid who occasionally boxed at his studio. He waved and smiled slightly to show his recognition and proceeded to the counter. "Hey, could I get a black coffee and something sweet on the side? Surprise me." He asked sweetly.
  11. "Temporary contracts are what i live for." Jacques responded with a smile and a chuckle. Things could have definitely gone worse there. I should be extremely careful around Barty. He thought to himself. As he turned he almost bumped into the young Ice-make wizard Miyuki. "Oh!" He stuttered as she appeared. He quietly listened to her soft muttering. "Miyuki, my dear. You're apologizing to a man who's most powerful magic stems from overwhelming emotions. I know what it's like to lose it every once in a while. Your friend Barty can probably attest to that. You have no reason to apologize to me." he smiled and glanced down at the dress, which complimented her figure tremendously. The smell of Jasmine and Lavender was intoxicating. "And either way, ladylike is no fun." He smiled, and turned to the counter. "Thank you very much for your kindness, Sol. Could you direct me to your job board?" He thanked.
  12. Character First/Last Name: Cassius Bahn Male | 17 | Hero Name: Martial Appearance: Standing at approximately 5'11 , just barely under the 6 foot barrier, Cassius sports the lean, cut, and muscular physique of a mixed martial artist. His light blonde hair is short and well kept, with a fade on the side and swept to the right. His bright blue eyes and white smile all but hide the constant analysis of his surroundings, forced by his quirk. Casual: Cassius prefers to wear long sleeved shirts and joggers. He doesn't like to show off his muscularity in order to maintain a tactical advantage. Hero Costume: a pair of Muay Thai shorts, ankle wraps, and hand wraps Personality: Cassius has always been a loner, but more recently he's been trying to come out of his shell. He has trouble starting conversations with new people, and rarely interjects in any discussion. He is constantly aware of details, which makes some people uncomfortable. He tends to assume the worst of strangers, thanks to his over-analytical nature. Biography: Cassius was born in a small town, and picked on from the moment he stepped foot in school. While other people's quirks began to show, all that seemed to develop was a rough case of ADHD. The doctors deemed him quirkless at 10 years old, but that quickly changed. One day in the schoolyard a group of older kids targeted the solitary child on the swingsets, Cassius, one of the quirkless, to pick on. The kids teased him relentlessly, but to no reaction from the boy. Obviously this upset them, leading them to throw rocks from a distance. Then came a moment that changed Cassius' life forever. Despite having a hail of 6 rocks thrown at him, Cassius swiped and dropped every single one out of the air. Further enraged , one of the older kids went to strike him, but to no avail. Cassius moved within an inch of the bully's fist, dragged him forward, and kneed him in the stomach. Disheartened by their leader being struck down by a child, the older kids fled, shouting obscenities at Cassius. After this, Cassius' parents entered him into several martial arts programs, including wrestling, Muay Thai, tae Kwon do , and boxing. Realizing quickly that throughout competitions no competitor could land a hit on Cassius, the doctors deemed that he possessed a quirk called Combat Sense. Before being accepted into the hero program, Cassius rose to be the top youth competitor in each martial art he participated in. Combat Sense | Mutant Cassius' quirk gives him inhuman reaction time, striking speed, and body control. He can analyze and consider multiple courses of attack in the span of a second. Unfortunately this quirk cannot be turned off, which makes Cassius jumpy and over-analytical of every situation Other
  13. Hello, I know very little if anything about Chinese mythology, but I wouldn't mind learning a bit through RP. Is there room here for a total new guy?
  14. ((My bad everybody! Something must have been glitched, because every time I checked up on the thread it said there were no new posts, so I never bothered to open it.)) "Well, I'd like to-" Jacques began as he turned towards the voice. "The Earth-make wizard! Barty, was it? A pleasure to see you again." Jacques greeted him, surprised despite knowing he was a part of this guild. " I'd like to meet the guildmaster before I consider joining up!" He said through a smile. " Your brave assistance with the manticore matriarch inspired me to set my sights on doing some good instead of just chasing coin." Jacques lied. He was playing a dangerous game. This kid was perceptive and already suspicious of him, he knew that much. Surrounded by allies of the young man as he was, there was very little chance of a successful escape without bloodshed. Keeping this in mind, he resorted to his favorite tool of social engineering; the time-tested "Fake it till you make it" strategy. "It's a very comfortable little guild hall you all have here, and I'm quite tired of roaming from place to place doing odd jobs." Looking Barty in the eye he saw a glint of doubt, and gears turning.
  15. (( Bada ba bada ba TIMESKIP)) Jacques awoke at about 9:00, throwing on his clothes, paying the innkeeper, and waving to the hungover couple sitting in the dining room. As the door opened, morning light shined in. Jacques spent a few minutes browsing the market stalls before heading out towards the Sphinx Paw guild. He might see if a lone wizard could get a job our two there. For now, at least, until his next contract, He'd pose as a wizard looking for work. Stepping lazily up the stairs, Jacques noted the excited members of Sphinx paw rushing up them. Pretty lively employees they've got. Jacques thought to himself. As he opened the door, the hall was lively with the presence of intrepid guild members huddled around the job board. Despite being mired in morning lethargy, Jacques felt the energy coming from the members of the guild, and stepped towards the counter. "I'd like to meet the guildmaster, If it's not too much to ask." he requested politely.
  16. (( Let's go, boys girls and nonbinaries! Just get your character to sleep and we can reconvene in the morning light :D))
  17. (( if the concept of the timeskip is still agreed upon, i would suggest wrapping up the day and heading home. ))
  18. (( Good luck at uni. I only made something like this because I couldn't really see anything happening until we get our hands on a plot device.))
  19. (( Hmm. I figured the forums would be more active when summer hit. Anyways, sorry for the double post, but lets get this thing rolling again.)) Jacques said his goodbyes to the few guild members he personally knew, and waved to the patrons who he had indirectly made friends with through his reckless spending. As he exited the hall, the early night's breeze flowed through his hair. It was a quite lovely night, as was the day. This is a nice place. Maybe I should settle down sometime. As he strolled down the now nearly empty streets, Jacques spotted a pair of young lovers drinking the night away, the tavern owner shooing them off for closing time. An image of the Ice wizard from the guild flashed in his head, but he quickly shook it off. The drunken duo staggered down the street, in the same direction Jacques was heading. He quietly proceeded to an inn, but as he opened the door one of the couple fell. Jacques turned, just in time to witness the girl being dragged into the alley across the street laughing in a drunken stupor as the male of the group lay unconscious on the ground, dragged by his feet. "Ah, young love." Jacques sighed, turning from the inn and striding into the alleyway. As he entered the alleyway he witnessed several large men... and a small girl, searching the mans pockets and holding back a now struggling woman. Jacques waited patiently; if all they were after was the money, he wouldn't interfere. Everybody has to make a living somehow. The moment came, however, when one of the men turned and went to feel up the woman. Jacques sighed and stepped into view. "I've already wasted far too much mercy on fools this evening." Jacques said out loud, Spikes exploded from Jacque's chest, spearing and lifting the struggling group of men. "Who are-", they were interrupted as solid ink entered their chests. Jacques anger suddenly spiked, as he violently slammed the squirming men against the walls of the alley, crushing bones as he went. The girl who had lured him earlier let out a scream as a stream of ink covered her mouth. Jacques slowly stepped forward, leaving the men to slide quietly off the edges of the spears. Jacques came face to face with the same girl he had met earlier that day, "Didn't I tell you to get a job?" he asked quietly. "Well, it takes a while for them to see my application." The girl said with a nervous laugh. Jacques slowly smiled, gradually rising from a chuckle to a laugh. "You're funny." He said, as an ink spear pierced her heart. The aftermath looked eerily similar to that of the scum he had killed in the desert town. He stepped away and grabbed the collars of the two lovers, dragging them slowly into the inn he intended to stay in. The innkeep looked startled. "Looks like these two lovebirds had a little too much to drink tonight." He reassured her with a laugh. The innkeepers face quickly changed to a smile, as she called in an assistant to carry the young lovers to their room. He payed for both their and his room, and found his way to bed.Collapsing with a sigh, Jacques reflected on his day. Sphinx Paw huh. From what i've seen, there's a lot of infighting around there. It's almost like a book where the characters haven't developed yet. He said, smiling to himself, slowly drifting off to sleep. (( Sorry if the violence was a little much. Just wanted to show how brutal Jacques could be when his sense of "Justice" was upset. By the way, Marcus, that little "Similar to the desert town massacre" Was for you. Do what you can with it, and lets get a story arc going.))
  20. ((The RP is still accepting as far as we all know. The creator, however, has been MIA for a few weeks. I don't think nomad would want to miss an opportunity for a new member, so until they come back i would suggest just posting your character sheet and start RPing. That's just my opinion though, it might seem rude to "take control" just because the creator has been out of commission for a few weeks, but from the title i doubt they'd mind.))
  21. ((In the end, the goal is to have them fight Jacques fairy tail style. Getting put down, getting back up and beating him. How you reach that means, i personally don't mind.))
  22. ((Well another option is to have on of the guild members do some digging on jacques, learn about the elusive "Blackjack" having a huge bounty on him, and try to take him down.))
  23. ((I'm nearing the end of the Grand Magic Games.)) "We were all young at one point, kid." Jacques said encouragingly. "If you work hard, you'll be unbeatable, like that Salamander. Power comes from the heart and believing that what you're doing is right. The strongest kind of magic isn't dragonslayer, It's not some ancient art, it's pure power of will." He advised. "I fought a lot of tough wizards before my Inkblood even came about. I was using Iron maker magic. Not a good fit for a twig like me, huh?" He said with a chuckle. "It was never about how powerful their magic was, it was about how willing i was to fight my way through. You can probably imagine, I got my behind handed to me on several occasions. But I didn't stop trying." Jacques was imparting honest advice on this young man. "Nathaniel, was it? Pleasure to meet you." Jacques bowed his head and raised his drink to the man. " I take on everything from manticore culling to catching rogue wizards to delivering... or, retrieving packages."