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  1. Hey people. So, idk if you know this but there's a competition going on for best ferret V-day pics. If you have a ferret go ahead and submit it. And if you're interested go and vote for your fav pic. (Please vote for the one from Rachael S. Pic is: Daisy) http://a.pgtb.me/FgbmC0/l2z0f?w=55299500&e=149588196
  2. Hmm, I like psychological stuff too. Like, my villains flaunt their power to make the hero's feel useless. But yes, power is a massive factor for my people Kinda sad tbh. Like, it sometimes stops RPs from growing but when they do grow they become so epic ^^
  3. I would be a villain if the OP wanted it. Issue with my villains is that they tend to god like. I mean, the one I'm famous for cannot be killed as long as there is even a single living cell left in the world (Grim Reaper) another consumes omnipotent beings for lunch (The Void). Another can create tears in the multiverse. So, way way way too strong for the site whole reason I started my own forum tbh
  4. Rofl. This RP is popular for villains. First time I'm not the villain Well, I have a chaotic character but he's not evil, just crazy
  5. Eh, Shadow is an iconic character for me. Used to use him before you even had this whole screening process to make literate RP's ><
  6. Username: shadow2345 Name: Shadow Gender: Male Age: 19 Appearance: Human Species/Powers/Ect.: Shape Shifter Personality: Shadow has always been a light hearted type of guy. He welcomes everyone with open arms, he loves to give hugs, he loves to make people smile and he often uses his powers to do just that. But this isn't all that he is. He goes out of his way to help people be happy because he knows what it's like to hurt. He tries to befriend everyone because he knows what it's like to be all alone. He wants to make people smile because he knows how precious each smile is. Shadow
  7. Man these get so little traction on here. Oh well, latest vid people!
  8. Hey people, the newest episode to my play through
  9. Hey people, would love to get news of this great game out there as well as to get input on my vids. I have a few episodes in here already so give them a view and lemme know what you think.
  10. Hey guys! Bringing attention to a game called Ashes of the Singularity. Basically, it's an RTS (Real Time Strategy). I'm making vids of me going through ranked so tune in and watch <3 Make this game explode guys! It deserves attention and support from a great fan base
  11. Trying to figure out how to get more subs for my YouTube >,<
  12. So, I've been playing the game, and currently I have over 100 hours in it. Started recording a game and posting it on YouTube too ^^ Anyone else play?
  13. So, got a new PC. Been playing and uploading to YouTube. Mostly League of Legends and Galactic Civilizations III
  14. So yeah, started to RP, and as we go along I try to help improve length and quality. Their great, but you all know that. Edit: I'll still be taking students on, the beauty of the way i had them build it up is that anyone could jump in while knowing the minimum about what happened
  15. Lol, I see that)) Apocalypse watched her. He chuckled. He made a fist and around the buttom of the tank flames came up and slowly started to warm the water. "Get your senses back or I'll be serving fish stue to the minions" He said, loud enough for her to hear him even underwater.
  16. I'll take both of ya. Now post there and either I or one of the others would tell you what's to be done. I suggest reading the whole thing but might be a bit much.
  17. Lalasa: I'll be glad to take you on, I had the pleasure of being with you before in an RP and it was fun, so I could try and teach you if you'd like. At Cyrus: I can take students , i can keep up since I don't mind reading and am usually on deep into the night when I can sneak it. And everyone, from what I could tell, you're all doing great jobs, and even those new students, your great too for even thinking of coming here for us to try and help you, but as Cyrus said, were not that great, we could be better ourselves, were only human.
  18. That's why I'm making mine so that a person could jump right into it.
  19. If I'm the shadow you referred to then come on in whenever you're ready. If not, have fun with this mysterious entity.