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  1. *sigh* Alcedine, why you no pink?
  2. Nice checker offspring - please name, thank you
  3. I need: to erase an influence If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here and tag me, I'll PM you with a link - thank you in advance! Thank you
  4. Thank you for sending (and receiving) cookies and sharing your amazing cookie art in this thread! I wish I had more time to play in the last two days of the event. It was so much fun - honestly, it was probably the best DC event I have participated in so far. OMG, I just noticed that some '2021 Cookie Artist' cookies became signature badges! So happy to see that you liked them so much
  5. For the first time, I wish we could freeze eggs... Just caught CB SILMR (let's make that a Silmaril) - "This glassy egg is too hot to hold with your bare hands." Oh, I bet it is
  6. @Crowsfold_1400105 Could I get a blossoms + mountain cookie, if you still have them? I'll send you a fish in return
  7. Glad you like it! I am kinda in LotR mood during this event I couldn't resist trying my hand at the Evenstar motif after I saw your nick and avatar
  8. I'm glad you like it so much! I wonder, are people still making those fancy, tiny, pixel-art badges for forum signatures? I remember them being made on occasions, after events etc. I am not good at pixel art - but I think that a "2021 Cookie Artist" badge of this type would be awesome. If someone does not have a "2021 Cookie Artist" cookie yet and would like one, just let me know I tried to send them to as many people as I could. And thank you for cookies sent in return, I love every one of them ❤️ Also, I've just counted how many cookies I have sent from the beginning of the event - I have exactly 398 at the moment. Some of them were duplicates, but nonetheless, I had no idea I have sent so many of them! And to think that I planned to make only a few at the beginning
  9. I probably won't have time for cookie making tomorrow and possibly also until the very end of the event - so I'll just be sending those to as many people as I can: We're all beginning this year as artists
  10. It is perfect, I love it! ❤️ Thank you so much
  11. @water-spirit I've made a red planet cookie and sent to you
  12. Postcard from Jupiter I know, too much red. It's hard to take a decent picture in space. Juno spacecraft does it better
  13. @Lagie @Mika @LackingDragons @Long_Before_Sunrise Thank you! I made a few of them, but this one came out the best, I think. Will be sending LackingDragons, do you still have the small star with moon and night landscape? ❤️
  14. @sfts May I have the forest cookie? Will send one of my planet cookies in exchange
  15. @pinkgothic Glad you like it! You don't need to make anything specific for me, but if you have any spare cat-like, dragon-like or animal-like cookie in general, I'll be happy to adopt one @tjenni Ooh, do you have any lizards left? So pretty! ❤️ @InvaderAlexis Did I mention that I love lizards...?
  16. @pinkgothic I've made a red one for you, since all the previous ones have been sent, but I derped and forgot to add the moon - I'll probably be doing more of them later, anyway, so you'll most likely get one with the moon too
  17. @muttduck It has already been sent to someone, but I made you a copy Edit: Thank you for the manta cookie, it is awesome! ❤️
  18. I have one dolphin in the sky from you, but if you have more of them, feel free to send me one - they look amazing! @Long_Before_Sunrise Thank you for the jelly ❤️
  19. @Dalek Sending the cookie! @LongbeforeSunrise Aw, Unicorn Jelly! It's clearly going on an adventure So adorable. @WestWindReborn Sending
  20. @Long_Before_Sunrise Sending! I wanted to make it look like a moon, but I suppose it may be also a planet @LackingDragons Sure, will send after the cooldown. I have no idea, I've also lost track of the received cookies
  21. Inspired by some space cookies from this thread, still warm and available