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bronzewinner_by_zaverxi-d8eggfk.png    (Sprit) breeding list tentatively open for offers

they/them pronouns please

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    Hi, I'm Egg!
    I don't make very many posts, but I still check the forums fairly regularly, so feel free to contact me!

    Will Trade 2nd Gen Tinsels for:
    CB Golds, Neglecteds, Same-Gen Prizeswaps, CB Silvers, CB dragons with cool codes (interest varies), 2nd/3rd Gen Holly IOUs (clean stairstep lineages only), low gens from spriters' alts, CB Brines (2-3)

    Will Trade 3rd Gen Tinsels for:
    Same-Gen Prizeswaps, CB dragons with cool codes (again, interest varies), CB Zyumorphs, chickens, CB Brines