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  1. Girls: Annabelle, Elsabeth, Isabella, Fiona, Veronica, Daniella, Alisha, Adelaide, Cassandra, Calliope, Heather, Louisa, August, Aurelia, Antonia Boys: August, Cato, Nathan, Joseph, Victor, David, Kenneth, Craig, Samuel, Alexander, Anthony
  2. I'm trying to figure out if it's better to get it on pc or xbox. Anyone got an opinion?
  3. I love Overwatch and really wish I could afford it, but I hope they add more heroes as the game goes on. It would really change the game's meta.
  4. I wanted to be a Vet, but I can't handle seeing things in pain. An Astronaut too, but that desire has waned.
  5. I'd probably hoard soft blankets. Who doesn't love a comfortable sleep?
  6. I saw people talking about how to do days you missed. Could someone tell me how you would do that?
  7. Can I just say that I got lost looking for the farm because I confused my west and east.
  8. avoralei


    Oh wow this thread has been quiet, but I got Splatoon for Christmas! I really like the chargers, but the brushes are very tricky things (and the kraken oh my god I can't use it at all).
  9. Er, I hate to ask because I'm sure someone has answered this, but where is Ned again?
  10. Has anyone else been having trouble with sound?
  11. I bought a brush pen with archival ink to finish my artwork & got a haircut!
  12. i really like the names Branch, Aurelia, Aloisia, Bjorn, and Valencia.
  13. Thanks! I just kept looking around the first eastern area, woops.
  14. omg fire emblem: henry and ricken; ricken and maribelle; avatar and chrom; brady, owain, and inigo; inigo and morgan; rwby: bumbleby; nuts and dolts; renora; pmmm: kyousaya; madohomu; kyouhomu; and im sure there are others i cant think of off the top of my head
  15. so if you don't pick the flowers in Rita's field, where do you go to find other flowers? (i apologize if this was already answered)
  16. I had a terrible dream where my friend wouldn't stop drinking this weird beer and suddenly she disappeared and I was miles away with her phone, and I couldn't tell if she was okay.
  17. I may have cried because my dad and I can go to the Star Wars premier even though it looked like we couldn't.
  18. I have two exams tomorrow (Chem and Lit), and they're both the classes I have the worst grades in. However, my Chem teacher says I can eat during his final, so that's a plus.
  19. Muffet's really interesting because she wasn't designed by the same people as the rest of the sprites. I think that's partly why even though she has a small part in the game, she's really noticeable.
  20. Shardas from Dragon Slippers, most definitely
  21. I just finished Candide, planning on starting the Revenge of the Sith novelization or reread The Picture of Dorian Gray.
  22. yeah, we shot at little targets like soda bottles
  23. - If you have cats, are they indoor/outdoor, indoor, or outdoor? Indoor. But both of my previous cats were indoor/outdoor. - Do you agree with addition of laws banning outdoor cats? No, it would be too much energy to maintain that law. - Should people let their cats outside or not? Yes. Cats are an animal with needs, and if they wish to go outside, they'll try to get out eventually so.
  24. oh my gosh my dad said there was a sale at subway for the whole month and so ive had like 5 meatball subs so far and its like so exciting because i love them