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  1. Today I had the blood of my enemies and a hotdog
  2. i had a dream earlier that it was the zombie apocalypse and my group ran into another group who agreed to take us in. well, the other group was super evil and they told us if we wanted to stay, we had to pick someone from our group to die or they would pick someone via computer. well we kept this evil group talking and i snuck over and broke the computer in half. it was weird and my group almost ended up picking someone to kill because the other group drew guns but then we made a run for it.
  3. i've summoned probably two or three times before i got the GoN.
  4. i love it. in and out and chick fil a are to die for! i want them both to cater my wedding. not too fond of burger king though
  5. caught a CB gold wyvern in the alpines and then a CB gold wyvern less than a minute later in the AP! yipee
  6. i hate how easily offended everyone is nowadays. it seems you can't post anything online without someone seeing it as sexist or racist or mean. it's so ridiculous and it kind of makes me hate social media.
  7. Your Forum name: keakeakea Your Scroll name: keakeakea The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code (No links please): HoodZ Egg type: Waverunner Time of Unfog (In updated EST* please): 12:00AM but did not place in ER until 1:06AM Time of Death: 1:10AM Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 413:49:3 Shouldn't have unfogged it so early because someone put it in the ER without permission and I guess I got psyched and tried forcing it and it died. Oh well. I'll try again soon!
  8. I had a dream I had cancer and I was in the hospital and I was getting married and my brain tumor was inoperable (think Grey's Anatomy if you have ever seen the show, Izzie and Alex. I watched the episode the night of.) Well before the big day, I was sleeping and I woke up to an old classmate of mine trying to put nutella in my IV. It was really weird. I haven't talked to said kid putting nutella in my IV in two years and we got along fine. In fact he used to help me with my science homework. Bizarre. Not sure what happened after that. I wonder if it means anything.
  9. snowing here as well! looks like it's going to freeze overnight so if anyone is driving tomorrow morning please be careful of black ice!
  10. Wow I just learned the new HP Gringotts ride opened! I hope to get to ride it one day. The HP park is pretty phenomenal already and this new ride seems like a great addition
  11. Thank you shizuna Prettiest lineage I've seen http://dragcave.net/lineage/KWgKs
  12. This is amazing http://dragcave.net/lineage/xeMxf
  13. I had chicken alfredo. Good stuff right there
  14. those people in high school who thought they were so smart and better than everyone because they took AP classes. i took maybe four AP classes and i've never met so many pretentious and entitled people in my life. you'd ask them something that could be totally unrelated to school and somehow they still managed to bring up that they were enrolled in an AP class or the "prestigious" college they were applying to. it drove me nuts. why can't i have a normal conversation with ya'll that isn't school related??
  15. You should definitely go back. You are never too old for Disney IMO
  16. Calling all Disney fanatics! Who else LOVES Disney World? I've been there four times and each times was better than the last.
  17. HAHA i think i had one last year. can't remember any other years but it's spectacular.
  18. true! a white christmas is always the best. and so is having school cancelled!
  19. dang. if only it could stay in the 60's and 70's year round!