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  1. Have: CB Magma egg 2 cb golden wyverns, one male, one female. 4 days- will grow up soon! Want: Blusang Lindwurms Yellow undines Offers. No dinos, please. PM with offers!
  2. Have: CB green nebula. LOW TIME UNTIL IT GROWS UP. Want: Offers. No dinos, please. Make an offer on my hatchling!
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    Holiday Trading!

    Requester Forum Name: NamuC What I Want: Pumpkin, Shadow Walker, Cavern Lurker, Grave, Heartseeker, Arsani, Radiant Angel, Holly, Winter Magi, Wrapping-wing, or Solstice. I don't care about what kind of lineages. What I Can Offer: Silver and bronze shimmer scales (mostly messy lineages, with the exception of this silver shimmer/sunsong stair and its offspring), gold and bronze tinsels, so many vampires, and various things with a first-gen old pink or frills (one CB and one 2G from magi.) I have silvers, coppers, and golds, but they really don't seem to like me. See also the "what I can breed" section below. ------------------------------------------------------------ Holiday Breeder Forum Name: NamuC What I can breed: a 3G yulebuck, CB snow angel, and CB ribbon dancer, Valentine, CB Sweetling, CB Rosebud, many Vampires. I Will Be Gifting, Trading, or Both: Trading PM Link: Here Scroll Link Here